Andriol, Anavar and Aromasin Log

  1. Andriol, Anavar and Aromasin Log

    I am starting my log. Will post every 3-4 days.

    Duration will be 12 weeks

    Test: Andriol (getting pharma and convenient as i sit in office)

    Oral : Anavar will start 5th week

    AI : Aromasin Pharma 12.5 EOD

    Goal: Recomp.

    First week Andriol 4 caps ED split 2 morning 2 before workout.

  2. Day 2 : Just a normal day with a bit more energy and sweating. Weather is also humid. Feeling good.

  3. Day 4: workout going great i am experiencing focus and high energy. Andriol is subtle . I have not added proviron and there seems to be no need of aromasin as of now. taking 6 caps per day in split dosage.

  4. One week over and don't feel much

  5. On six caps a day and strength has increased. Andriol is very subtle and pros wont feel a thing but its lot milder and good

  6. Subbed.
    When you are a wolf, all sheep are the same.

  7. How many mg a day of Andriol are you taking? I read that its oral bioavailability is around 7%.

  8. I am taking 6 * 40mg I.e 240 mg day.

    Its dry so far no aromatization gained strength and hardness. I am on keto.

  9. Day 19: On Andriol 6 caps a day. Great strength and energy. Increased muscle soreness after each day.

    I am having trouble sourcing anavar. Hope fully i will get it by end of fourth week.

  10. 4 weeks over. 2kg gained even on keto diet and i am yet to touch my AI. There is some water weight but nothing alarming.

    Will be adding 20 mg anavar and will ramp it up to 30 in a week.

    Good and nice so far no sides observable will be geeting my LFT KFT and lipid profile

  11. Apologies for the delayed update. I have ran Andriol solo so far till today.It has been good no AI needed very little water retention gained 2 kg.

    Gains have been too subtle for daily logs.

    From tomorrow i am throwing in anavar and clen. will post logs and if results are dramatic will post pics as well. Thanks for reading Love all

  12. Added clen and anavar. Clen at 20 mcg will ramp it up and i am following 2 week on 2 week off clen with straight 4 week anavar run. Started anavar with 10 mg for first 3 days then will jump to 30 mcg.

  13. Unfortunately my batch of clen and anavar was bunk/fake got it returned and have sourced LA product which are working.

    Clen shakes are giving me hard time even at 40mcg anavar is 30 . Andriol reduced to 4 caps a day

  14. Started getting clen cramps. But cycle is going good. I am on veg food this whole 10 days for religious reasons.
    My feeling is Andriol is good if you have money and its very convenient. Not for pro but for recomp its good and it definitely shows.

  15. Damn andriol is expensive had to order a batch of 6 packs again.

  16. My apologies to all those who subbed. This log didnt go as well as my ostarine 10 mg log. I Might post updates at a later date right now i am too busy opening my own gym.
    Will conclude by saying following points
    1. Adriol is good and worth the money for recomp
    2. Not for PRO
    3. For me it worked and after so many days at 6 caps a day evenly distributed no sides (shutdown is expected its not a side)
    4. No need for AI even for me who gets itchy nipples from clomid.
    5. Clean gains
    6. LFT normal no strain on liver

    Bbye for now brothers will post when i get time


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