Please help with this stack!

  1. Arrow Please help with this stack!

    The problem i have is mixed reviews on stacking. now i have jungle warfare, hyperdrol, powerful, cissus rx, and novedex xt. Also thinking about including metyhl 1d. Really want to start a cycle of this stuff or at least some of it but I don't know what to include or leave out. Need some help with dosages also. thanks. I have the basic stuff under control. by that i mean creatine, protein, l-glut, chaos ( wich i have yet to try ). and I'm searching for another good no product. prefferably in pill form. thanks again. What will i need for post cycle? once again ..... thanks.

  2. Nick...start searching products you're interested in to learn more about them, you seem to have a hard time telling the difference between steroids and herbal anabolics...Nothing that you've listed there are steroids and therefore do not require post cycle therepy.

  3. Thanks for the info. I know they arent steroids. I heard on this site that that your test level could come down when u finish a cycle like this. Really not looking for that. That's y im asking. So how should i stack what i have?

  4. A bunch of people gave you suggestions in the last thread you started. Take those suggestions, research, read and decide what's best for you and your goals. We aren't going to spoon feed you, if your serious about achieving results you need to understand and know what your taking.

  5. gee ... i thought threads were to help people when they asked for it, not to bash them. Nobody really told me wich products to stack on my last thread. Thats y i started this one. Instead of bashing me . U could of probably typed less and told me based on your experience, what u would stack. Thats y im here to get advice from people with experience. so i dont have to screw around and waste weeks in the gym with little results when i could b getting greater ones. I did research. on many different sites. Most of the stacking info is on crap thats now illegal. like superdrol, pp, methyl 1 test, etc. wich totally sucks because im a pro on stacking the stuff thats now illegal. Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks.

  6. Dude, chill out I'm not bashing you, I'm trying to help you. If you read the answers in the thread you'll see suggestions, but the point is you should know what your putting in your body and a little research will go a long way in helping you determine what will work. You know yourself better then we do, and you know how you've responded to other substances in the past etc. Most of the stuff you have should not be stacked together so do yourself a favor and research the products then when you can't decide whether or not to stack suppA+C or C+B come back and get some help. Just trying to help...relax.

  7. Powerfull , cissus stack is very good. the various products you have are all reveiwed throughout this site, so your question is just to broad to really answer. just search each product name and youll find various ideas for stacks. I would start with the recommened amout of cissus, powerful then up the powerful a few weeks in , mixed with creatine, diet, training,rest youll see amazing results.

  8. i guess i'll try the powerful / cissus / novedex stack for now. Looked all over for more info on the hyperdrol and jungle warfare. Some people say u can stack them, others say theyre to similar. Should i mix one of them in with this stack? Lets hear some suggestions please.

  9. by the way. thanks for the help.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by nickjr000
    i guess i'll try the powerful / cissus / novedex stack for now. Looked all over for more info on the hyperdrol and jungle warfare. Some people say u can stack them, others say theyre to similar. Should i mix one of them in with this stack? Lets hear some suggestions please.

    I would just stick to the powerful/cissus. Novedex is atp i beleive and that is just asking for trouble in terms of sides. It is most effective as part of a post cycle therapy or while "on" to control estrogen. sides such as acne and loss of libido are VERY COMMON. THe NHA stack is also something highly reccomended, (rebound(atp) and activate) but again i think it is a little more advanced for you who seems very new to all these supplements. I would stick with the cissus , powerful. youll definately see results, it doesnt totally screw with your hormones, and remember just because you have all these products doesnt mean you have to stack them, or use them at the same time. Results will come with the long hall approach.

  11. Your a big help zed. thanks bro!

  12. Novedex XT is ATD and 2 other AI's I believe. If you keep the dose low, say 1 pill a day (25mg ATD) before bed, you should not see much in the way of negative sides. Low libido is the most reported side but usually at 50mg and higher. I really like the Powerfull, Activate and ATD stack but Powerfull even solo is fantastic.

    If you read up on JW you will see it is already a stack in and of itself and adding something like ATD could really crush your estrogen levels in turn lowering your libido, joint health and immune system. This is a perfect example of why bro's are recommending you do some research. I can't even figure out why people buy all this stuff when they don't even know what it is. Not wise, but hey, wisdom comes with age right?

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  13. thanks bpmartyr. Hopefully my wisdom will come before my money is gone.

  14. Guess i'll stick 2 the powerfull/ cissus stack 4 now. Maybe try the jungle warfare after this. Thanks for all the help everybody.


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