7 Week Cutter for summer! T3/Albuterol/HD-50/TRN

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  1. What do you plan on using for PCT for thyroid recovery?

  2. cAMPHIBOLIC and thyroid energy would be a great stack for that.

    Kicking some ass on this cycle Doggzj
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Grunt76
    cAMPHIBOLIC and thyroid energy would be a great stack for that.
    Sounds good to me. I used thyroid energy after my Trimax cycle last summer and had no problem with my thyroid recovering.

  4. Day 32

    75mcg T3
    16mg Alb
    1mg keto
    4mg TRN

    Weight 212
    Waist: 35.5

    So today I moved my T3 back down. I will be totally off within 2 weeks. I'll post exactly what I plan on doing with recovery later on.

    Today is also my first day with TRN so I don't know how I'm going to react with it. I'm pretty excited. Halodrol seemed to slow up after 3 weeks, so maybe this change can kickstart things again.

    I gotta run to this gym, I'll try to update more over the next few days.

  5. Day 37

    Weight 210

    Waiste 35.5

    4mg TRN
    50mcg T3

    Last day on ALB!

    20mg alb

    I moved to 50mcg this morning on T3, and I'll be off it next week. My cycle is running down, and I have a few weeks left TRN. My strength is still going up as of last week. I'm only down 3 pounds, but I've gained significant LBM. Still, I don't know if I'd run T3 again. It really takes an effort and if you are going to use it you better make sure you can do it.

    I used albutoral at 20mg for a week, and I had no problems with it. I love this stuff and I'm definately going to use it again.

    I really don't have much to add, I'm going to make a followup post for my PCT

  6. What do you mean about the T3, lethargy?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Grunt76
    What do you mean about the T3, lethargy?
    Yes, and you have to be very meticulous with dosing and coming off. I'm not going to have much fun the next 3 weeks. Though in 2 months I'm probably going to want to run it anyway....


    Ok, I'm finishing T3 on the 45th day. I'll come off the Trn about 54th day.

    Starting on Day 45
    Continue all for 4 weeks.

    2g l-Tyrosine
    Now Thyroid energy
    Strict diet with 8 meals a day.

    Workout load will decrease and I'll be doing very low intensity cardio to help boost metabolism.

    Starting Day 54
    Hormone PCT

    50mg ATD 4 weeks+ (bridging with it)
    2g/2.5g/3g Fenugreek/week

    And My Herbal stack.
    800mg Trib
    800mg Avena sativa
    350mg LJ 100:1

    I have Nolva on hand, but with minimal aromatization, I won't use it unless required for gyno.

    Also, Around week 3 PCT I'll be bridging with a herbal stack. I plan on just creating a new log with it, and I'll get that up and detailed and link to it.

  8. I also have some Lean Xtreme here. I'm debating adding it for the first 3 weeks to reduce possible catabolism, but I don't want it to negitively affect TSH recovery. I know it's supposed to mildly boost metabolic rate, but...

    Any thoughts grunt?

  9. I'd say run the LX. Don't be shy about the nolva. That PCT/Herbal stack will cause all kinds of test rebound and you don't want to be caught off guard... But overall I like the way you're doing things man. I think it's what I'd do...

  10. Day 44

    OFF OF T3

    4mg TRN

    Weight: ? Weight in tomorrow!

    I came off T3 today and started my T3 PCT. I'm doing Tyrosine and Thyroid energy.

    Diet consists of a lot of grilled chicken breast, carbs are coming from whole grains, supercarb and some greens. I'm using Flax/olive oils. Basically keeping P/F P/C meals with a 40/40/20 ratio.

    I'm also eating 8 meals a day. This will help kick my thyroid back turning out TSH, and limit fat rebound in the process.

    Upcoming Events:

    Cycling off TRN

    I'll be on TRN for 10 more days. This is when I'll start my hormonal PCT.

