P-Plex Epistane Bridge Cycle

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by DBinMD View Post
    Did you run phera solo?
    Yean man solo. It was my first and only PH cycle to date. Besides the gyno everything else was going fantastic. Strength and mass gains were insane. I wish i hadn't gotten the gyno because i'd be running PP for every cycle going forward.

    Nips may have felt a little sensitive but i was constantly checking them and i think thats probably why there was a little pain. And i mean little and only on the left nip.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Regsmizer45 View Post
    so you think its anything to worry about ?

    Iíve done 1-ad(good stuff but not as good as this), S-drol in the past, too, without real issues. Maybe once, but I think it was more related to getting too fat.

    I don't know much about gyno so I may not know what I'm talking about, hopefully someone else can help. Here are a couple thoughts.
    1) Since you're responding so well already maybe you can consider lowering the phera dose. Take just one pre-wo and skip or half-the second (I've split open a cap and done half before).
    2) Maybe up the Epi on the off day. Do a search on phera, I think I may have read a post about rebound gyno. But I donít know much about this stuff.

    Iím looking at your comment ďStrength Wen through the ROOF TODAY!Ē. Man, itís only the beginning of day 3. Maybe your body just suchs this stuff up.


  3. sensitivity could be from tons of things, including a change in laundry detergent Really even just the hormone fluctuations in general could cause that, even if it isn't causing any prolactin/gyno issues. But definitely keep close watch

  4. Anybody use Hyperdrol X2 and Retain2 post cycle therapy???....I have Nolva(Tamoxifen) and was thinking f running these too....Any ideas on this?...Just curious

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Regsmizer45 View Post
    like I said im also running formadrol
    You know.... this is funny. Oh so many people think that formadrol (e-form) is THE thing to take on cycle to prevent gyno.... from personal experience i dont think it does a damn thing and only aggrivates the condition. Phera NEVER did anything to me nips wise... BUT get this, the first time i took SD i took e-form at the same time, nips kept getting itchier and itchier and i ended up with gyno after my PCT wich i had continued the formadrol throughout....

    I had to take a Nolva and Rebound XT cycle a month later to obliterate the gyno and it did completely. i then ran my phera with the next cycle and bridged it to SD (as that was what was recommended back then by AX) and left out the formadrol (e-from from dermabolics) and didnt even have an issue. I seriously think fromadrol is the culprit BUT at the least didnt do a damn thing for it.

    Id either stop the cycle NOW or start nolva right now and continue all through PCT, thats the only thing i think should be run on cycle to prevent gyno (i have used ATD at low dose as well and had succes) but im never touching formadrol again.

  6. they do not hurt or itch, they are just kind of tingly?.....If I stop now, what kind of PCT should I run......?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Regsmizer45 View Post
    they do not hurt or itch, they are just kind of tingly?.....If I stop now, what kind of post cycle therapy should I run......?
    well..... how bout a couple other things first.... drop the formastane (JMO) see if that helps... do you have the transdermal kind? have you been rubbing it on your chest?

    Then do you have ATD or Nolva on hand? Id try everything to salvage the cycle first man, sounds like you making great progress and this is still VERY early and preventable IMO, so try without the formadrol, if that dont work add low dose ATD (25mg morn and night) if that dont work add Nolva and if that dont work then drop it all together and go into a FULL normal pct regardless of how long its been to make sure your protected.

  8. I have not used the formadrol yet but I do have a topical atd

  9. well then my overall theory is shot... i thought you were already taking the formadrol. i WOULD try the ATD though, cant hurt. if the condition worsens do you have a serm on hand?

  10. Regs,

    I just remembered that when I started my cycle as a pulse, I was taking 2 Hyperdrol X-2 (contains an AI) by Anabolic Xtreme on the off nights. I've never taken it before so I can't swear by it's effectiveness but I think others can.


  11. Well Day #4- 200......Up 3-4 lbs already.....cant really ask for more...

    the tenderness is starting to go away. I think im totally mind fuc**** myself. If I dont think about it their ok, but as soon as I do they tingle....hahaha....the mind is a powerful thing......

  12. just stop playing with them and it will be fine

  13. hahaha, ya I know....Paranoia is setting in...hahaha...Ive ran PLENTY of cycles before and have never had a problem. And the epi, with a topical ATD or formadrol should keep the esrto low right??

  14. realistically with epi or pplex you shouldn't have to worry about estrogen till after the cycle. in theory.

  15. cycles done, this **** is making my BP SKYROCKET!....Plus I got strep from my lovely GF.......My It only been 4 days. I took 15 mg of phera on tuesday, 2-epi & 1-phera on wed, 2-epi on thurs, and 2 epi and 2 phera on friday. So not that intense at all....But ya sorry guys, it was going GREat....ill try again in a month or so

  16. ya PP can do that to your BP you need to take BP control supps with it... well sorry to hear bout the strep man, getting sick on cycle is alwas the worst. let us know when you decide to start back up

  17. Yeah, sorry to hear it #$%%^~. Good luck next time.

  18. In a month or so, Ill start it again....What can I take for BP while on cycle??

  19. cycle support is an all around support supplement that helps with BP as well as the other common sides

  20. lol these threads are all going full circle, phera/epi/post cycle therapy(free of serm)/BP control.... i think youve seen it DBinMD and Easy since i think youve both posted in most the threads too LOL.

    Cycle support while your on cycle is your best choice then post cycle support when you get off. if your planning on running a methyl, wich you are, then continue the cycle support at half the dose through post cycle therapy with the post cycle support


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