Trest+Superdrol+Arimidex Cycle Log

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  1. Trest+Superdrol+Arimidex Cycle Log

    Hi All,
    This is my first cycle log, not my first cycle, just my first log.
    I just got back to health from being incredibly sick! I was cutting too before I got sick! Bro! Just my luck! I was 120kgs (264.5lbsfor the americans) before I got sick. I'm currently 75kg (165lbs) and when I look at myself I want to throw up! So, I gotta get my size back, and FAST! I have run M-sten before, M1A, M1T, 4-AD, so I have a bit of experience. Anyways, here goes.
    This is the stack I'll be starting in about a week or 2.

    Trestolone 75mg ED (8 weeks)
    Superdrol 20mg ED (week 4)
    Superdrol 30mg ED (week5 - 8)
    Arimidex (dose depending on sides)

    Clomid 100/50/50/50
    Arimidex (tappered off, but run through PCT as to hopefully avoid bounce back gyno from the Superdrol)

    All the typical on cycle support, as Superdrol can be so frickin harsh!

    The Superdrol will be lamborghini labs and the trest will be Olympus UK.

    I will put up pics and stuff closer to starting the cycle.
    Any comments or suggestions welcomed as always

  2. I ran same cycle earlier this year ....superdrol made my face go bright red rash for about 30 mins after taking it which was awkward

  3. Bro! Strange or what? Might have been an alergic reaction of some kind?
    How was your gains from that cycle?

  4. Googled about the rash seems it was a common complaint on methasteron....put 14 pounds on in 3 weeks ....cycle lasted 30 days on trest 25 on sd....50/50/25/25 clomid on pct lost the whole 14 pounds afterwards ....but felt strong while on cycle.

  5. Whoa! Lost all the gains? That sucks brother! I would have been hella pist!

  6. Started my cycle yesterday, didn't feel it really the first day, but today I am CERTAINLY feeling it!
    This trest blows every other test base I have done outta the water!
    Will post pre-cycle photos soon. I'm eager to see what this cycle has in store for me!
    Libido is up, alpha euphoria is definitely there. And I'm hungery as all f**k! So far so good. Sadly I am outta mutant mass gainer, so gotta grab some more of that. Making do with a lesser powder, wont mention the company name, as I dont like to talk crap about people.
    Not having my protein powder of choice aside, I'm feeling pretty good about all this.
    Game on!

  7. I like trest u thst filled out feeling and not bad on sides

  8. Seemed to remember it changed the colour of my jizz..... but no big deal haha

  9. Lol, changed the colour?! No biggie! I'll keep an eye out for that! Should be good for a laugh! Yeah, I'm loving it so far, but the mood swings are intense! If I dont get to eat on time, or miss a workout, I want to pilage and burn a village!
    Though, that will have to wait till I get my size back!
    You from aus or the uk foofighter? Notice you spelt colour the way we do

  10. Uk mate

  11. Where u from Nope

  12. I'm Aussie

  13. Day 4 on the cycle, had no need to use the adex yet, am trying to avoid it unless I see some nasty sides. Starting to see some strength gains, all major lifts are up by 2.5kgs (5.5lbs) and my agression is off the charts. But, like I said I'm an agro little f**ker to start with. Haven't weighed my self yet, but will at the end of the week.

  14. Day 5, starting to see some pimples, and my agression and hunger are insane! I'm up to 77kgs now, so far so good, hoping to have the cash for a DEXA scan by the end of the cycle, so I should have accurate BF%'s and muscle mass %'s

  15. You can still find Superdrol? I have a few bottles of phera flex laying around that I've never used. But my SD is gone as of the last ban.

  16. What part of the world do you come from sanchez? I'm in australia, and even being at the ass end of the world with the craziest customs officers on earth, we have superdrol a plenty!

  17. At 79kgs now (174 lbs), and eating and training like there is no tomorrow. Getting a few pimples and s**t, but its nothing major. Cant wait to see this cycle once I start the SD! F**k yeah!

  18. Live in the U.S. Its been on the banned list for years. I stocked up on other items before the ban, Phera, tren, epi, halodrol, M14ad. But no more SD left. Honestly I've researched and can't find any.

  19. Bro, thats f**ked! It's banned here too, but if you know people . . .

  20. Subbed for your progress with combo of 2.

  21. 80.5 kg, had a bad couple of days as both my kids (2yr old, and 11 month old) are sick, so my sleep, eating and working out has been going to s**t. Today wasn't so bad though as they look like their on the mend. Blasted arms tonight. Lifts keep going up, so thats been a bonus. No sexual disfunction, so gotta be glad about that. The pimples are F**KED! But, they are pretty easily handled. All in all I'm loving it so far

  22. My s**ty f**kin scales broke, (which I wish was from me gaining, but its they are just s**tty!). Have to work out at home today, because I cant get to the gym for various reasons. Which is making me want to KILL sombody! F**kin bullsh**t days that get you demotivated and make you crazy

  23. Also in... for this combo. Was planning to research each of these solo first very soon.

  24. Still legal to buy superdrol in the UK

  25. Quote Originally Posted by foofighter View Post
    Still legal to buy superdrol in the UK
    Yep and M1T


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