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  1. Well good posts Bobo. Sorry to hear about the pains though.
    It was extremely annoying so I am stopping now.
    Did you make an attempt at 10mgs before stopping to see if that helped for the pain? And did you experience the same cramping with low doses of Tren when taken before? or only moderatly high doses?

    Good luck with the rest and keep us posted,


  2. Bobo, You made a statement earlier in the thread about it maybe eliminating the need for tren and winny. Wondering your thoughts about that now that your done. Basically what I'm asking is when it comes time to get tren or m1t which will you get? ?

  3. Originally posted by Bobo

    My cramps did get better but I still had a dull aching in the very lower part of my back mainly on the right side. It was extremely annoying so I am stopping now.
    What do you think the casue of the pain specifically on the right side is due to - the reason i ask is that for the first time today - i went for a walk with my wife and kids and after about a block noticed a very dull aching pain almost like a knot. got pretty bad and cut the walk short/

  4. Like I said in my log, Methyl-1-test effects everyone different. I dropped it because I had a bad reaction where it started to hurt to breathe, something respiratory. And now Bobo's dropping it because of back pain.

    I think everyone should start their Methyl-1-test cycles with 10mg and kick it up from there. Also, don't stack it with any theromogenics to start.

    As you work your way into the cycle, add another 10mg, if 10mg just isn't enough.

    But I don't recommend theromogenics, it really kicked my ass to stack Tight+M1t.

  5. I'm starting to think this thing might be as problematic as
    metribolone (17AA tren), maybe not as a purely hepatoxic issue, but just due to how powerful it is. I noticed on Big Cat's profile for metribolone that the dosages ranged from 5-15mg/day, and due to the similarities between tren and 1-test in terms of activity, the dosage should be considered there as well, perhaps future runs could be made into 5mg pills instead.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  6. Bobo, did you drink plenty of water? Of course you shouldn't be using this compound on humans.

    Quite honestly, I am sure that it is a potent androgen and should be dealt with as such if you are going to use it on your animals.

    I noticed my dogs had very lessened side profiles when I used a HydyoxyTest/4AD dermal with it on them. I think it might be TOO dry to run on it's own.


  7. Good observation LG.
    I only had cramps 2 times and those were within the first couple days. It could have been from the 30 mgs doseing or because the 4AD/1-Test Dermal hadnt really started kicking in yet. Either way I havent had any since and Im still running it at 20 mgs a day. Might just be a coincidence, or might be LG just trying a new sales pitch.


  8. Oops I meant my Hippo only had cramps the first couple days.

    Perhaps Bobo is running a "Sensitive Animal Petting Zoo" over there. His little bunnies and Kittens couldnt handle it.
    J/K Bob.


  9. Originally posted by Klaus
    ...Trenbolone is widely accepted as being 2x more androgenic and 3x more anabolic than testosterone, but when methylated @ carbon #17, it becomes about 50-75x more androgenic and about 150-300x more anabolic than testosterone. 1-Testosterone is roughly 2x more androgenic and 7x more anabolic than testosterone. I can only imagine how rediculously strong it is in methylated form. Perhaps the recommendations for this monstrosity should really be 5 - 15mg/day.
    Let's get a few of your numbers corrected:

    1-test ->
    When compared to test prop it is exactly 100% as androgenic and 200% as anabolic.

    methyl 1-test ->
    When compared to test prop it is 30% as androgenic and 200% as anabolic. Same level of anabolic potential but the androgenic profile dropped by 70% over the base modification. If numbers don't lie then M-1-T is LESS ANDROGENIC than regular 1-test.

    When compared to methyl testosterone it is 100-220% as androgenic and 910-1600% as anabolic. There is a range as there are two cited values and references. We could average the two values and rest assured we are closer to true value, so.....~150% as androgenic and 1250% as anabolic.

    See the attached image for a scan of the referenced table. No need to imagine "how rediculously strong it is in methylated form" when you can reference the information.

  10. Food for thought...

    Since a comparison to methyl tren was made reference the attached image for the stats on methyl tren.

    30,000% as anabolic than methyl test!!! Yes methyl 1-test is potent but don't compare it to methyl tren...not even in the same league.


