Runnings AIs as a cycle.

  1. Runnings AIs as a cycle.

    Hey guys for those of us who dont want to turn to the dark side i was wondering if it would be worthwhile to run some AI test boosters. For example

    run ATD week 1, 100mg first few days then 75 mg
    week 2 50 mg
    week 3 25 mg
    6 0XO -ramped down as well for week 4,5,6
    Jungel warfare and ZMA week 7,8,9.
    the reason i would ramp damn ATD is because of the estrogen rebound that some people associate with it. but the 6 0XO afterwards may help contro that.

    Could this perform to be a fair legal stack. I dont wanna shutdown my HPTA. so i figure this may help enhance my gains while keeping me safe. Of course i could run some fish oil and other supplements to keep blood pressure down

  2. At 18 years old I would NOT be trying to run anything.. you also need to read the board rules again because you have gotten confused on what you can post about...

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