Premier Research Dien Diol research pet, log unsponsored

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  1. Premier Research Dien Diol research pet, log unsponsored

    Well my research pet received first 1mL (50mg) Dien-Diol prior to his rigorous back routine this AM. Helped my pet apply TD across shoulder, clavicle bone, and some near thin skin part around inner ankle, thigh. Noticed the liquid has a reasonable smell, spreads on skin and absorbed easy with dropper, and dries fast. Don't have to wait too long, unless you live in a humid environment, I imagine.

    Starting off after short Novladex/Armistane PCT, intermediate skill bodybuilder and pet ectodragon research animal (quite rare), age 37 third time seriously training, now with extra research on the side past 2 years.

    First log on AM. Main research experience past 2 years has been with oral PH like DMZ or Epi applied to ectodragon, who is now 40lbs heavier sitting at 210-215bs and 14-15% BF... when 1st returning to the gym pet dragon had nagging injuries, was in terrible shape at 175lbs and nearly 20% BF! He stands 6'2" just like me.

    Typical gym routine 15-20mins cardio at decent intensity to get upto THR, followed by weight training ala Lee Labrada type sets... but for dragon wings.

    Macros are 3 solid clean meals, but sometimes after morning workout and post workout Mass-Tech shake in 2% milk, the dragon is not hungry for cereal... Grenade or Oh Yeah One bars are used for snacks, Stevia replaces sugar, and hydration with plenty of aminos. With job, new daughter, and this blasted research pet, lol, hard to cook more.

    This AM, Pet ectodragon may have already noticed a nice strength boost and general muscle fullness at the gym this morning, will know more as the weeks progress and track strength and weight. Will research this dien-diol TD solo, no stacking for the time being for my pet. I read this kicks in fairly fast for other research pets?

    Based on other's research of dien-diol I could find and suggestion will apply 2x daily for research pet, for 100mg total dose daily, close to general sweet-spot. Once pre workout, once after workout shower.

    Before this last PCT, pet dragon came off a pretty successful DMZ 3 week, Osta 2 week, and LGD-4033 3 week extended PH to SARMs recomp.

    Being a new dad, unsponsored... semi daily or weekly frequency of update is to be norm.

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  5. Thanks fellaz, right on.

  6. IN! I have a bottle also- planning to use solo for 4-6 weeks next spring.

  7. Sub'd.

  8. Happy Friday - 9AM here on the West Coast.

    Thursday - yesterday, was dragon's rest day (did 3 in a row prior M-W). Today he's back at it - went for a pretty good shoulders day + some legs. He noticed pretty good strength so far from the Dien-diol and still cardio endurance I think still from a little SR9009 I'm finishing. Also, some water weight shedding? Muscles feel pretty good, light warmness and reasonably full most of the day. Seems to increase hunger too from the past 3 days now. My dragon also receives a 10mg ED dose of MK-677, but noticed his hunger increased a good bit after PCT (which also included SR and MK).

    So far ectodragon's current weight stats at start of the cycle are 205lbs and 13.8% BF on the scale, so I noticed sometimes when I start a cycle my weight will drop as I adjust to the compound before going up after first week (ended LGD at 210 and 14.5%, on Novla went to 215 and 15% water-fat%)... In this case, it seems to have shed the water weight from end of LGD cycle, followed by PCT on Novla. Past 3 days have increased hunger too, so need to up pet's cal intake.

    Interestingly, after he just finished an LGD-4033 cycle (at the end of the long PH / SARM bridge mentioned above), I noticed he added some water weight (shows up as BF% on my Eat Smart scale). Ectodragon was consistently adding lean muscle weight after 1st week on LGD, crossover from prior 2 week Osta cut by upping clean carbs, but low sugar w/ stevia replacing sweeteners. Pet dragon did a 2 week Novladex PCT after this with Armistane. Noticed a bit of puffy right nip before short PCT. That's now gone... thankfully.

    All my ectodragon's bloods work before cycle, after 2-week short PCT... are in normal range, but ALT of liver still a bit elevated. My total Test was low, but free Test (likely boosted by Novaldex was 89pg / ml, middle of normal range). Dragon will do a full PCT after this dien-diol run, hit the Novladex and Armistane hard for a while long PCT will be needed before Superdiol / S-drol comparison later. Seems like Novla did it's job to boost free test (turn on gonads). Just need to PCT long enough to build total test level up again.

    Dragon's meals most days go like this: 5am protein bar + preworkout supps + 6am workout -7am Mass-Tech post workout shake + light cereal (optional). For lunch, I'll eat a full 12" subway, toasted sub with mostly meat + veg (no cheese or mayo) and a have a protein bar and amino-energy drinks throughout the day. Dinner is usually clean meats, rice or potatoes, and he may have a cheat snack here or there, or another protein bar or drink before bed.

    My dragon's only previous Tren compound research was like half a bottle of SuperTrenabol (from BlackStone Labs). But it was not isolated, so I don't know if Tren starts as a strength + hardening agent for him? Add more cals to up gainz here too.

    Also, for 2nd bottle of dien-diol (later research stack) I read about this "trifecta" of the (19-nor + test + dht) compound mix... Or, perhaps after 2-3 weeks of solo dien-diol (19-nor), depending on dragon's progress may add 4-androstenediol (test) or Epi (dht) to the research? Or may just run solo whole way, not sure yet.

  9. Yates84 - feel free to correct me, if u get a second on the trifecta thing... If that makes sense or not? Perhaps after 3rd week?

  10. I wonder what the half life on dien is
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Whitestang View Post
    I wonder what the half life on dien is
    Good question. Could not find a half life time from quick search...

