Metha-drol Extreme vs. SD-10

  1. Metha-drol Extreme vs. SD-10

    I'm planning on doing what will be my strongest ph yet around mid November. I have found that both Metha-drol Extreme by IML and SD-10 by LGI seem to be some of the strongest out. My main goal of the cycle will be size that will stay. Anybody have preferences on either, or have used both and find one better than the other? Any suggestions will help. Just trying to get the cycle set up and products ordered before they aren't available anymore?

  2. I would think that methadrol extreme would be stronger bc it has two extra ph's stacked with the SD. As far as keeping gains, a lot of the time the more and stronger ph's you use, the harder to keep permanent gains. But, as long as you have an awesome pct dialed in, you should be able to keep most if not all your gains; and when I say proper pct, I mean a SERM, an AI, a good natty test booster, extra DAA, a cortisol blocker, and a good pre-workout supp.

  3. Since I have never used anything as strong as SD I might stick with it before I try the mdrol extreme

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