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  1. Check out the am members thread.

    The m5aa will be done this way (buy 1 get one free) till I run out. I will try to get more 1 test cyp powder to do another batch but i cant say its a definite or not yet.

    I only have about 15 bottles of methyl-dien left so those will run at present pricing but will probably be bought out by a wholesaler. So get them while you can.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Designer Supps
    Extra supply of what? I have about 3750 loose caps I can send out as samples for you guys.
    I wont be orderng anymore M5AA, once its gone its gone. with methyl-dht about to be shipped this weekend I dont see the need for it.

    Definetly no more 4 ad cyp, i am going to replace it with 4oht cyp.

    I have plenty of m4ohn and I will be doing more M14ADD unless my new bulker is a big hit. I hope to have the tests back hopefully this weekend, early next week at the latest.

    I will probably discontinue Methyl-Dien, M1T, M4AD. Its time for me to focus on new projects and I think everyone has a large enough supply of these saved.

    Some of the new projects will include:

    Bulking Methyl
    CEE Blend
    Stimulant fat burner to be stacked with Lean XTREME
    7OH Ester and Trans
    Aromatase Inhibitor and LH stimulator.

    These are in no specific order.


  3. very nice....


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