Summer bulker

  1. Summer bulker

    current stats off cycle
    been off all aas's for 7 months
    traing 4 years hard
    5f 9" 195lbs 10% body fat
    24 years old
    this will be 4th cycle

    phase I
    drol 100mg ed for 4 weeks
    Test Undecanoate 300mg & Test Enanthate 100mg.....400mg a week, weeks 1-5
    sust 500mg a week, weeks 1-12
    deca 750mg a week for weeks 1-12
    tren enanth 500mg a week for weeks 6-12
    arimadex 1mg eod (have fermara on hand)
    IGF1 60mcg ed 30 days on and 50 days off and back on and so on....

    Phase II (mg tapper down>>>allow long acting aas's to clear body before PCT)
    anavar 50mg ed for weeks 12-17
    test prop 75mg ed tapper down to 25mg ed for weeks 12-16
    test suspenion 25mg ed ramp up to 75mg ed for weeks 12-17
    winny 100mg ed for weeks 13-16
    arimadex 1mg eod

    >>>PCT will look like
    >>>TOREMIFENE CITRATE 90mg ed only week 1, 60mg ed
    >>>feenugreek 6g ed
    >>>maca 5g ed
    >>>dhea 50mg ed
    >>>bio test alpha male
    >>>Designer Supplements ActivaTe

  2. For phase 1 and 2, 2500iu every 3 weeks..
    Have proviron, clomid, and letro on hand as well... any need to add them in the mix?????????
    please advise

  3. so far 9 days into cycle.....

    The drol is gving me the drol stomach feelings... no hungry......

  4. Wow good is the drol? I would try it but I get polygraphed for it..

  5. in 9 day I put a good 5 pounds on... I am taking a high dose of arimadex. nipps are feeling funny.. I have no bloat what so ever. my waist is loosing some inches...

  6. made it past the ****ty drol feeling....eating like a cham

    day 12 of drol
    125mg ed

    clean diet, lot of protein, carbs, good fatts..

    up a solid 10lbs
    205lbs ever am..
    209lbs-212lbs pm

    drop in body fat....
    belt notch moved in 1 notch.....some what fit into 34"dress pants, but were 36" dress pants...

    strong strenght gains
    low I ran out of steam.....

    dumb bell fly
    1st set 30lbs for 12 reps
    2nd set 35lbs for 12 reps
    3rd set 40lbs for 10 reps
    4th set 40lbs for 10 reps

    incline dumb bell
    1st set 75lbs for 12 reps
    2nd set 90lbs for 10 reps
    3rd set 115lbs for 7 reps
    4th 80lbs for 4 reps

    flat dumb bell
    70lbs for 10
    70lbs for 7
    70lbs for 7
    70lns for 4

    ran out of gas.....

  7. cycle update

    205lbs solid
    body fat is shedding off... waist is getting smaller

    cut the drol out....
    starting tren enath. on monday.

    deca 675mg a week
    test blend 1g a week
    tren enath 500mg a week


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