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  1. I think its only gonna be $15 for 2 weeks there. I think wyd put up a blurb on it here...I needed some prot powder so got some with my ucp-1. $10 shipping wasnt so bad and it got here in like 2 days.

  2. To clear things up:

    The BDC Memberstore is maintaining the $25 price on UCP-1 so as not to compete with Power Nutrition. They were gracious enough to host the sale and they aren't making ANY money (just like us...it's going at cost) since they are interested in getting a larger population of users for feedback. While you're there help the good bros out and get some protein or NO2

    In addition, one bottle will last EXACTLY for 2 weeks...not bad of a value.  It also is a good measure for ensuring those that want to abuse the product (i.e.-take 2 grams of UA daily) will have to get a ****load to do it.  We designed it so the effects would be the same as if taking higher doses of UA but at 1/4th the dose and we've taken steps to increase the safety of UCP-1.

    RHAPSODY: You're another case all together...I'll take care of you.


  3. DAY 4:

    I'm noticing a little extra warmness and some muscle weakness after I take my doses but nothing major. Did 23minutes of HIIT cardio this morning and was DRENCHED in sweat though. That was the first cardio day since I started.

    Weight is down to 196.8 or .4lbs since the start. (All measurements are taken first thing in the morning, naked, no food or liquid in me.)

    BTW here's some info on the plan I've been following for the last 4 weeks.:

    Diet is ~2000 calories/day @ 40:40:20. Slightly higher cals on lifting days.

    multi vitamin
    creatine (have lost ZERO strength. I think this has really helped.)
    1g vitamin C
    8-10 livertabs
    whey protein

    Lifting 3 days/week Max-OTish style.
    Cardio 3 days/week on non-lifting days. At least 1 of those days is HIIT.
    Rest 1 day/week.

  4. 198 and 2000 calories a day, with no muscle protectors? Man that is way too little you are going to loose muscle and fast. Especially if UCP raises your metabolism even more.

  5. umm... I don't think so. BMR is 2600 cals. and on lifting days I eat closer to 2300. Results have only been about -1.5lbs/week on average. Slow and steady is my goal.
    Like I said, I've lost NO strength since I started, so I think it's working. Your right though, I am a little concerned about losing muscle on UCP though because of the supposed rapid weight loss. We'll see what happens....

  6. Hmm guess my metabolism is just high then. Usually under 3200 cals or so and I'll drop weight.

    Glad its working for you!

  7. Any updates guys? I just received mine today. I just want to double check my carb intake before I start it. Make sure everything is in order.

  8. I started yesterday--no weightloss that ive noticed so far, but this stuff makes you sweat, alot. I was drenched after 30 minutes of cardio this morning, i sweat a lot to start--but i was soaked, i dont usually sweat that much after 45 minutes of cardio

  9. Day 7

    Down to 195.8 this morning. That means only 1.4lbs for this week, or no change from what I've already been losing all along. I do look and feel leaner, but nothing dramatic. Hoping the second week shows some better results...

    Tomorrow, I'm going to do an extra day of cardio to try and speed things up.

  10. Day 3- Im down 1 lb since yesterday--i too am peeing like a race horse--my pee has a funny odor, still sweating a bunch--i figure that 1 lb is real cause i have been drinking 2-3 gallons of water a day

  11. DAY 14

    The cycle ended yesterday, and when I jumped on the scale this morning I was at 193.6. That makes 3.6lbs in 2 weeks. Not quite the 6-11lbs other people were reporting, but I feel like a lot of that was water for those folks. This stuff make you sweat like a mofo, but I already had my initial water loss several weeks ago, so I didn't see any drastic drops on the scale.

    Strange thing is, I look a little leaner than you'd think for someone who only lost that 3-4lbs. Abs are starting to show a little, and I've got more veins all up and down my arms now. Anyways, overall I'd give it a mixed review, but I would have liked to get more accurate %BF readings. By my scale, weight loss didn't accelerate very much at all.