    From others on Viscous Forums, so far the leaning out, increased strength and hunger are norm for pets in research i read.

    Dragon feels pretty strong, muscles feel full (not bloated) most of the day from single 100mg dose so far daily.

    Weight is back up a lil at 207lbs and 15% BF this AM. Hope to keep trend going.

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  14. Quote Originally Posted by Whitestang View Post
    I can't even get on the forums
    Hmm, not sure... I just signed up, took admin there (small board) like 3-4 days to approve me.

    Not a ton of info, a few bros from AM forums are there, and a few logs on dien-diol TD.

  15. Really solid chest workout this AM with ectodragon.

    He trained with 100mg applied to tops of feet, chest, biceps - pre workout.

    Despite being tired from baby dragon cries the night before, his strength was up, during gym session this morning. Was able to overtrain a bit, without excess soreness.

    Gives him a nice warming feeling too.

    So far so good, might boost to 100mg pre and 50mg after post workout shower.

    More soon. Also, was told twice daily or split dosing for best research results...

  16. I would think 1ml / 50mg twice a day.
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by Studhorse View Post
    I would think 1ml / 50mg twice a day.
    I thought i saw NOS post that this only needed to be applied once per day, because of
    it being transdermal, and having a slower release into the bloodstream then oral.
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by vujade View Post
    I thought i saw NOS post that this only needed to be applied once per day, because of
    it being transdermal, and having a slower release into the bloodstream then oral.
    You maybe correct. @yates84 might be able to shed some light on dosing for his dragon once a day or twice. or if it really matters? I would think 100mg. would be a good daily dose.
    Pro God, Pro Gun, Pro Life.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Studhorse View Post
    You maybe correct. @yates84 might be able to shed some light on dosing for his dragon once a day or twice. or if it really matters? I would think 100mg. would be a good daily dose.
    You're right, Yates said twice a day in the Dien Diol Now Available thread, is ideal research frequency.

    100mg, is good, upto 150mg he said would be plenty for research needs.

    Had a solid back workout this morining... noticing a consistent strength, pump, and hardness from the TD dien diol - when looking at my pet ectodragon during and after workout. Hunger is also elevated, have to have a protein bar on hand more frequently to keep the stomach from growling. Will check weight later today.

  20. I guess I should note other supplements taken throughout the dragon's research cycle.

    Cycle Support = Lecheek Nutrition's Cycle armor + Nutricost TUDCA 500mg daily.
    Energy for cardio = SR9009, 25mg daily
    GH support = Ghar1ne from OL UK - MK677 at 10mg daily
    Armistane 37.5mg, AI (used only occasionally).

    Creatine HCL preworkout, with Outlier Nutrition's Deviation pre-workout mix.
    Creatine monohydrate post workout with Mass-Tech or Elite Labs USA gainer shakes.
    Other nutrition macros are mentioned earlier post.

    Now, It's the end of week 1 and dragon is sitting at 207.5lbs and 14.5% BF. Seems like weight is going up slowly again, to end of my dragon's last DMZ research (210lbs) but with less BF%, so that's good. Strength, muscle hardness, and hunger is increased, need to up calories soon... Hard with the baby dragon around sometimes.

    Shoulders and some legs tomorrow.

  21. If you got the funds I would throw in some 7-Alpha Ace.
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  22. Quote Originally Posted by Studhorse View Post
    If you got the funds I would throw in some 7-Alpha Ace.
    Ahh, have not yet researched trestolone or its acetate, 7-alpha ace yet... i hear good things.

    Given my research cabinet is pretty well stocked (EDIT - actually I need to balance my PH / SARM ratio and get more SARMS to do the PH / SARM / PCT long cycles, with more space between methyl PHs), funds are tight for a bit. From my existing cabinet, Yates said Epistane would stack well for my pet, but want to reduce his methyl PH research frequency... so I am thinking 4-androstenediol could be dedicated instead, to research after 2nd week solo dien-diol...

    4-androstenediol is also new to my research, but folks on Viscous forums said it would combine well? Added would provide 2/3 of the (19-nor + test + dht) "trifecta" i think? 4-andro here Converts to 15% test, and dien-diol is a 19-nor type right? it's a small board, so not as many responders.

  23. Upon reorganizing my research cabinet, i def need more SARMs or non methyl PH to balance out inventory. Will make room in the cabinet, but for now have to make do.

    EDIT - 50mg to 150mg of 4-androstenediol right research level, in stack with 100-150mg dien-diol daily?

    After 1 week I've decided to include 4-andro, at 50mg tonight to assess personal tolerance, 100mg tomorrow. It has a short half life, so pre workout dose and midday dose. It's a powder so that's less convenient, requires mg scale handy.

    From MR website:
    "For beginners, a daily dose of 50-150mg can be run for a period of 6-8 weeks.
    Advanced users can go up to 300mg for a period of 8 weeks.When stacking with other compounds, a dosage of 100-200mg daily, for the duration of the cycle is recommended."
    Last edited by PoSiTiVeFLoW; 10-03-2017 at 08:17 PM. Reason: learning as I go.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Studhorse View Post
    If you got the funds I would throw in some 7-Alpha Ace.
    Reading up on this. Methylated nandrolone, so like deca... cool. Always wanted to research that.

    Very tempting from what i am reading, except the instant male contraception part, at low dose... we like our baby girl, might want a 2nd. But if wife changes her mind, all over some liquid MENT from PRE.

  25. What has your dragon been feeling like on the dien-dione solo? Anything notable in terms of sides? I heard that 19-nor compounds are somewhat 'hair safe' and do not cause rapid shedding, any insight?? is your diet more a recomp of full bulk? wondering how this compound effects fat loss.


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