pics, need cycle help

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  1. He's not the only one branch.
    I've spent the last 45 minutes in PM with another member over you because apparantly, neither one of us can take a joke.

    Don't be surprised if you're the only one subscribed to your own thread very shortly.

  2. branch,

    i dont know if you strictly are looking for just post cycle drugs or a full arsenal for post cycle. my recommendations...

    nolva/rebound (if you want to add clomid then ok but i think all 3 is completely overdoing it)
    lean extreme

  3. Branch, my advice is to not run AAS, as I hear it can make you pop way super mega cool boners. So super mega cool to the point of being hurtie hurtie. One guy at my gym told me that he doesn't like to bench anymore because all day long he has this wicked deadly boner that would totally show mega strong if he laid down. In fact, he doesn't even lay down anymore, he just stands up and covers his giganto boner with a sandwich bag he acquires from a panini shop. Man... I would hate having to buy paninis all the time, just to use the greasy bag to cover my treacherous gargantu-boner.

    Imagine popping mad wicked super smooth boners all the time, hiding it from your mom and stuff. What would you do? Man I would hate boners after a while..

    maybe you guys are fighting on this thread because you are enraged because of your boners.


  4. Hey branch you just told a load of knowledgable guy to piss off which was not too bight. I dont think you really need to run a cycle. I started off at 6'1" tall and 120 pounds 18 months ago, i know weigh 235 all naturally U thought of running a PH cycle but i got so far naturally why do it. I know ya wanna go pro but why not see how far you get naturally. 9 months to bulk could easilly put you at 235 and that would be pretty lean if you did it right so keep that in minds. Wait till your atleast 220 to run a cycle seriouslly I know you have done a few but You will better off for waiting guaranteed.

  5. negative energy all around

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Mess
    negative energy all around
    Hey, I was making light of it... that's positive..


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