    I think it is important for me to say that I'm leaving for the bahamas May 8th. This will intersect with my PCT, and definately will cause problems with my training. I'll do my best to keep everything perfect, but it will be impossible to stay on my diet. I am hoping my TSH output is high by the time I leave.

    Herbal Stack:

    I'll be running a fun log of my bridge with some herbal goodies starting around week 3 of PCT. It will get it's own separate thread. I'll link to it in a bit.

  11. Ok, the following will start 3 weeks into PCT. Just want to keep everyone updated


  12. Day 45

    Weight 212

    I wasn't going to give a huge post here, but I though I needed to update something.

    I seemed to pop something in my sternum. It feels like I might have torn some cartilage. I took today off, and tomorrow depending on how it feels I'll do some light cardio and some lifts. If it doesn't improve much over the next few days I might consult my doctor.

    I'm sure someone here has had this happen before, any recommendations for me?

    BTW I just noticed this thread had over 1000 views! woohoo. Thanks for watching!

  13. Some research tells me this probably isn't going to go away. Here's a thread from BigV he seemed to have similar problem


    It's possible that it's Costalchondritis. but I'm not sold on that. Whatever it is it's likely to cause me to modify my upcoming plans, but damn, I don't want to stop lifting right now or a lot of the gains I've made over this cycle will be destroyed.

    I'll keep you updated

  14. I'm at the end of a 45 day cycle of H-50 and this stuff works...I feel great and Im super strong...I like this stuff alot..it seems that prohormones just keep gettin better and better...I wonder whats comin next?...oh well...well have to just wait and see...anyway...maybe I'll do a log or something next time...I started at 202lbs and Im sittin pretty @ 225...I have a little more fat cuz of the hostile calorie intake but Ill burn that off with my ass-blaster-beer & pasta diet later...

  15. Day 46

    Ok, I just did my workout today, but I skiped chest. Doing heavy shoulder work my sternum felt perfectly fine and my pain is way down. Hopefully this trend continues.

    But, I'm removing my dips and tri pressdowns and finding something to replace them. Next week I'll do chest and hopefully I won't have any issues.

    May 8th - 14th I've desided to just take off and hopefully it can completely heal during that time.

  16. I'd just like to say that I'm extremely warm right now. I think my thyroid rebounded huge. I'll get a reading in the morning.

    I'm sweating just typing this... geez.

  17. Yeh there are reports of slight to medium hyperthyroidia after T3 treatment... Isn't that GREAT NEWS? Shouldn't last forever though...

  18. Day 50

    4mg TRN
    2g Tyrosine
    NOW Thyroid Energy

    Morning temp 96.7
    Waist 36in


    First off. I love TRN. My strength for the last week and a half has been rocketing back up, even with my injury issue. All my lifts are up in strength and I'm starting to gain size again.

    For those of you wonder about GL and Mega-Trn, this stuff is the real deal.

    Since coming off T3, I'm slightly softer. I can tell I have a slight bit of rebound, but it hasn't been that bad. I'll be happy if PCT continues at this pace.

    I have had problems with my sleep schedule, so my diets timing is off, and this is where I atribute most of my rebound from. Being a natural insomniac, this is something I struggle with, and Trn definitally doesn't help in this reguard. I'm really hoping I can get on a normal sleep schedule by the end of the week.

  19. Day 53

    Last day on TRN

    Weight 215

    Waist 36

    So, Today is my last day on my cycle. PCT starts tomorrow. I'm sad too see it go, but I'm excited for my future gains, and to get back bulking. I don't really have that much to add, and I'll post a conclusion with my thoughts later on in PCT.

    For anyone looking at my measurements, I know they seems like I barely moved anywhere. This couldn't be father from the truth. My arms as of March 1st were about 15 1/2, this morning were all the way up to 16 1/2. I don't even believe that. I'm going to measure them again tomorrow just to make sure. Basically, this cycle turned into a massive recomp. I wish I could have gotten my waist down to around 34ish, but I'm naturally wide, so even at 36 today I can see my abs creeping in. I did not have calpiers at the start of the cycle so I can't acturately judge my overall fat loss, but it's much higher then my weight and waist would have you believe.

