sure it's another pp/zol log...

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  1. sure it's another pp/zol log...

    Alright, it's almost that time. I will actually officially start this log on the 13th, just getting the basics written out now....

    cycle will look like this:
    wk 1 pp 10mg
    wk 2 pp 20mg
    wk 3 pp 20mg/ zol 100mg
    wk 4 pp 30mg/ zol 100mg
    wk 5 zol 150mg
    wk 6 zol 150mg

    Have all supporting supps in place and have already started preloading... (Hawthorn, Poli, MT, NAC, etc.)

    PCT Have Inhibit E, Fenugreek, ZMA, Retain, Nolva

    Diet is in place, mostly consist of egg whites, chicken, lean red meats, tuna, baked potatoes, oatmeal, etc (considering tracking diet on fitday)

    also have CEE, Protein, BCAA's, and MultiVit

    Training will be a six day split basically based on HST principles
    splitting whole body between two days (progressive loading, two week intervals starting at the 12 rep then 2 at 10, 2 at 8, 2 at 6, then ending with 2 weeks at 4) all reps will be done with emphasis on the negative (always trying to perfect form but probably never will)

    days 1,3,5 will be legs, back, bi's and abs
    days 2,4,6 will be chest, shoulders, tri's, calves

    cardio will be minor possibly 2-3 days in the morning

    starting stats: 5'10" 190 lbs
    bodyfat approx. 16% abs present, more defined when flexed
    neck 16"
    chest 44.25"
    bi's 16"
    waist (measured around navel) 35"
    thighs 24.5"
    calves 15"

    Don't really have 1RM, but will be posting daily
    nothing great.... but that's why I'll always be looking to improve....

    I welcome any advice or constructive criticism... thanks

    considering before/after pics....

  2. Looks good to me, how do you plan on dosing your PCT?

  3. Been doing a lot of reading up on that, thinking about the inverse dosing, mabye:

    wk 7 40mg nolva
    wk 8 40mg nolva
    wk 9 20mg nolva/ 25mg inhibit e
    wk 10 20mg nolva/ 25mg inhibit e
    wk 11 50mg inhibit e
    wk 12 75mg inhibit e (or run them both at same time)

    Fenugreek wk 7-10 3caps then 4,5,6
    Retain wks 7-12 (or 7-10 depending) 2/day
    ZMA 3/day (at night)

    or any suggestions?

  4. Typically you will have people recommending inverse dosing with your SERM and AI, something like:

    Nolva 40mg/inhibit e 25mg
    Nolva 30mg/inhibit e 50mg
    Nolva 20mg/inhibit e 50mg
    Nolva 10mg/inhibit e 75mg

  5. well, got no negative responses so tomorrow it's a go...

  6. Track your diet on fitday. Best thing I've ever done for my body.

  7. Alright, took 10mg on 13 March and had my first workout on. Of course no effects were felt but the workout went great. I had taken a week off from the gym prior to this so it was good just to be stepping foot back in there. Workout went like this:

    Squats 2 sets of 12 at 225
    SLDL 2 of 12 superset with:
    Standing leg curls 2 of 12
    Chins 2 of 12
    Pulldowns 2 of 12 @ 120
    Wide Grip Rows 2 of 12 @ 120
    E-Z Bar standing curls 2 of 12 @ approx 65lbs
    Standing concentration curls 2 of 12

    as I've said doing more of a HST program with progressive load, pretty hyped up and can't wait to see what the Phera-Plex has in store for me..... more to come.

