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  1. I hope your current success continues!

    are you treating this like a bulker?
    More of a bulking days are over lol

    I'm 6', 220lbs and right around 11-12%BF. Ideally I'd like to be the same weight but less than 10% - that's a big goal, probably about 10 lbs of lean mass I'd need to gain.

    With this pulse, Im trying to get a feel of how Epi will work for me, and possibly use it in the future to help reach my goals.


  2. Quote Originally Posted by Gixxer82 View Post
    Bulk til you die!

    Definitely an achievable goal though!
    LOL - when I hit my all-time peak of 250lbs I thought I WAS going to die.

    It's wierd, in order to eat and train to gain serious mass I had to have this 'im not big enough' psycological hangup. Then I had to force that into a 'Im too fat' hang up in order to cut without freaking out over losing mass.

    No the two have blended together to form a "Im not big enough, but Im too fat" least its more balanced


  3. Sorry for the lack of updates! Been crazy busy this month...

    I'm very impressed with this pulse-stack so far. I've had a lot less time than I'd planned to focus on diet and training, working out 2-3 days a week rather than the 3-4 I was shooting for. Even still, I can see definite improvements in body composition and my strength is up a bit.

    It would seem a pulse is most effective when you can be pretty rigid about keeping a routine, and right now I really can't. I always try to get in at least 3 days a week, but they can fall anywhere in the week too. For instance, this week its Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Last week it was Tuesday and Wednesday, etc.

    Even still, good results so far and no negative sides to report.


  4. I'm gonna be doing a regular cycle of Epistane sometime within the next few weeks.

    I would like to burn some body fat, but from my understanding, Epistane is a mass building compound, but also a lean cutting agent. It works that way, anyway.

    So, my guess is that I won't have to do too much cardio. Do you think 15-20 minutes of cardio each day would suffice, or should I just go with 20-30 minutes of cardio instead?

  5. So, my guess is that I won't have to do too much cardio. Do you think 15-20 minutes of cardio each day would suffice, or should I just go with 20-30 minutes of cardio instead?
    I think if you time your cardio right, 20 minutes is fine. I'd try to hit it 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach, or directly after resistance training. I guess it all depends on your bodytype and how much fat you want to lose though.

    Ive been a total slacker this week - only been to the gym once!! This will not do....


  6. hey big great job so far how much hhave your lifts gone up to far?? as much as you were hoping?,

    also quick question i have very relativly lowww bf should i even consider cardio if i dont wanna loose any muscle??

  7. Hey guys,

    Sorry for the lack of updates!! Its been a really busy month for me, but I did run the pulse for the planned 4 weeks, and here's the summary:

    -I definitely look bigger and leaner than I did four weeks ago, and my strength is up slightly, but noticeably. Despite being incredibly busy, not sleeping all that much, and only hitting the gym 2-3 times a week I've made gains - something I didnt expect and probably wouldnt have happened without supplementation.

    -Diet was not tracked explicitly, but I kept things as clean as possible, alternating high/low carb days with 1 'cheat day' on the weekend.

    -I did experience one side effect that caught me off guard - high blood pressure. I have a really hard time believing Epistane dosed at 30mg 2-3 times a week caused this - the only supplement I took consistently every day was the Turkesterone, so perhaps that was it. Or maybe just coincidence...Im not sure. I do have high BP issues in my family, but generaly mine is right around 125/70. When I checked it last friday my home meter read 145/75, three times in 30 minutes.
    I checked it again after getting out of the gym though, and it was down to 125/70. I'm not sure what's going on there, but I'm going to track it everyday this month to see if that high reading was just a fluke. Hawthorn and Celery seed are on order from NP as well.

    -I did not end up taking the Yohimbine this time around.

    -I could definitely feel a difference when taking 30mg of Epi preworkout as opposed to not dosing. The Epistane fueled workouts had better, longer lasting pumps and I certainly had more power in the gym. All my lifts are up at least 5-10 lbs. compared to last month.

    -Overall, very impressed with this stack and plan to run it again early next year - this time getting in 3-4 pulse/training days rather than 2-3.

    This month, Ill be running Somnidren-GH as my only 'extra' supplement and Im going to try to keep a log. The stuff looks like it will be an effective GH booster, although from my experience it may take 4-6 weeks to really notice an effect from those kind of things...


  8. Good job BV!

    Much Love,



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