  11. Going by the above values for methyl 1-test we can draw some coorelation to doseages. For instance, if you wanted to know the mg equivalent for 750 mg weekly of test you would divide by 12.5 (1250% is 12.5 times as great) which gives 60 mg weekly of M-1-T. This breaks down to 60 mg / 7 days => 8.6 mg M-1-T daily.

    To go the other way, say 10 mg M-1-T daily is equal to 70 mg weekly. Take this number and multiply by 12.5 and get 875 mg weekly of test. These numbers are rough but the magnitude should be about right.

    10 mg ED M-1-T is approximately equal to 875 mg weekly of methyl test.


  12. great posts chemo

  13. Originally posted by sticklegs
    great posts chemo
    That's what I do...

  14. Originally posted by Chemo

    That's what I do...

    Chemo do you think this could be a replacement for tren or winny, or both?

  15. What would you guys reccomend for keeping the Kidneys healthy, I noticed Bobo said this is a concern. I know what to use for Liver protection, but what about Kidney protectin

  16. Thanks Chemo! This stuff is actually starting to makesome kind of sense to me. I think it would be a good idea for most to start at 10mg a day for about a week and go up from there if need be.

    Also wondering if it would be better to break up the dose....for ex: 5mg 3x day to get 15mg a day.....or twice a day. I know some take it all at once.

  17. That's what I do...
    So I take it the disc arrived as planned.
    You like?
    It definitly has some excellant info to help you do what you do so well.


  18. Originally posted by jminis


    Chemo do you think this could be a replacement for tren or winny, or both?
    M-1-T has the potential to be all things to all people. 10 mg is like taking almost 900 mg weekly of test in terms of anabolic action but does not aromatize. One could stack it with test prop or enth for a sick bulking cycle or as a standalone anabolic when cutting to minimize wasting. However you use it go buy your lifetime supply before it is sold out!

    Originally posted by SCORPIO
    Thanks Chemo! This stuff is actually starting to makesome kind of sense to me. I think it would be a good idea for most to start at 10mg a day for about a week and go up from there if need be.

    Also wondering if it would be better to break up the dose....for ex: 5mg 3x day to get 15mg a day.....or twice a day. I know some take it all at once. see the light! I've been trying to get bros to go down to 10 mg ED but for some reason they want to dose 20 mg. That is like taking 1750 mg of methyl test weekly! The effective dose should be 5-15 mg ED as suggested above by Klaus. As to whether the dose should be split: as a personal choice I do not split oral doses.

    Originally posted by db682
    So I take it the disc arrived as planned.
    You like?
    It definitly has some excellant info to help you do what you do so well.

    I have received the disc and must say that I am VERY impressed by your high quality work! For those that don't know, db682 has scanned the entire steroid bible ("Androgens and Anabolic Agents", Vida) and produced a HIGH QUALITY Adobe PDF file. This is where the reference pics posted above were taken from.

    His scan is highly endorsed as essential reference material for those serious about anabolics. I don't know how much he is asking for a copy but it is worth it! PM db682 for info about paying for your copy...


  19. Great posts! I think this back thing is really due to the incredible dry, heavy contractile nature of this as well as other androgens. Think about it...if you notice that you are getting stronger and more powerful pumps, then it would make sense that it would effect other muscles this way. The lower back is under constant strain, which is why there are so many people with back problems (ever see a chiropractor treat an upper back problem? not too often). The lower back pain could be an accute inflamation that is further aggrevated by a powerful steroid causing harder contractions.

    Power John had the same problem and a muscle relaxer fixed him right up...this was given by his doctor. DID THE DOCTOR CHECK HIS LIVER??? DID HE SAMPLE HIS URINE TO CHECK FOR NORMALIZED KIDNEY FUNCTION??? NO!!! What he did was fix the source of the problem, by using a compound that helps relax the muscle. He didn't know that the muscle was under more strain than usual because of a powerful androgen, but oddly enough his first guess was not massive liver failure or kidney damage.

    Guess what guys, ordinarily my stomach muscle doesn't go into massive cramping while brushing my teeth, but on my Tren cycle it sure as hell did. Newbie Question: Was it just cramping or was the Tren somehow damaging my stomach?

    This is powerful **** that needs to be respected. I do not advocate that you use it on humans, but it is obvious that some of you are using it improperly. You act like you never took androgens before and if you have never used potent substances, then you shouldn't be using M1T with your pets.

