The annual winter bulk

  1. The annual winter bulk

    well its that time again when bears hibernate, trees go dormant, and men go into the state of "bulk" yes its time to start my cycle!

    getting straight to the point cycle will consist of:

    wk 1-13 test E 600mg/wk
    wk 1-12 EQ 450mg/wk
    wk 1-4 ONE(1test) 200mg/day thanks to stryder and nutra planet
    wk 1-4 m1,4add 120mg/day (forgot to buy dbol on my last order )
    wk 9-13 winny 50mg/day

    pct will be HCG, sex, and hopefully fareston if i get it in time if not then good ol nolva.


    13-15% bf
    training for 5 years 3 seriously

    current lifts:
    bench 275 x6
    squat 315 x6
    deadlift 250 x6
    M.P 155 x6
    b.b curl 120 x5
    skullcrushers 125x 5

    my cycle was supposed to start nov. 1st but i could no longer help myself and took my first shots on tues oct 26

    training consist of a 5 day split with wed and fri or sun off

    will finish log once i get home have a meeting to attend

  2. you might want to consider running the 1-test to week 6 it takes about 2 weeks to really kick in
    and perhaps running the HCG starting week 3 - 14

  3. this is not my first cycle ive used 1 test before and 5 wks was good its really there just to jump the cycle, also im not to fond of running hcg throughout my cycle.

  4. alright man just offering my opinion good luck with your cycle keep us updated

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