sd/zol/trn cycle help

  1. sd/zol/trn cycle help

    I have a few questions about this cycle
    i have ran sd/prostan before. What would be the best way to run all three for an extended cycle? How long could i run trn at the end of this cycle?
    wk1 sd
    wk 2 sd
    wk 3 sd / zol
    wk 4 zol/trn
    wk 5 zol/trn
    wk 6 trn
    wk 7 trn maybe??

    general info: I am 5ft 8in 190lbs and i have ran a couple of the designer cycles before with good results.

    Thank you in advance for any help :cheers

  2. I think it might be a good idea to take the Zol and move it to the last couple of weeks.
    Each compound can effectivly be used solo, and by the end of TRN you might need to add a little something (like your Zol) as opposed to putting it in there right when you change chemicals (where I would think that the change in compound would be enough to exibit effects)

    Basicly, your usual cookie cutter "Add the Zol at the end to solidify..." comment - cept its just a matter of how long you can make your body gain, and twards the end of the cycle is when you could use the addition. Had it been ANY less anabolic compound I would suggest the same.

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