First Cycle - Test400 and EQ250

  1. First Cycle - Test400 and EQ250

    Hey guys,

    -22years old
    -210-215lb around 10-12% bodyfat
    -8 years of solid training
    -Clean diet/carb cycling
    -Looking for lean mass that stays after cycle completion. Also want the least amount of sides hence the low dosage.

    I took my first pin of test400 and EQ250 today 0.5ml each. Pinning twice a week. I figured I had this all planned out perfectly until I came across HCG threads and contemplating whether I need to implement this into my cycle and how I would go about it. Below is what I had originally planned out.

    -Test400 1ml/week for 14-16 weeks
    -EQ 250 1ml/week for 12-14 weeks
    -Nolva/clomid combo approximately 14 days after my last shot of test400. For four weeks.

    I'm being told to use hcg near the end of my cycle and before I begin my clomid/nolva. I have read to use 10 days of HCG to revive my testes prior to using the Serms.

    I'm welcoming your guys opinions on my cycle, post cycle and most importantly how to go about using HCG or if I even need it. Thank you in advance.

  2. EQ I wouldn't run lower than 600 to see true potential of the anabolic. Gives me terrible anxiety but will def help u eat.

    Test 400 is so painful. True test 400 feels like you get kicked by a horse. Stuff us brutal. 400mg is a good dose for gains tho.

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