First Timer, Superdrol Cycle

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  1. Hey im running a cycle close to urs except im only doin 3 weeks at 10,20,20. Yesterday was my first day and i didnt feel anything different and i didnt sleep better if not worse on it. I was expceting to sleep better on it since i've read that on others logs. I did notice i've been taking more leaks though. lol But keep up the work 10lbs is good and keep us up to date.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by mymilkexpired
    Im sure your right stxnas, I keeping track of as much nutritional information as i can. Excel is my friend right now.

    Im trying to keep fat under 20% of my total daily caloric intake. 20/40/40 is what im trying to maintain, but carbs and protien cycle up and down depending on my meals. This last weekend was horrible, i ate like a fuggin pig and didnt keep track of anything. lol
    I'd keep fat @ 30% atleast.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Popa Murph
    I'd keep fat @ 30% atleast.

    Any particular reason, or is it more a dietary preferrence you have?

    Update: I'm up 13~lbs 7 more days to go.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mymilkexpired
    Any particular reason, or is it more a dietary preferrence you have?

    Update: I'm up 13~lbs 7 more days to go.
    My preference. I'm very carb sensitive and if you stick to unsaturated fats it's good way to get some extra calories in. Also I hardly ever get hungry at 30% you take this as a good or bad thing. I have a tendency to pig out if I get hungry. Fat is just as important at carbs or protein IMO. I did low fat and was very successful at it I lost 80lbs. I'd say 30 of it was muscle, my joints are worn out, I lost weight everywhere except my chest and love handles (probably because of low test). The joint thing is why I'll never go back to low fat. I see a ton of difference with achey joints if I get my fat in regularly. I think it keeps my hormones balanced too.

  5. Update: 164lbs 3 days left. I may make 166 - 167 yet...

    Popa - I totally agree on the intake of fat being important. Wonderful added fuel source for the body when working slow. Interesting effect it has on your joints. I hadnt heard of anything like that before. I have bad knee's and sometimes my hands hurt. I may, after PCT, up my fat intake a bit and see if i see some similar effects.

  6. Well todays the last day, hopefully I will make it to the gym sometime today. I've had horrible knee pain for 2 days now, right knee. Its probably just the weather getting cold out down here; or its cause i busted it up in an accident a few years ago and it just life, lol...

    I will keep everyone updated on the PCT starting monday. I've started the T-drive and Retain a day early. New PCT protocal will be posted tonight or tomorrow.

  7. so whats ur total weight gained?

  8. how were the strength gains. i am looking into doing a 3-4 weeker after I finish oratropin

  9. Total weight gained was 17-18lbs, the strength gains were awesome to say the least. Last two days of the cycle my left nip got a little tender, nothing that overly worried me. I've had nipple pain like what i was experiecing in the past for absolutly no reason, so...I started the atd a few days early and the retain. Other than that im on my through my first week of post cycle therapy. I've been waking up a little more tired than usual. Picked up some activate to try out and see if it helps with the PCT blues. I almost didnt goto the gym yesterday morning because i was feeling so groggy...

    One thing that i have noticed and i believe i read another thread with someone having a similar experience. After dosing the retain my heart beat becomes real deep. I can feel it pounding in my chest. No palps or racing but definatly something thats new...

  10. Did you lose any weight over that first week of PCT?

  11. As of right now no, i actually gained 1.5lbs so far in PCT. Im hoping with the addition of Activate that i might be able to gain a few more... we'll have to wait and see how everything pans out. I will continue to update each week as i progress.

  12. Okay week 1 post cycle therapy is completely over, down 3lbs but from the looks of my comp it was a bit of bloat / fat around the waistline. Near the end of the cycle i was a tad bloated at the belt, abs and waist line are looking a lot better now. My boys are coming back a little bit, last night was first pct sex, took a minute to get him going but it was all good after that. Load was massive...

    Lifts / strength feel the same, endurance is down a bit. All this to be expected.

  13. Quick update for those interested...

    Nearing the end of week 2 pct. I've peeled off about 6lbs but i'm not noticing any difference in physical size. If anything i've actually gotten bigger. Pant legs are fitting tighter around the quads etc... Morning wood has started to make a return as off this morning, very exciting. Overall nothing out of the ordinary going on here, text book pct thus far. I've droppped the ATD at this point and will be tapering off the Retain as i move into week 3. Otherwise everything is as noted in my original pct protocal. Oh i've added activate dosing 1ED x 4 w/ meal.


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