    Let me tell you a story...when I first took Ephedrine I exploded on my girlfriend in a rage. Do I have that issue from it now? When I first took Deca at 200mg a week, I flew off the handle and gained like a muther****er. What do you think 200mg of Deca would do now? You would all laugh at that. When I first took Tren, I was so pissy that I couldn't stand myself. I have none of these symptoms now. You are dealing with something new in your system. I would wager that you all experienced similar issues with your first BDC dermal, but then it became common so no one mentioned it. Since Methyl-1-Test is new and methylated, there are a lot of "phantom" liver pains that seem to be popping up.

    If you think androgens are side effect free, drift on over to the steroid board and ask those bro's. I bet they all have crazy stories. My point is this. M1T is potent and needs to be respected, but just because your big toe starts hurting, don't think M1T is the cause of toe damage. I do not advocate that you ignore any symptoms. Always be careful and make sure you check out if there is an issue that scares you and be watchful. I will wager that in a few months no one will talk about any of this though.

    I should search some old T-1 Pro, I bet the side effect profile was off the chart.

    Post: Face burns with T-1 I going to die???


    These are potent compounds and you should be very careful. Check with your doctor often if you have a concern. I eat Potassium like candy on androgens...
  20. FishBonz
    FishBonz's Avatar

    EDog....I get severe cramping in my right forearm while jacking off. I am taking the M-1-T right now. Do you think itís because of the high androgen levels or the girth of my unit? Do you think I should switch hands when it starts to hurt?

    But seriously, EDog is right. Go over to and do a search on back cramps. There are literally hundreds of posts over there on this subject and it all revolves around doing Tren, which we all know is very androgenic and anabolic. The same goes with M-1-T.

    Potassium and Calcium have alleviated my muscle cramping issues. Everyone just needs to be very careful when taking this type of compound. Anyone thinking of doing this for their first cycle should re-evaluate their cycle. This is not for first timers. By all means stock up on it now but wait until you have a couple cycles of regular 1-Test under your belts.


  21. Gotfina, Wow memories.

  22. Originally posted by Bobo

    1. I actually was planning on quitting. You are correct.

    2. I didn't lose a thing, in fact I had the best recovery I've ever had because I tried something different which I posted somewhere on this forum. To put it in a nutshell, I didn't worry about recovering testosterone (it will happen anyway) but tried to eliminate cortisol as much as possible. I did use nolva though along with FL7, L-tyrosine, ALA, ALCAR along with a smart diet.

    3. I had a change of heart because the evil of steroids has got me. Its the mental aspect that makes you feel you need them to really add on significant size, especially when you feel your at your natural limit. I actually talked about this in KC's cycle thread. Its something that you constantly battle and basically the curiosity of M1T got me. I wanted to see whats it like and once you start you mine as well make it worth it.

    UPDATE: I've stopped my M1T cycle as I've started Test and will use that for the next 8 weeks. My cramps did get better but I still had a dull aching in the very lower part of my back mainly on the right side. It was extremely annoying so I am stopping now.

    My thoughts on this compund is that its EXTREMELY potent and 20mg should be the max taken and even then only for a short peroid of time. All precautions should be taken for liver AND kidney health (people seem to forget that). It basically is tren in a pill but could be dangerous if people abuse it.
    I also had back problems taking it. I could not run at all becuase my lower back would just start killing me. This effect goes away IMMEDIATELY upon stopping the compound.

  23. Originally posted by Bobo

    I'm dropping dosage to 20mg. Lower back cramps are getting worse are really starting to annoy me. I usally get this with D-bol but they eventually go away. Since we don't know much about the actual potency and effects, I'm dropping the dosage. I actually got the same effects from 1-ad a long time ago when I did 900mg. Once I dropped to 600mg everything was fine. Hopefully this will do the same.
    I haven't been on these boards for a few days but BOBO and I seem to respond in an almost identical fashion to this stuff. I had IMMENSE back pain from 1-AD also (just like M1T). I went away right after I stopped taking it.

  24. You guys are just a bunch of sensitive men. "Fragile handle with care!"


  25. Well I have been off it for four days due to being sick with the flu. However I was on 20mg a day and my back pains were minimal, I found the gains to be worth the slight discomfort.


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