Quick and bad side effects to superdrol.

  1. Quick and bad side effects to superdrol.

    It's just too bad I spent money on superdrol and got all the pct ready for nothing. I have nolva, lean extreme, and rebound xt ready for pct and I took the necessary milk thistle by loading it before I started superdrol. First day I take 10 mgs...that same night excruciating lower back pain, I can't sleep and I start getting sweaty. My chest starts to hurt and it feels like my heart is pounding. So yea...I'm staying off this **** for good. I only did one day with one single low dose of 10 mgs and I didn't expect to have side effects that bad. I didn't sleep at all and I still have lower back pain until now day 3. I also thought maybe it could be something wrong with my diet....but I'm taking more than enough water (1 1/2 gallons) and eating 6 times a day (high carbs high protein multi vitamins etc.) so that couldn't have been the problem. I just figure, something with side effects that bad can't be good. I can't imagine how I would feel if I took it again the next day. I'm just wondering if anyone else has side effects THIS bad. Or maybe I'm just sensitive to superdrol.

  2. The lower back pain,.. "pumps" are a more accurate discription,.. like when you havent worked a muscle in forever, and you rep it out one day..
    This is usually casused by the eccessive glycogen storrage.
    Maybe you should describe this pain your having..
    I have not herd of SD causing these on the first dose.

    Another thing, you could have gotten "cycle sickness", which just happens after a FEW days on cycle (seems more common w/ superdrol). This MIGHT explain the sweating, and everything else.

    In MY opinion, if the pain is still there after 3 days, then it doesn't sound like the SD caused it.

  3. Or maybe I have a bad batch? I only took it for ONE day. These symptoms (especially chest pain) aren't supposed to happen. I didn't even work on my back and I have lower back pain (not too severe but enough to keep me awake all night). I haven't heard of superdrol causing any of this either considering I read so many threads and did more than enough research to start using it. I don't know but I'm assuming this is a bad batch or it's very old considering it's been on the market for a while already and it's already illegal to have. The supply might be running low and I might've just gotten a bad batch that has been laying around for a while. I have no idea, just trying to make sense of why I'm having strange symptoms after using it just once. Doesn't make any sense at all.

  4. What I was tring to get at, was that maybe it wasn't the SD at all.
    There might have been something else at work here.
    Of course, you could always just pop another one to be sure.

    It sure would be a waste of $$ to just "assume" the superdrol did it.
    You could even open a cap and take half the dose, see what happens. If nothing, then the other half later that night.

  5. Lower back pain, aka pumps, is very common for many supps and superdrol is notorious for them. A commonly used supp to combat this is Taurine (it's cheaper than dirt too). Take 3 grams (or more) a couple times a day.

    You might just be fortunate in the way that you are a hyper responder to SD.

    And think about this. If your back pumps were bad and causing pain it could have raised your BP merely from being stressed out about it. High BP could account for the sweating and a headache if you had one. I'm not sure how quickly SD can show these types of sides though, so I could be wrong in thinking that this is what the sides were from.

    One last thing...Please define "High Carbs" and how are you keeping track of how much water you are drinking?
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  6. I'm taking about 200 grams of complex carbs (low glycemic like sweet potatoes brown rice) and water I just buy many gallons and literally just drink a gallon and a half. I just look at the bottle and how much I drank. Pretty easy system. Well...we'll see, I'll try the taurine see if it helps. If this gets on the way of my sleep, considering I'm taking 20 credit hours at school, I don't care how much I wasted, I'm not going to finish it. But we'll see, I'll try another pill today and see how I react. I'm actually not surprised, I've been sensitive to many things throughout my life, especially medications. I'm not taking any meds now though. So I'm pretty sure the sides are from superdrol.

  7. Believe it or not, 200 grams of carbs might not be enough on superdrol. This stuff is very carb sensitive in the way that it causes glycogen stores to skyrocket. You should probably try adding more carbs. How much do you weigh and what do your overall nutrient macros look like?
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  8. Well then maybe I should save this stuff for next winter cause I'm going to start cutting up soon. I was hoping maybe superdrol will help me maintain the muscle while cutting up since I lost a lot of mass last time I did cut up even though I did virtually everything right. I read a few threads that mentioned this stuff is like winstrol so it would help me maintain a lot of muscle and would probably help keep a lot of the density I worked so hard for (plus might help with definition). What's your thought on this? My new diet will look something like this.
    This is basically what my trainer prescribed for me.

    I weight 168 lbs. 12-14% bodyfat.
    Days 1-4 low carbs from low glycemic sources (100 grams of carbs per day, 250 grams of protein)
    *other supplements besides superdrol used: fish oil, glutamine, multi vitamins, milk thisle, creatine, amino acids, vitamin E, b12
    Day 5 moderate carbs (150 grams, 250 grams protein)
    Day 6-7 High carbs (200-250 grams carbs, 200 grams protein)

  9. Quote Originally Posted by subpop200
    I weight 168 lbs. 12-14% bodyfat.

    How tall are you? Because first off, you really should not be taking SD at all. Those stats are far, far away from your genetic potential.

