cycle idea

  1. cycle idea

    so heres the deal. I plan on possibly going on a 6 weekcycle. I have been debating whether not to or not. It looks like this. I am going to purchase t-1 Pro and t-1 that is if power nutrition are still selling t-1 pro. So I am going to start out by taking both at the recomended dose for the first two weeks. Then I am going to only use the t-1 pro. After that bottle runs out at the end of week 4 I am going to finish off the bottle of t-1 for the last two weeks. At the end of week 6 I will have some nolva clomid and handy and I will be taking creatine. So at the end of 6 weeks of post cycle I am then going to cut up. I am going to gradually lower my calories of course over the cutting phase. I plan on working my calls during bulking from 4000 to 4500 to 5000. When I go on post i plan on taking it from 5000 to 4500 to 4000 to 3500. Then from there I am gonna cut down 300 cals each week. Then I will get to a a certain amount of calories and then cut only maybe 100 cals every two weeks. For my cutting I was going to go off and on alternating between ucp and the anarchy stack but i missed the 15$ sale on ucp so I think I am just going to start out with the anarchy stack for 6 weeks and then end the last 6 with ephedrine. Thats pretty much a basic outline of what I got planned out. I plan on starting July 1st and ending the whole thing somewhere in the middle of December. As for using t-1 and t-1 pro instead of homebrew is because i calculated how much it would cost for homebrew and to just purchase from powernutrition and they seem to have some good prices and they seem to be good guys.. Any thoughts, concerns, or suggestions are welcome.

  2. If you are going to cut after the cycle it makes more sense to frontload with the T1 to get nice and big then do both together for like two weeks and then finish off on just the pro so you are ending on a less bloated note. The other option would be to add in liquadex to eliminate bloat and not have to worry so much about ending with t1. doing it that way you could frontload your primary anabolic which is 1-test.

  3. thanks for the input

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