  8. day two: 10mg about two hours before going to the gym. Again still too early to really feel the effects. Still had a good day at the gym. As I said I took a week (probably closer to a week and a half) off of the gym, so I am pretty excited about getting back at it. Today went like this:

    Flat Bench: 205 for two sets of 12
    Cable Flys
    Shoulder press: 145 for two sets of 12
    Rear Delts (dumbells)
    Skull Crushers approx 65lbs for 2 of 12
    One leg calf raises with dumbell 2 of 12
    Shrugs 225 2 of 12
    Weighted dips 2 of 12

    Only damn thing I hate about this gym is the music selection, I would bring my own but hate having the earphones in my ears while I'm working out. I've read a lot if not all of the Plex logs on here, and I'm excited to see what it can do for me. I've always worked hard at staying physically fit so there is no change there. Let's see what tomorrow brings

  9. Day three: Still no positive or negative effects, but still early. I didn't get much sleep last night but I didn't let that effect me in the gym. I was still amped and ready to go. I do have a training partner so that makes it much easier to stay motivated, as that it adds competition. Today was:

    Hack squats facing machinge (delts mainly) 2 of 12 with 4 plates

    Hack squats facing away (hams mainly) 2 of 12 with three plates

    Leg extentions 2 of 12 @ 75 lbs

    chins 2 of 12

    Pulldowns 2 of 15 @ 120

    One armed dumbell rows 2 of 12 @ 45

    Preacher curls 2 of 12 @ 65 lbs


    My diet has been averaging 3000 cals at approx 40/40/20 with at least 300g protein. I am looking forward to good gains, but my weight has remained steady (again it's only day three) Only thing left for today is rest, gotta love that.

  10. I'm interested in doing a cycle with pp/zol in the future. Good luck, subscribing...

  11. Day four: 10mg in the morning, 10mg hour before working out. Body weight is the same. Felt a great pump all throughout the workout. Keeping the motivation high and the expectations higher. Still no other real noticeable positive or negative side effects. Today at the gym went like this:

    Decline Bench 2 of 12 @ 215
    Dumbell flys 2 of 12 @ 45
    Dumbell shoulder press 2 of 12 @ 50
    Rear Delts 2 of 12 @ 35
    Overhead triceps extentions (with rope) 2 of 12 @ 130
    Triceps pushdowns 2 of 12 @ 120
    Shrugs 2 of 12 @ 235
    Weighted dips with 45lbs 2 of 12

    Like I said felt a great overall pump. The gym is the highlight of my day.... hoping to improve it greatly.

  12. Day five: same dosing as yesterday... Body weight is up one pound. Again the pump during the workout is great. No noticeable increases in strength, but from what I've read this is pretty normal for PP. No noticeable bad sides either, to include no shrinkage as of yet. Trying to up the calories just a little bit, but still really trying for a lean gain. Today at the gym went like this:

    Deadlift: 2 of 12 @ 215
    Walking Lunges: down hallway (about 25 meters)
    chins 2 of 12
    Pulldowns: 2 of 12 @ 135
    Narrow grip rows: 2 of 12 @ 120
    Incline d.b. curls 2 of 12 superset with
    hammer curls 2 of 12

    Hoping more noticeable gains start coming soon... looking forward to it....

  13. pre workout is cool for pp, but when you go up to 20 mgs def take 10mg with a fatty meal or some type of fat like sesamin or fish caps you will notice a diffference and if not with fat try grapefruit juice DO IT SUCKA !!!

  14. Apowerz6, You know... I thought I remembered that. That is exactly what I did yesterday, took the first one with a fatty meal and the second one with my omega's.... wasn't sure about the grapefruit juice though. I appreciate the input, any advice is always welcome. If you've got any more, about diet, exercise, anything, feel free.... Thanks....

  15. Yeah definitely take PP with some fats. Keep it up bro, i'm thinking of starting a similar cycle in 3 weeks, or i might just do a lean bulk with TRN and Zol. I'm getting blood work on monday.

  16. Day six: same dosing being sure to take with fats... and the scale showed another pound, that's three total. Still feeling good pumps in the gym. I don't know, it may just be in my head but I really did feel fuller today... know what I mean? Anyway, the gym went like this....

    Incline dumbell: 2 of 12 @ 80 each
    Close hand bech: 2 of 12 @ 155
    Arnold press: 2 of 12 @ 40 each
    Rear delts: 2 of 12 @ 35
    One leg calf raises: 2 of 12 @ 25
    Tricep rope pushdown: 2 of 12
    Shrugs: 2 of 12 @ 245
    Weighted dips: 2 of 12 with 50lbs

    Really feeling motivated and focused in the gym. Tomorrow is an off day, so I'll have to wait until Monday for more gym time. Looking forward to more good things to come..... and thanks for any support or advice given....

