Return of the SWOLE - 12 WK Bulk Cycle Log - LGD + MK677 + 4 Andro + Trans DHEA

  1. Cool Return of the SWOLE - 12 WK Bulk Cycle Log - LGD + MK677 + 4 Andro + Trans DHEA

    First Log of any kind on here. Pumped to be back at it and grinding at the gym. Main post will be overview listed out, 2nd post will be more detailed background and goals if y'all are interested in reading and 3rd will be reserved for pictures. Will be posting updates / reactions / pics regularly. Cycle will Officially Start Saturday 9/23/17.

    Current Stats:

    Height: 5' 6.5"
    Weight: 149.5
    BF%: ~12%

    1RM as of 9/30: Will be posted by the end of the month.

    Training & Diet: Weights 4-5 times/week w/ very light cardio - Focus is on Hypertrophy and Muscle Growth. Stomach is a little smaller than it used to be so starting off at around 2500-2700 calories and working up to 3500-3800.


    LGD: 5/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10 > Early AM
    MK-677: 15/20/25/25/25/25/25/25/25/25/25/25 > Evening
    Olympus Sup3r-4: 0/0/0/0/220/220/220/220/220/220/220/220 > Split AM and PM
    Transdermal DHEA: Weeks 1-8 150/150/150/150/100/100/100/100 - Weeks 9-12 as needed > Early AM

    Supps: Multis, Omegas, Joint support, Liver support, Ar1macare Pro OCT, Digestive support, Natty T Booster (for libido), Creatine etc. (the usual suspects)

    PCT (4 Weeks): Sup3r PCT, Clomid 50/50/25/25

    Highly Appreciate all who Subscribe and Looking Forward to Going on this Journey with Everyone!

  2. Background: Started working out when I was in college around 17 at 105 lbs - Always been a hard gainer. Reached peak at around spring of last year (2016) hovering at around 173 w/ 7% bf natty. Unfortunately I injured my lower back and also both shoulders and was forced to stop for a long while.

    I'm currently 27 - started hitting the gym hard again a couple months ago and have gotten back up to around 150 lbs. Looking at how I struggled to gain most of my mass / strength during prime test years I'm thinking I need some assistance hence this cycle.

    Goal: Get Swole - Hopefully back up to 160+ by the end of cycle at 10% or less BF.

    Current Body Measurements (9/25):

    Chest: 37.25"
    Arms: 13"
    Forearms: 11.25"
    Waist: 32"
    Shoulders: 45"
    Thighs: 21"
    Calves: 14"

    Body Measurement Goals: Will be updated later.

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    First of all. Yes to the meme.

  5. Secondly subbed!! First on. This sounds fantastic.

  6. Following

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    First of all. Yes to the meme.
    Haha.. I'll keep 'em coming.

  8. In on this

  9. Alright guys 1st update!

    Busy weekend - Spent most of Sat and Sunday helping a friend move which involved a lot of heavy furniture and a ton of stairs so that was fun. Also, was able to get in a back workout Sunday evening and I just felt beastly! I felt like the Greek titan Atlas lifting and carrying the weight of the skies. This **** works!!

    Lol.. just playing it's only been 2 days. It was a good workout though and I also feel this morning as if I had a bit better sleep; recovery seems normal as well.

    Did do some Cupping therapy on some knots / tight spots so I do feel a little sore there as well, looking forward to seeing how the cycle will help recovery from therapies such as Cupping, Scraping (Graston, Gua Sha), ART etc.

  10. Edit: Added current body measurement stats.

  11. Subbed
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

  12. Day 6 Update

    Gym sessions have been going well, I feel some of my strength coming back. It's still too early to feel major effects I believe but the MK677 has been helping with recovery and being able to consume more calories which is important as the appetite suppression from my ADD meds kinda blow; but at least they help with lethargy

    Haven't used the transdermal DHEA yet as I was missing an ingredient since I'm making it myself, but it'll come in today so tomorrow morning will be my first application. Looking forward to that.

    Also, did another cupping session on my shoulder / rotator cuff area. It really helped for loosen things up and enhance blood circulation. For those of you who haven't tried it, I would highly recommend it.

  13. Fellas - thought I would attach a couple images of the cupping just for you to see the results.Name:  LRM_EXPORT_20170928_122731.jpg
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  14. Guys - Sorry I've been slackin. Had a death in the family and it threw everything off. But I'm back and have attached pictures from last week as my initial pics.

    Lethargy is starting to kick in but not too bad with the dhea. Definitely getting harder pumps, strength going up steady and body composition is starting to change.

  15. This week has probably been the best I've felt working out this year. Have done chest, back, arms this week have had the best pump and endurance in a long time.

    Body is also visibly starting to change shape. Muscles look more full and slightly larger.

    Rotator cuff pain is also doing better but that's most likely due to strengthening the surrounding muscles.

    Really don't feel like I've had much suppression which kind of surprises me but without testing I can't know for sure.


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