  12. Wait a couple more days, then report back again.... Get your bodyfat level checked. Your experience of FEELING lean is but not exactly seeing it is typical of those on UA..... report back soon

  13. Started with 2 caps x 2 yesterday. Damn this stuff turned me into a furnace. My original plan was to stack it with my current ephedrine + tight, but I don't know about that. I think I'm going to go off of the e+tight for 2 weeks and just use the UCP. I'll let you guys know how it turns out.

  14. Originally posted by SCORPIO
    Shes doing the the weight loss thing......She never really sticks to a program, but I'm trying to help. Shes not xetremely overweight, but she does need to lose some weight. I currently have her cutting down on her carbs, which is her vice. Figured mabe upc-1 might help in shedding some fat.....may have to adjust the dose for her though.
    I put my wife on 2 weeks UCP, 2 weeks ECA stack, she is starting her second run of UCP, about 8 lbs so far and she isn't doing any real consistant cardio or weight training at all... She keeps saying she will start the HIIT program I laid out for her, but hasn't yet.
  15. Finished my 2 weeks

    I finished my 2 weeks saturday. Lost 9 lbs. Lost 2% BF, down to 11% now - Diet stayed the same -

    2700 cals a day w/ 45/35/20 split --- 24 / 217lb (today) -5'11

    Body fat was coming off with an average of 2% every 3-4 weeks, seems as this shortened it. No huge side effects - go to the bathroom a ton more and body temp rises a lot sometimes but that's it.

    Overall very satisfied with the product can't wait till my two weeks rest is up so I can start cycle #2.

    BTW - all natural, supps are liver pills, Optimium whey, Glut, Daily Vitamin.

  16. Any updates, npursuit, how'd you do?

  17. Nice results Pfunk....
  18. 2nd cycle review

    Finished my 2nd cycle 7/25/03.

    It's been 4 weeks since the last review. Results are (IMO) better than my 1st cycle thought the numbers don't show it.

    I tweaked my diet during this cycle and cut out almost all carbs. Basically a 2 week Keto if I am correct. I only ate 50g (per day) of carbs for 5 days + 100g dextrose PW (per day) than loaded 500g for 1 full day.

    for the 2 weeks of rest after my 1st cycle diet stayed the same as before

    2700 cals a day w/ 45/35/20 split - same supps as before as well

    On wed 7/23 I was 213 but as of sunday I was 220 (summer time + humidity = huge water weight fluctuation). Also had my BF on Wed as well 10%.

    so results were 4lb drop and roughly 1% BF drop but...... mirror results are much more impressive. definition in all muscles in much more apparent. Abs are actually obvious now, still not shredded but I used to be 23% bf 3 years ago. Very vascaular and feal much more solid.

    No serious side effects - always feel hot, if you don't drink enough water with this stuff you can feel your kidneys and liver strain tighten up and cramp a little. ended up drinking about 2 to 2.5 gallons a day to feel normal with no cramping.

    This is the first product I have ever used that actaully yielded the results claimed. Besides liver pills this is the finest product I have invested in. Thanks for a great product BDC.

  19. I imagine the results would be a little better if you didn't run a keto diet. With the excessive intake of fat you really aren't taking advantage of the uncouplers ability to hinder the body in converting glucose to ATP.

  20. While running a keto diet may not be the best for usnic wouldn't you say that the usnic will still help the keto diet to be better?

  21. I never upped my fat intake at from the previous diet, stayed about the same which is why I wasn't sure when I said Keto (should of said carb depletion maybe?). I just cut my diet from

    2700 cals a day w/ 45/35/20 split


    2600 cals a day w/ 60/20/20 split

    then just had a re-feed day uping it to 60/80/20 - (I know that doesn't make sense - just upped the carbs to 500 for one day)

    also didn't mention before - downed my cardio to 20 min 3x a week.

    WYD2 - you think I should of kept my carbs up where they were at?

    going from what I read I thought I was right on with the lose of 4 lbs (with lower BF I thought it was harder to lose that last remaining 4 % to get to 6%), I could of lost more than that but like I said before with the summer heat I have weird water weight fluctuations so the weight could of been up a little.

    Still worked way better than I imagined- you think it is too taxing on the liver if I did a 3rd cycle in two weeks or shoudl I give it a rest for a month or so??


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