    Scrap the cycle. Lift hard, eat a lot, and gain naturally for a while.

    Throw the SD in the freezer for 2-3 years and bring youself up to 190~200 lbs and then try it again.

    Good luck bro.

  10. I like Pumping Iron's advice...and from what I have read superdrol is not like Winstrol and is probably better off for bulking. Gaspari's OrastanE, GL's Mega-Zol, Juggernaut's Winztrol, AXs Prostanozol, etc, etc are all the same active and more along the lines of what you are looking for.

    In all honesty though, I would suggest looking into an Ecdysterone product like Thermolife's E-Bol , Scivations Anagen, or some Turkesterone (NP has some). Ecdy products help to promote protein synthesis in a caloric deficit and help increase endurance. Sounds great for a cut to me. Another natural option would be a USP Labs Stack with Powerfull as the base. BCAAs are always a nice addition as well. Check our product, Excell, at CNW and NP.
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  11. BCAAs are a great idea. Megadosing will definately help you keep a lot of muscle during a caloric deficit

    Ecdy products are your best bet, as stxns jsut said.

    Keep the clean cals at probably 2000 +/- and you should be pretty well off. I'm not very good at the carb cycling idea so I'll stay away from that.

    But as far as your other supps, what kind of Creatine are you using?

  12. If he gets pumps that are that bad from SD he might be susceptible to pumps from CEE.

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  13. True, but I've never heard of painful pumps from anytype of creatine. Only the good kind of pumps. :bb:

    The reason I was pointing out creatine is that I wouldn't personally use mono during a cut. I really see a different between EE and Mono in terms of bloating.

  14. I have had chronic back problems and any pump in my back is painful.
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas
    I have had chronic back problems and any pump in my back is painful.

    I have some back problems, mostly just with it popping out of place from time to time. Nothing to bad. SD wasn't very bad for me at all until 30 mgs on the 4th week. Same with PP, 30 mgs on the 4th week I got some back pumps. Nothing that I couldn't just push through though...

    That really sucks that you have such bad lower back problems. But I haven't heard of CEE back pumps, have you gotten them?

  16. Yeah PI, I'm pretty sure it was from the CEE. I could be wrong though. I'll look around and see if I'm the only one...
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  17. Well, my stats sound pretty ****ty but I am not that small as you can see here:

    Bodybuilding.com Photo Gallery - subpop200 Gallery - Powered by PhotoPost

    Well I'm not huge or anything but I guess I was getting somewhat frustrated cause I bulked up last year and cut down then this year I did the same. I did another all natural bulk and I cut down to almost the same weight I was at last year when I was cut which means I lost virtually all the muscle I gained during this past bulk this is why I decided to try superdrol to help me maintain the gains or possibly gain some of what I lost back. Actually there is a thread that mentioned several people that did superbol while cutting and it helped even gain muscle during a cut...not much ofcourse but enough to give a dry lean ripped looking physique much quicker. I'm too exhausted right now to check for the specific threads cause there were some that proved that winstrol is somehow similar to superbol and is good for cutting. I'll dig it up in a couple days to see what you all think. Besides that, my reasoning was that if tribulus helped me gain strength and some mass while cutting up but only temporarily, something like superbol should help a lot more. I still have a lot of research left to do till I do start a cycle on it but so far I'm leaning towards saving superdrol for a bulking cycle next year and keep going all natural like I have the past 3-4 years. Oh and I use the simple creatine powder. Maybe someone can help to explain why creatine isn't working for me anymore especially in the last year? I've been doing on off cycles sometimes stopping creatine for up to a month so I can let my tolerance drop and I'd load and do the usual dosage after one week of loading and usually it doesn't help that much at all. Maybe another type of creatine would help?

  18. Oh and just to clear things up, my lower back hurt like hell not cause I worked on it and got a pump. Infact, it just hurt for apparantley no reason at all. All I know is I never had this kind of pain in my life and I got it on the same day as I took superbol for the first time in my life. But I didn't work on my back that day or for a few days before that. Do people get back pain from superdrol even if they don't work on their backs? Would seem odd if you ask me unless I am that supersensitive.

  19. Oh and thanks stxnas. I'm going to look into those supplements you mentioned when I got some time.

  20. Yeah, SD can cause painful back pumps without actually working out your back. That part of your body is in constant motion and constantly moving/working even if it's not being targeted via specific exercises.
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  21. Damn....maybe I was just too paranoid then. Either way, I'm saving superdrol for when I bulk up. Thanks a lot for everything everyone!


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