    At the start of the cycle I was doing cable crunches at 156x12. Today I did the whole stack at 204x12. I'd say I put on a lot of mass to my abs, so that is likely why I'm not down in inches. I'm excited too see how they look when I get sub 10% (maybe next summer )

    What I can say for sure, I've definitaly learned alot from my cycle, and I hope to not make any similar mistakes in the future.

  20. Day 54

    Ok I lied. I was supposed to be busy all day, so I was going to end it yesterday. But I happen to be free all day and made it to the gym twice, so I finished my cycle today, and will take my first PCT doses tonight.


    1000mg Trib
    1000mg Avena Savita
    400mg Longjack 100:1

    50mg ATD
    2g Fenugreek

    This will be my dosing for the next 2.5 weeks (although I'll ramp up the fenu to 3g/day).

    Edit: Still doing Thyroid PCT as specified above. Still have about 3 weeks left on it.

  21. good post enjoyed reading it =D

  22. Day 56

    Just a quick post.

    I think it's worth noting, but I have slight fat rebound. It's noticable, but just barely. It's possible that I just don't have that super-hard look anymore, as the scale hasn't moved much. It's nothing of a big issue but I've somewhat noticed it.

    I'll post how I feel after tomorrows workout.

  23. Day 61

    All PCT stuff

    Waist 35.5
    Weight 214

    Wow guys, can you believe it, it's been 2 months. I just needed to post my new stats. PCT is coming along great. ATD has my boys back to normal + some size. Libido is higher then it was on the end of cycle.

    Strength is going up still. I haven't slowed down on strength gains since the cycle started, and it's as if I'm still on. I'm not sure what's up with that.

    I leave for the bahamas on may 8th, and I'll give you all a post before then.

  24. Love this thread I'll be doing a t3, tst/trn alb cycle in june..thanx for all the info..

  25. Hey guys, back from the Bahamas

    Day ??

    This will likely be my last post in this thread. I'm moving this week to bridge with my herbal stack. Last week I really just was vacationing so it's not fair to say how my measurements would be without that break.

    Waist: 36
    Weight: 216lb.

    All in all I'm very happy with this cycle. It was an amazing recomp. I should have given full body measurements, and I'm sorry I didn't do this. To anyone looking to take t3, just make sure you understand what you are getting into, if you don't, it will definitally cost ya.

  26. yeah im looking into getting into some t3 in the near future what would say is the thing most people overlook about it?

  27. Quote Originally Posted by HeIsLegend
    yeah im looking into getting into some t3 in the near future what would say is the thing most people overlook about it?
    Thyroid PCT is overlooked.

    Fear of permanent shutdown seems overdone.

    But PCT is overlooked, too.

  28. Quote Originally Posted by Grunt76
    Thyroid post cycle therapy is overlooked.

    Fear of permanent shutdown seems overdone.

    But PCT is overlooked, too.
    Pretty much covers it.

    Make sure you are watching your body temp, and adjust doses accordingly.

  29. Quote Originally Posted by doggzj
    Pretty much covers it.

    Make sure you are watching your body temp, and adjust doses accordingly.
    You didn't post that up, that I saw... How did that work out for you? How much higher than baseline was your temp at your max dose?

  30. Quote Originally Posted by Grunt76
    You didn't post that up, that I saw... How did that work out for you? How much higher than baseline was your temp at your max dose?
    I was about 98F at 100mcg, and my baseline is around 97.3. Yea, thanks for brining that up I had no posted that. My body temp has always been very low and at 99F I feel like death. Good news is I haven't had a fever in years.

    I think I may try 120mcg if I use T3 again, but we will see.


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