Olympus Labs: Tren, Epi, Furaza, Super PCT, and Arimacare.

  1. Olympus Labs: Tren, Epi, Furaza, Super PCT, and Arimacare.

    Wanted to start this log out with some information about me and the cycle I am going to run.

    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 193lbs
    Body Fat %: 16 (This is a guess have not checked in the last 3 months and due to being sick throughout the month of December I wasn’t able to train as hard and wasn’t hitting my macro’s. Lost 8-9lbs and strength went down quite a bit.)

    Bench Max: 320
    Squat Max: 430
    Clean Max: 290
    Dead Lift Max: 350

    During this cycle I will be training 6 days a week and sometimes twice daily do to the enhanced recovery while on pro-hormones. My training will consist of (Chest/Tri) (Back/Bi) and (Legs/Shoulders). I will be doing Cardio 3 days a week and which days are going to depend on when I feel like getting it in, and will mostly like be done on my two a day workouts. The first 2 weeks will be done with a strength program of (HIGH VOLUME/ LOW INTENSITY) followed by 4 weeks of (LOW VOLUME/ HIGH INTENSITY) to pack on some mass and burn fat. Some days I will throw in a little bit of the strength aspect but mostly I am looking for large shredded muscle, and not too worried about power lifting strength from this cycle.


    Carbs: 375 (1,600)
    Fat: 54 (486)
    Protien:230 (920)
    Total Calories: 3006

    My Macro's will change throughout the cycle depending on my result at the end of every week.


    Tren: 60/90/90/(Taper off)
    Epi: Pulse cycle EOD 45mg (This done during the Tren and Furaza)
    Furaza: 225/300/300/(Taper off)

    I will run the Tren/Epi for 3 weeks before adding in the Furaza, and then 3 weeks into the Furaza I will start Super PCT.

    During this log I will provide photos, workout numbers, Macros, and explain how I am feeling (Sleep, Mood, etc.). I will also be answering any questions that people may have or anything else about this cycle. I will probably post every other day, but you will still get info of everyday.

    I would like to thank Olympus Labs for the amazing opportunity that they provide me with and there amazing customer service.

  2. I just picked up a stack from Olympus myself. How did this turn out for you?

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