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  1. Day twenty-four... same dosing schedule.... Again no negative sides noticed. Blood pressure is good, have some lethargy, but I don't have the best sleeping habits either. Weight has remained the same for a few days now. The gym went like this:

    Hack squats front: 2 of 10 with 5 45lb plates
    Hack squats rear: 2 of 10 with 5 45lb plates
    leg extentions: 2 of 10 @ 100
    chins: 2 of 10
    Pulldowns: 2 of 10 @ 180
    1 arm rows: 2 of 10 with 55
    Preacher curls: 2 of 10 @ 80
    Standing concentration curls: 2 of 20 @ 25

    Had a good workout, felt real good pumps through all body parts worked. Back pumps were not so bad with the hack squats. Wasn't real motivated to do abs, but once I got started everything went good. Glad I didn't skip it.

  2. Day twenty-five.... everything is still the same... still feeling good in the gym... bad part is been getting there late and can't get to sleep very good. Have to get back on a good schedule. The pumps are still feeling real good. The gym went like this....

    Decline bench: 2 of 10 @ 245
    D.B. flys: 2 of 10 @ 45
    D.B. shoulder press: 2 of 10 @ 65
    Rear delts: 2 of 10 @ 45
    Smith calves: 2 of 10 @ 3x45lb 2x10lbs each side
    overhead triceps extentions: 2 of 10 @ 150
    Shrugs: 2 of 10 @ 315
    Weighted dips: 2 of 15 with 45lbs

    Only a few days of Phera Plex left then its Zol for two more weeks. Thinking of incorporating cardio a little. I've only put about .25 inch increase in the abdomen area, so that's not bad.... will have more to come....

  3. Nice log bro, i'm on day 6 of pretty much the same cycle. Anything you might change if you were to do it over again?

  4. Day twenty-six.... same dose, same dosing schedule.... Still no noticeable sides.... Burner, as far as changing anything, I might have actually liked to up my dose a week sooner. I'm actually feeling better results this week. My weight is now up a total of ten pounds. Feeling good and strong in the gym. Reps have come a little easier this week. The gym went like this:

    Dead lift: 2 of 10 @ 265
    Walking D.B. lunges: down hall and back x2 @ 60 each hand
    chins: 2 of 10
    Pulldowns: 2 of 10 @ 180
    Narrow seated rows: 2 of 10 @ 165
    Incline d.b. curls: 2 of 10 @ 35 superset with
    hammer curls: 2 of 10 @ 35
    concentration curls: 2 of 20 @ 25

    Feeling stronger, hopefully adding good weight. My diet has been pretty good, as good as it can get for where I am at. Will add updated measurements in a week or so, maybe even before/after pics. Going to continue with the Zol for two weeks after the Plex is gone. Thanks for all the positive comments out there... again any suggestions are welcome...

  5. Day twenty-seven... same dose and dosing schedule. No new added sides to report. Elbow is still giving me pain, but pushing through, trying not to do anything to agrevate it too much more. Using ice after lifting. Everything in the gym is going pretty good, still staying motivated. The gym went like this....

    Incline d.b. bench: 2 of 10 @ 95
    Close grip bench: 2 of 10 @ 180
    Arnold press: 2 of 10 @ 55
    Rear delts: 2 of 10 @ 45
    1 leg calves: 2 of 10 @ 45
    Tricep pressdowns: 2 of 12 @ 150
    Shrugs: 2 of 10 @ 320
    Weighted dips: 2 of 15 with 45lbs

    Day twenty-eight is an off day... and the last day of phera plex...

  6. Haven't updated for a few days.... Just using the mega Zol now. Things are still going good. Strength is still good, weight is still the same, up ten pounds. Will try to post before/after pictures and updated stats on Saturday.... Still never experienced any noticeable negative sides... Everything seemed to go pretty good. I'm happy with the ten pounds for this cycle, will just have to see how much of that I can keep.


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