My methyl-1-test log (Lakevillethor)

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  1. Here's what I look like at the end of cycle. There is very little difference in the pics between the one I posted a few days ago. However, I will post the end pic. Again, i gained 10 pounds in the cycle.

  2. another for my niggas...kinda blury but it's the best I can do. I don't have anyone to take the photo.

  3. great job bro...makes me wanna get some of this stuff. hopefully it'll still be available for awhile.

  4. I ordered mine yesterday. How was the lethargy on this stuff?

  5. my lethargy was not that bad. Honestly, it was worse on 1-AD.

  6. Awesome. So did you loose BF or stay about the same. I was thinking of taking ECA with it to cut up. What do you think?

  7. Lost maybe a percent.

  8. What did the diet look like?

  9. 3500 cals/day.

  10. hey man did you run it for 4 or 6 weeks

  11. damn! traps outta ****in control!!
  12. Frankie
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    Try throwing some 6-OXO powder obtained from 1FAST400 into Avant Labs FL7 and reducing calories by 500 per day.

  13. Looking good. People are doing rather long cycles at 6 weeks +, no?

  14. Okay, as most of you know, I am cutting now. I am convinced that in two weeks you don't get total natural shutdown as I am maintaining the gains quite well considering I am cutting. So lets cut the **** - I have devised the best cycle "I" could use, IMHO to use this compound. When I say "I", I am talking about myself as I respond unusually well to compounds like this. The beauty of this compound is that you see the gains to fast, yo ucan get off in time and not lose your natural test.

    Okay, the cycle, 2 weeks on M1T at 20 MG ED, 1 week off using 800 mg of 6-OXO ED and mega dosing flaxseed oil at 7 tablespoons daily, 2 weeks on M1T @ 20 MG ED, 1 week off using clomid and 6-OXO and heavy flax oil.


    Well, I am 4 days into my 6-OXO therapy and I can totally tell it is working - very emotional - saw the movie School of Rock tonight (not an emotional movie) and I almost started crying - something that only happens to me when i take 6-OXO. Not only that, but I never lost my libido. So, I am convinced that I never lost my natural test.

    Again, I am cutting right now, weighing 191 and I am starting to get better abs. See pics.

  15. pic 1...

  16. How long have you been cutting now? I will be cutting while I take it./

  17. Originally posted by sifu
    How long have you been cutting now? I will be cutting while I take it./
    A couple days, bro.

  18. Awesome for only a couple days. Keep us updated.

  19. you should be back on now after being off for a week as i take it. did you notice any strength, weight or muscle loss in that time(prob not)? And since it is not date stamped - how many days you back on now? Are the gains repeating in the same manner as the first 2 weaker?

  20. ok - looks like you are back on one day from what i can tell - i guess you wont see much in one day.

  21. I apologize for the delay in posting. I decided to go back on @ 10 mg ed. this dosage will not bring on the gains so rapidly like the first time. As I have said before, the gains came too fast the first two weeks. Anyway, Iam continuing to cut. My weight has remained the same but I literally slashed the carb count. I feel big and ful even without carbs. Body commp is changing although weight is staying the same. Great compound. I will post p[ics again soon.


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