First Cycle of Sarms Alpha LGD by Muscle caps

  1. First Cycle of Sarms Alpha LGD by Muscle caps

    Female Age : 29
    Height : 5'6
    Weight : 120
    Months of training : 3 years.
    Goals : Cut and add some lean muscle.

    Hi everyone,
    I got this product from a friend of mine who Iíve known for over 15 years and heís in a great shape. I have been wanting to try running a cycle for a while now.

    He said this product is excellent ( Iíll post pictures of the ingredients) and itís exaclty what I need in order to achieve my goals.

    Iím in good shape (not fat) just trying to gain some muscle... I have a really fast metabolism and eat 5 times a day around 1750 calories including protein, healthy carbs.... ect

    Iím supposed to take this product twice a day, one in the morning and one before I work out...

    So my question is. Is this safe? Have anyone else done a cycle with this brand of Sarms? Would you perhaps recommmend something else?

    Iím a rookie here on this forum by the way...

    Any feedback would be appreciated.


  2. Well , LGD is a SARM and suppressive.
    You could take it but as I see you don't have a lot of experience, I'd suggest something natural.
    is a badass lady, could give suggestions of what work for women.

    But maybe Assas1nate (Olympus Labs) with this:
    allthough I heard ep1logue is less effective for women

  3. LGD isn't really a good cutter, it'll almost certainly increase your appetite and most people gain weight using it. Probably put some muscle on you though, especially if it's your first cycle.

    15mg is a lot, especially for a 120lb woman. I would take no more than 1 cap of that per day...honestly for a first cycle 7.5mg ligandrol is probably more than you need too. I know there's some controversy on what to use for a first cycle for women, but if you don't plan on having kids, I would lean more towards ostarine than ligandrol (and if you do plan on having kids, I'd be careful with hormonal products in general...plenty of women go off and have kids just fine, but I guess I just tend to be cautious by nature, just because for a lot of women, screwed up fertility is a devastating thing). It's a little milder but still could put muscle on you while leaning you out if you stick around maintenance, plus it's a much better cutter than ligandrol if you choose to cut instead.

    If you choose to stay natty for now, I would still expect Ep1logue to be very effective for women, though I haven't personally used it yet since it's brand new. We'll also be releasing K1ngslayer in the near future, which will be a pretty crazy natural anabolic stack. While I don't have any pictures to go off, judging by your stats, you probably have a lot of natural potential left that you can still take advantage of.
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