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  1. Originally posted by Jarconis
    Update: the stuff has shown up , gary... prepare to go down!
    The only thing that I'm prepared to do is GROW HUGE!!

    "Let's Rock"


  2. Go for it GR. You are the man. GROW, GROW, GROW. Get big man and impress the wife. Hope the business goes great too. Later

  3. Thumbs up

    2 Week Update

    Hey bros just got back from the VA Dr. and needed to post the cycle update for 2wks.

    Weight is at 182 lbs. -- started at 170lbs gain of 12 lbs in 2wks.

    Strength has increased on all exercises by about 5% around the board.

    Got a clean bill of health from the Dr. man did they ever run tests.
    Took 8 vials of blood for the lab work. Everything came back normal(Kidney's,Liver,etc.)

    The only bad thing about the visit was that i couldn't talk the Doc into a Rx for anything good to add to the cycle


  4. Good job bro, keep it up ! Looking forward too the comp maybe you can see Tx @ 170

  5. Crap you have caught me in weight.. Hang on ...... 182 ...I call bull****.. hehehhe. talk to ya....


    PS Good work... (And you will not weight the same for long)

  6. Bump for an update for the lil wabbit...

  7. Just a update for you bros;
    Weight is holding at 183 this morning.
    The strength has gone up as i said by 5% all around in all lifts and the clothes are getting tighter. Had to go buy new pants to fit my legs,having to finally break down and buy the baggie fit style. Got to love having to buy bigger clothes


  8. Update-----
    Weight is staying at 183 this morning.
    Getting ready to start Split-Workout today,doing 6days w/ 1 day rest.
    Will be training this way for 6wks.
    Then at the start of my next cycle in 6wks.going to GVT for atleast 4-6wks.
    Will keep everyone updated, 8ml a day is the way to transdermal
    Love the feeling

  9. 3 Week Update
    Weight is at 187lbs as of this morning at the gym.
    strength has gone off the scale
    workouts are really getting more intense everyday also.
    thinking of running this cycle for 8wks instead of the usual 4 wks
    what do you bro think of a longer heavy cycle at 8ml/day?

  10. wow Gary, good stuff, seems like you're loving the cycle, I know the feeling 8 wks is a long time, but could give some great results, but I'd consider some non OTC post meds.

  11. ***Update***

    Finished up cycle today--

    Here are the finishing stats

    Weight 189lbs up almost 19lbs this cycle

    Arms 15.25"
    Chest 43.5"
    Legs 25"

    Workouts have been killer getting a great pump everytime with is sweeeet


  12. Awesome work GR. Can't wait to see what you were able to keep in a week or so. Nice work again bro.

  13. Awesome Gary, 19 lbs! That's a good cycle, great gains. Those measurement gains are kickass, nice job.
  14. Re: Starting New Cycle

    Originally posted by garyrabbit
    [B\Well Bros here are my Stats for the start of Cycle:
    Weight-- 170lbs.
    Waist-- 32"
    Arms-- 14.75"
    Chest-- 42"
    Legs-- 23"

    T-1 Transdermal 8ml per Day
    1/4-diol 600mg per Day

    19 lbs some great gains man. you mentioned the size gains in your arms/chest/legs however didnt mentioned your waist. i guess that crazy dosage level of T-1 worked eh? (ha) Sage

  15. That is so awsome. if only we could gain 19lbs every time.. hehehe. Talk to ya...

  16. Yea i forgot about the waist

    Waist 33.5" gained 1.5" this cycle on the waist.

    Which i still don't think it's all that bad,for still bulking.


  17. Damn bro im jealous, now im gonna have to do that. I hope you hit 200 lbs in another 4 wks... Keep it up ! and we need pictures !

  18. Hey Bros,just a update for the cycle.

    Week 1 of post cycle and it sucks big time!!!
    really miss the T-1 but only 3 more wks to go

    Weight is down slightly this week to 185 from 189,but that could be because of being busy on the road with the business and all.
    Still getting in my daily workouts,but they seem less intense to me. Pumps are still great.

  19. Hey Bros been awhile since i was on last,with the business and this ****ty flu bug going around

    Started back on cycle of T-1 at 10ml/day along with 1/4-diol
    at 600mg/day. The stats are as follows:

    Weight -- 175lbs.(lost alot of the gains being sick with the flu)
    Arms -- 15"
    Legs -- 23.5"
    Chest -- 43"
    Waist -- 33"

    Lost some size also while being sick with the flu,but will gain it all back quickly I hope

    Diet will be clean as always and at 5000 cals/day


  20. Welcome back man. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope you get your gains back and everything goes smoothly.

  21. Bump! Awesome results!

  22. 1 Week Update****

    Hey bro's here's my 1 week update on this cycle:::

    Weight up 4lbs this morning and the workouts are getting great!

    Dosing at 10ml/day with T-1 and 600mg/day 1/4-diol,eating
    clean at 4500-5000 cal/day.

    Going to run this cycle for 6wks then 4wks post-cycle
    then 2 cycles of homebrew(12g 1-Test/3g 4-AD)


  23. Good job gary !!! Keep it up and check your PM;s !!!

  24. 2 Week Update Bros

    hey bros here's the 2wk update on this cycle:

    Weight 182.5lbs- up 7.5lbs in 2wks
    Arms 15.25"-up .25"
    Legs 23.75"-up .25"
    Chest 43.25"-up .25"
    Waist 33"-same as start of cycle

    Workouts have been great and feeling like a monster in the gym
    Love the looks when going into the gym for my workouts
    Been getting asked "What you using" my reply is "Protein & Creatine"

    Been eatting like a horse all the time-eatting clean of course.


  25. Originally posted by garyrabbit

    Workouts have been great and feeling like a monster in the gym
    Love the looks when going into the gym for my workouts
    Been getting asked "What you using" my reply is "Protein & Creatine"

    Been eatting like a horse all the time-eatting clean of course.

    Haha it's all about the Celltech/Nitro tech stack!


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