  17. Day seven: Off day from the gym, but I followed the same dosing pattern. Everything still seems to be going okay. Will have more to post tomorrow.

  18. subscribe,, looks good, keep it up.

    Curious though,, Is the HST program for getting toned, building strength or building mass?? I have never had any luck building strength working a muscle group every other day.

  19. HST is supposed to be designed to build mass, with strength gains not coming as quick. This is only my second cycle of a program based off of this. My first cycle, in my opinion, I saw some pretty good strength gains without all of the mass. I upped my caloric intake and made cardio nearly non-existant, but the pounds didn't rise although a shift in overall body composition did occur. The muscle groups are worked every other day, but there is still only a total of four to six exercises per muscle group in that week. I like it so far. It allows me, again based only on my opinion, to give everything for that particular muscle group. Controlled movements are key.

  20. Day eight: 20mgs same dosing scheme: Still no outwardly noticeable negative sides. The pumps in the gym are really feeling good. I felt very focused in the gym. My reps seemed to go a little easier today, could be starting to kick in good now, I can only hope. The gym went like this:

    Squats: 2 of 12 @ 235
    SLDL: 2 of 12 @ 155 superset with
    Standing leg curl: 2 of 12 @ 25
    Chins: 2 of 12
    Pulldowns: 2 of 14 @ 135
    Wide grip rows: 2 of 14 @ 105
    EZ bar curls: 2 of 12 @ 70
    Standing concentration curls: 2 of 12 @ 25

    Like I said the pump was great, sets went easier (thought I was pooped after the first set but pulled off second easier on most) Looking forward to another day......

  21. Day nine: 20mgs same dosing schedule... again still no noticeable negative sides. I have been told I seem more mellow, which I guess is a good thing. Still feeling really good pumps in the gym. Very motivated and focused on lifting. Recovery seems very good, no real noticeable strength gains as of yet. Still looking forward to more. Today at the gym went like this:

    Flat barbell bench: 2 of 12 @ 215
    Cable flys: 2 of 12 @ 60
    Barbell shoulder press: 2 of 12 @ 135
    D.B. rear delts: 2 of 15 @ 35
    One leg d.b. calf raise: 2 of 15 @ 25
    Skull Crusher: 2 of 12 @ 75
    Shrugs: 2 of 12 @ 250
    Weighted dips: 2 of 12 with 70

    The gym was crowded today but still got everything done in about one hour... rest between sets only how ever long it takes my training partner to perform his set. Trying to use maximum intensity. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  22. Wannabuild, maybe i missed it but have you ran any cycles prior? Nice log, keep it up man.

  23. Yes, but very few and only one in the recent past.... there were a couple back in the beginning andro days when the whole mcgwire thing came out..... (jumped on the bandwagon)

  24. Day ten: 20mgs same dosing schedule. No additional weight gain and no noticeable strength gains. Still getting the good pumps, and what seems to be more endurance/quicker recovery. I'm really uping the calories and the protein intake but the poundage is staying level... I have not done any real cardio since starting the cycle and have no noticeable differences in fat that I can tell. Again still no outward signs of negative sides either (which is the good part)... Today at the gym went like this:

    Front hack squats: 4x45 1x25 plates both sides 2 of 12
    Rear hack squats: 4x45 plates both sides 2 of 12
    Leg extentions: 2 of 12 @ 80
    Chins: 2 of 12
    Pulldowns: 2 of 12 @ 150
    Dumbell Rows: 2 of 12 @ 50
    Preacher curls: 2 of 12 @ 70
    Standing concentration curls: 2 of 12 @ 25

    Had another good day at the gym and staying positive and motivated. Still looking forward to the poundage to start adding up (both weights and body weight).... There's not much else to do here... Tomorrow is another day...

  25. Good luck man, the log is lookin great keep us posted!



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