S.A.N. Tight

  1. S.A.N. Tight

    Does SAN Tight needs to be cycled?
    It doesn't say anything on the bottle.......

  2. Id treat it like if you were using an other ECA....

  3. Originally posted by whosyourdaddy02
    Id treat it like if you were using an other ECA....
    What is that mean?
    How many days on/off?

    I used the whole bottle of SAN Tight in 45 days (90 cap/2 a day)
    I just opened another.....should give my body a break before continuing with this new bottle?

    Like I said earlier, no warning on the bottle.....

  4. i think people run it for about 8-9 weeks and take 6 or so weeks off...not sure on take weeks off. since no one answered i thought i put in my few cents.

  5. i would say that if after 9 weeks of on that you havent achieved what your trying for you may want to take a break and focus more on your diet--weight loss pills are not magic



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