Ostarine standalone (8 week log cycle)

  1. Cool Ostarine standalone (8 week log cycle)

    Greetings, today i am starting my first ever anyking of cycle.... ostarine for almost 8 weeks ( liquid form from receptorchem )
    i will be posting here my progress and feelings daily. Weight control will be every Thursday.
    As pct i plan using clomid ( not sure about dosage i will do it by my feel )

    first couple of days i will be using dosage of 20mg every morning, i will incerase for 25mg maybe in one/two weeks i will see. ENJOY ( i will add my weight later today ) ((also sorry for my english :X))

  2. good luck

  3. Day1:
    starting weight : +-80kg

    first training... nothing to report i am expecting atleast week or maybe two to ostarine kick in but training was very good

  4. What are your goals for this cycle?

  5. i am not expecting too much... i wasnt training for 2 weeks properly and through summer holidays i dropped like 2kg so if at the end of cycle i will have atleast my pre-summer bodyweight with i believe better form... any bigger gains in case would be incredible result for me

  6. DAY 2

    good training session... lack of sleep cause i got tons of stuff to do through hole day but diet is going well too i have not planned ,,strict,, diet, i am trying put on size so everyday i eat big and eat clean. it is surely just a feeling but i am starting to feel bit more comfortable when looking pumped into mirror
    i am looking forward first look on weight after week in thursday

    btw i take ostarine everyday i wake up.

  7. DAY 3

    took usually dose of 20mg ostarine rest day YEY

  8. In!!

  9. Day 4/5 good training sessions nothing to report... day 7 is weight day i believe i gained some water

  10. hey, how went your cycle?
    have you felt something from this brand?


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