Ergo Max LMG/Epi bridge

  1. Ergo Max LMG/Epi bridge

    Hey guys this will be my 4th cycle(halo,original SD,m-drol(SD) previous). Gained at least 10 pounds with all of them. I've never stacked anything before so I need some help with that.

    Age-21(gonna be 22 soon)
    Weight- 225
    BF%- 15%

    Goal- Gain as much muscle as possible with out taking on too much fat.

    Heres my plan...
    1-Ergo 20mg
    2-Ergo 30mg
    3-Ergo 30mg(maybe 40 if I feel good)Epi-20mg
    4-Epi 30mg
    5-Epi 30mg
    6-Epi 40mg

    Ill have nolva on hand in case of gyno.

    Supports- AI cycle support throughout cycle and pct. fish oil,multi v and plenty of whey.

    PCT- 40,30,30,20 for the nolva, Also gonna run Blue up starting the final week of ON cycle.

    I was gonna run the epi first but after reading other similar cycles i've decided to go with the ergo first.

    Anything i'm missing? Let me know.

  2. nothing

  3. Good job! This cycle looks solid. Your definately on the right track. Ending your cycle with Epi should definately help you solidify your initial Ergo gains nicely. Good luck!!

  4. I'd rather do Phera Plex. It is suppose to have more of the 2ene in it then Ergo which is suppose to be alot better. They are different either though the nomenclature looks the same.
    Ergomax LMG: 17-methyl-delta-2-etioallocholane isomers.
    Pheraplex: 17a-Methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol
    PP is alot cheaper and you feel realing good on cycle. I had zero sides. I don't tink I saw one log of anyone doing Ergomax. It is a solid product for bulking but I did see on another board (forgot which one, either this one or DA) about the 2ene being alot better and more of it in the PP.

  5. Yeah, i'd love to get my hands on some ax p-plex but, I cant. The ergo was only 30 bucks so I figure why not?



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