lookin for a lil help

  1. lookin for a lil help

    ive been liftin for awhile now and im hittin a plateau so im lookin for advice. im 6'2'' and currently weigh 210. i use to weigh 224 when i was a seal in the navy. now im back in the military (army now) and i want to gain my weight back. when i gained my weight the first time i was on the original t-bomb and it worked for me. so now im on creatine and protein. my brother wants to get me on hgh and andro but i want to see what else would help me. any suggestions on a cycle?

  2. The first thing you need to worry about is being tested or snap inspections (if you live on base0. It would probably be best to focus on strictly OTC supplements and a heavy lifting regimine.

    Also you need to let us know what your average diet is like, your current fitness routine etc.

    The protien & creatine are good starts and there are several OTC supps offered by the different sponsors here - AX, DS, ALRI, Get Deisel etc.

  3. He would have to be selected for a steroid test. the random testing etc doesn't test for test

  4. well im not worried about the testing and i dont live on post. im in the medical field so i get most of the roids for free. i just place the order and mark them as dispersed.
    my diet is good im taking in alot of protein, about 250 daily. i eat about 6 small meals throughout the day consisting of low fat, high protein.

  5. I vote for just eating...
    Hell, eat like you are in Basic again...I gained 20lbs

  6. So if he's a lifter in the military and rapidly gains 14+ lbs....

    That might trigger a reaction depending on his unit staff nco's officers etc.

  7. ok one more time.... the testing is not an issue and i am at the top of the chain of command so no i wont be recommending me for testing! haha

  8. and by the way im in iraq for the next ten months! everyone here is gaining weight. all we do is eat, sleep, workout, go on a mission and do it again 365 times.

  9. Well then it's a question of AAS or OTC. Go to the cycles threads and there will be a lot of info on prior cycles and routines. For the OTC each of the sponsors has threads and cycle results for their different bulking products.

    Many of the OTC can also be used as PCT/bridging for actual AAS cycles.

    What you need to decide is the issues of oral vs IM, cycle length, final goal etc.

    There are also a number of other forums that are more specifically geared towards "gear" than this site.

    I know I haven't helped a whole lot but many of those questions will have to be researched by you due to thew new forum policies and legalities.

    Stay safe & return soon.

  10. im in the medical field so i get most of the roids for free. i just place the order and mark them as dispersed.
    ...Sounds like you're in the Animal medical field. Watch your ass. Going to a federal prison and forfeiting your retirement isn't cool for a few pounds of muscle but I guess you're not looking for a concious.

    Search and you'll find a ton of threads on cycles etc.

  11. no im not in animal field. alot of todays roids are used for medical treatments to gyno complications.

  12. Good luck Motive, Keep Your head down and be Alert.
    Rangers lead the way!


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