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  1. UCP-1 thread

    So, the $15 deal on UCP-1 was too good to pass up, and, never being one to shy away from experimenting with inexpensive drugs, I've decided to give it a go and picked up 2 bottles.

    Right now I'm about 8 weeks post PH cycle, and I've already been cutting for the last 4 weeks. I've lost 6 lbs and was down to 197.2 this morning. I peaked at a slightly chunky 207 post cycle BTW. I'm guessing I'm around 15-16% BF. My abs don't show much, but vascularity has returned to my arms.

    I popped 3 caps with lunch today, and another 3 about 6 hours later. Nothing much to report yet. A little extra warmth and maybe some dizzyness. I was peeing like crazy all afternoon too. Had a good workout tonight (Chest, Tri.). I'll try to update every couple days. Any ?'s just ask.

  2. FishBonz
    FishBonz's Avatar

    Definitly keep us posted on your results.

    $15 per bottle isn't bad. Think I might order some. How was the service from those guys?

  3. I don't know but the shipping is 10 bucks

    wierd question but would creating change it's affectiveness?

  4. I ordered mine today and shipping showed up 8 dollars ...........but the mailing address is to KY and I'm in TN.......but I doubt that had anything to do with it.....

    and the price showed up 25 instead of 15.

    can't wait to try it ....

  5. 25 total?
    or 25 with shipping

    cause that would be 15$ + $10 for shipping

  6. mine showed up as 25 for the item.........plus 8 for shipping..........33 total.

  7. Originally posted by Rhapsody
    mine showed up as 25 for the item.........plus 8 for shipping..........33 total.
    Send chemo a pm. The correct price is $15. He is selling it at just about cost to get it out there, and get some feedback.

  8. btw
    I may be mistaken but to get it at 15$ you buy from www.powernutrition.com

    and THIER shipping is 10 bucks

  9. I was thinking of buying some @ $15, but the dose is 3 caps 3X day......
    so 9caps a day.....43 serv per container, which will last you 4.7 days? Does not sound to cost effective to me.

  10. I thought it was supposed to last 2 weeks

  11. Here is the label info:

    As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules three times daily. Do not exceed 9 capsules in any 24-hour period. Do not exceed 2 weeks of continuous use without cycling off for a minimum of 2 weeks.

    Serving Size: 3 capsules
    Servings Per Container: 43

    Amount Per Serving:
    Usnic Acid: 150 mg
    L-Carnitine : 525 mg
    Pyruvate: 1050 mg

  12. yeah
    Serving size = 3!

    Servings = 43

    That means 129 capsules

    43 servings / 3 times a day = 14 1/3
    14 days with one pill left over!

    hope that helps

  13. "I see", said the blind man. Thanks for the insight, I just may try it after all.....or get some for the wifey....hehe.

  14. ohhhh
    np bro

    So, what you tryin to say about the wife?



  15. Shes doing the the weight loss thing......She never really sticks to a program, but I'm trying to help. Shes not xetremely overweight, but she does need to lose some weight. I currently have her cutting down on her carbs, which is her vice. Figured mabe upc-1 might help in shedding some fat.....may have to adjust the dose for her though.

  16. yeah i was just fuxxing with you
    my girl has always had fast ass metabolism, now she has to cut the ice cream, and joined my gym though and likes working out

  17. Yea, I know..... I just wish I could get her to stick to a program. It's always on and off with her. Who knows, she just may stick to it this time.

  18. yeah

    theres a saying
    "women will only lose the weight when they are single, or fixing to be"

  19. LOL! I gotta remember that one.

  20. Yeah,
    let's me and you hope it's not true :-(

  21. Right. Then who will cook, clean and watch the kids? Then I'll have to start all over again....NOOOOO!!! I'll stick with this one, she puts up with all my ****. LOL!

  22. lol
    yea its like getting a new job

    in the beginning you gotta come in early and suck up, all little things can get you fired ... takes a while before you can slack off without being fired :-\

  23. Originally posted by FishBonz
    Definitly keep us posted on your results.

    $15 per bottle isn't bad. Think I might order some. How was the service from those guys?
    No problems with my order, so I didn't have to deal with service. Got here quick too.

  24. I got great service from PowerNutrition ($10 shipping hough, damn!), that's where it's $15 Rhap. I started mine yesterday, will report in my cycle thread.

  25. what is the link to your thread?

    and when does the deal end on that $15
    i dont wanna miss out


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