MK677 log

  1. MK677 log

    80kg, early 30s, been lifting 6 years natty. Probably around 12bf. Was just on a cut, now I'm returning to maintenance.
    Currently on Alphamax XT (week 4), just started Reduce XT.

    Started with 20mg's of MK last friday, so this is day 7 now. MK is Ghar1ne, ordered from Pred.


    IGF1: 170 ug/L (88 - 246).
    Morning fasting glucose:
    2 days pre MK: 3.7 nmol/L
    1 day pre MK: 4.2 nmol/L

    Glucose tolerance test (75g glucose in water):

    After 30min: 9,1
    1h: 5,7
    1h10m: 4,7
    1h35m: 2,3

    Guessing I'm really insulin sensitive due to being on a cut...

    I've done other bloods to, but wont post, as this is primarily a GH log.

    I can't say I've noticed much benefits or sides from Mk. No hunger sides, actually I have to force feed myself to stay at maintenance. Actually I think I even lost 0.5 kg. I seem leaner and a bit more vascular. This might also be from Alpha that's starting to really kick in... or just from adding more calories. Probably all the factors combined, but the calories are probably most influential for the fullness and vascularity.

    Sleep: can't say. I have chronic sleep problems. Been working like crazy for the past week, taking mild benzos for sleep. Getting 3h of sleep without waking.

    I did however had good recovery and energy to train. Might be from improved sleep from benzos and not from Mk and from the extra meditating and relaxing. I any case, this stuff is really mild and it's hard to pinpoint it's effects at this point. I was really scared of the hunger sides, so needles to say, I'm surprised I don't have much appetite. Maybe the Mk is bunk? In any case, bloods will tell. I will do another test on day 14. Also will do more glucose tests. But seeing as I am transitioning into a bulk, they might differ just from this fact alone...

    Will add 4mgs of cjcDac after 1 month.


  2. Subbed. Interested to see what happens. Especially as you took blood work.

  3. Planing on doing bloods now to check igf levels. But was thinking at what hour to do them? How long after taking a dose of mk...? Does it matter if mk was taken a day before bloods or not?

  4. Got results back for IGF. It came back at 230 ug/L, ref range 88 - 246. That's a 60ug/L increase over baseline. The test was took app 20 hour after last Mk dose. Dosing was 20mg ed for 3 weeks.

    Effects and sides? Not to many for me. No hunger problems, no bloat, no tingling, no lethargy. Weird. I was starting to think it wasn't working, but lab results disproved that. Trying 30mg ed now, seem to be getting some lethargy and improved sleep. Also might be getting a bit more hungry. Body comp? Great. Seem to be recomping on a diet that would otherwise be a dirty bulk for me at 3k kcal a day. But, and this is a big but, the Alphamax xt I am taking took my free T levels from lower third of the range to supraphysiological levels. So this plays a bigger role then Mk probably. Really surprised about the results from Alpha...

    What do you guys think, of me not getting any sides from Mk and what do you think about igf levels pre and post?

  5. Iíve been doing much of the same w MK & alphamax. Anyone have recommendations for MK? Iíve been getting raw powder and reconstituting it w everclear. Itís the most aweful tasting **** imaginable! Iím looking for something that will work well in pill form. Thanks guys

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Oldog View Post
    I’ve been doing much of the same w MK & alphamax. Anyone have recommendations for MK? I’ve been getting raw powder and reconstituting it w everclear. It’s the most aweful tasting **** imaginable! I’m looking for something that will work well in pill form. Thanks guys
    Olympus labs

  7. Subbed. I just started at 10mg mk677 from OL yesterday and have been ridculess hungry Today! But i Think it is to early to Make any conclusion


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