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  1. No sides for me at all either.

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    On my horses, sides were really bad until I started using a little LGP 1-T HydroxyTest (I had it around). The addition of a little 4-AD really eased the side effects. Then I tried 4-AD Cypionate on them at 1500mg to see what happened and the gains stopped. So, a little 4-AD is good, a lot is bad... 2-4 squirts a day is decent.

    How about LGP 1-T, since it has the same amount of 4-AD per squirt? In other words, do you think the OHT in the Hydroxytest is a factor (for horses), or was the effect due primarily to the 4-AD in your opinion?

  3. I think the OHT is just a side benefit. I think regular LGP 1-T or our upcoming 4-AD dermal would work just fine.


  4. legal, what is a good email for you I have a question about a bulk order, that I don't want to put on here.


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