Walker's final "natty" stack

  1. Walker's final "natty&amp ;qu ot; stack

    Hello fellas. Long time since I've logged or even been on for that matter. Lots going on in life right now. Applying to PT school, in my final semester of undergrad, got engaged, etc.. I have put together an 8-12week cycle just to lean out a bit and gain some more strength before things get real the end of this year I will pin. So critique away. Mostly natural minus some mk677.


    -Mk677 5 on 2 off 20mg 10 weeks
    -Fd2 at recommended 3 caps 6 on 1 off for 10 weeks.
    -Hi-tech laxo100 at 200mg for 10 weeks (sat and sun 100mg)
    -AD tauro-test at 6 caps weeks 2-8
    -500mg rhodiola same 8 weeks as tauro
    -also throwing in 800mg ash 12 weeks which i started already.

    Really going to push some heavy weight and throw in 3 days of LISS after my workouts.
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  2. Interesting stack! In.
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  3. Love the kitchen sink stack!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Tank999 View Post
    Love the kitchen sink stack!
    Idk if I should smile or frown. Lol thanks tank

  5. Mirin stack
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  6. In for gains. Even if they're natural.

  7. Good to have everyone!

  8. Ordering fd2 and were set. Anyone have suggestions for strength base bench training? Currently going to run madcow 5x5

  9. Have you run Follidrone before?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by rascal14 View Post
    Have you run Follidrone before?
    6 bottles ^_^

  11. Unfortunately MK isn't natty :/

  12. Quote Originally Posted by AdelV View Post
    Unfortunately MK isn't natty :/
    If the "natty" and the last sentence before my cycle in the OP didn't give it away then Idk what did

  13. Awesome man! in on this for sure.
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  14. In for the ride!
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  15. Up 1 pound in a week. Diet did not change and training stayed the same. Increase in strength (maybe?) Slightly but hard to tell just 1 week in. Will add the test booster next week. Forgot How much I love the fd2 endurance boost. More too come soon

  16. Almost a month since my last update. Been super busy with anatomy classes and applying to PT school.. however I am up 2 more pounds. Hit a 1rm in bench the other day of 365.. a huge pr for me of 30 lbs. Haven't ever hit that even on a cycle. Abs are still not showing up ad much as I want, but still a lot of loose skin from the past couple years. Food has been between 3000-4000cals with some days only around 2000. Haven't been consistent which is disappointing as I was really trying to take this serious with nutrition, but life gets in the way sometimes. Anyway.. up 2 lbs, 30lb bench pr and definitely more hungry


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