PCT and Libido Enhancement Journal

  1. PCT and Libido Enhancement Journal

    I have never focused very well on how long it takes me to recover from a steroid cycle and what nolvadex actually does to me, so I decided to start this journal and provide an accurate account. After my pct, I am also interested in providing feedback on some common libido enhancing supplements that are otc.

    Results of Last Cycle

    I am finishing a 10 week Test Prop cycle that ended with about 25 days on superdrol. Body recomp results were decent. I appear to have gained about 6-8 lbs lean tissue with no fat gain. My goal with the cycle was to test out the effects of testosterone at dosages between 100-250 mg each week. I varied that dose considerably throughout the cycle.

    Side Effects

    Even at doses as low as 100 mg Test Prop I still notice considerable hair shedding. It is obvious I have a slight receding hairline from my steroid use thus far, but still otherwise have a full head of hair. Also gyno is quite irritating and the lumps I have increased a great deal in size, but there was no new breast tissue development. This result was exactly what I expected. I did not use nolvadex or any other AI's or SERMs to reduce gyno since I believe them to be bad for the scalp overall. The lumps have already dropped in size now that I am off and pain has largely subsided.


    I love running Test at 100-250 mg EW. My libido was barely controlable but it sure was fun! My emotions were a bit tougher to control, but nothing I couldn't handle. I think I can do this regularly to maintain my goal weight of 225-245 lbs or so as long as I can stop the shedding. I may make the decision to use fina or dutasteride lifelong if I want to cycle over longer timeframes as the hairloss is my only major issue with running higher doses. I am not so interested in using minoxidil each day but may consider it eventually.


    I actually waited 10 days after my last shot of Test Prop to start my nolvadex therapy. Other than milk thistle and MVs that is the only compound I plan to use for pct. I waited 10 days instead of 4.5 or so because I wanted to take note of how long it too for the prop to get out of my system. I still felt a pretty strong libido until about 6 days after my last shot. To this day I am still getting morning wood to an extent and have a very good mental drive for sex but only moderate physical abilities now.

    My emotions have already calmed down a great deal. I am more cold and calculated mentally and feel less emotional overall (perfect for providing feedback in a journal).

    Today I have started nolvadex and am going to use only a lower dose with no tapering. About 20 mg actual nolvadex from pheonix labs each day in one dose. This is in part to conserve money and also to see how effective nolvadex is at this dose.

    I plan to run no other compounds along with it except for very low dose viagra and/or cialis when I need to perform at my on cycle levels.

    I'll post more as I experience changes throughout pct. Next post will outline some of what I want to try regarding libido enhancement after the cycle.

    In about 5-6 weeks I will get bloodwork done (already paid for by direct labs) and will post the results. I am particularly concerned about cholesterol (being too low) and AST/ALT/GGT values for my liver being too high. Will let you all know how that goes.

  2. In no particular order here are some of the compounds I am interested in running for libido enhancement after my cycle is over. I will not use all of these and may just make a moderate stack or try them individually over the course of several months (I need to be off the roids awhile to regenerate more hair).

    Compounds I would like to give an honest shot:

    Viagra (IBE) - To use pct only
    Cialis (IBE) - To use pct only
    NO2 (L-Arginine AAKG) MRI Brand
    Yohimbine HCL

    Free Test Booster/ Other Libido Enhancement OTCs

    Maca Root
    Tongkat Ali (Longfolia Jack same thing? Will look to see)
    Tribulus Terrestis
    Avena Sativa
    Rhodelia Rosea(sp?)
    Mauri Paurana (completely incorrect spelling of both words)
    TBombII (already has a bunch of this stuff in it)


    Tren E (probably will never run this due to hairloss issues)

    I know the doses for most of these and will definitely give specifically how much I am taking, what time of day and what results I get. I really want to see what works in this regard and now that I have a steady long term girlfriend I think I can provide pretty unbiased feedback overall.

    I may just start out stacking most of this stuff together and see what results I get. That would be way cool so long as all I am buying is relatively cheap.

  3. Update February 1, 2006

    Viagra From IBE:

    I used this for the third time last night. Took about 20mg total, a tiny bit 3 hours before and most of if about 1 hour prior.

    Side Effects:

    I always notice that my ears feel really hot and my head overall somewhat warmer than normal. I assume this maybe a blood pressure issue. I can see why it might add too much blood flow to the eyes especially if taken at high doses. I have gone up to about 35-40 but didn't notice the symptoms worsening.

    Positive Effects:

    Works like a charm!

    It is actually kind of fun doing this sort of thing in pct. There is still enough drive to make things a lot of fun, but I don't have to worry about getting too excited. An hours worth was about right and pretty exhausting overall.

  4. February 6, 2006 Update


    I definitely have a LOT more acne than usual since I started taking this. Mostly I notice small bumps all over my body. Still nothing to get too concerned about as they go away easily and don't leave scar tissue.

    I believe nolvadex has also lowered my libido. I have also noticed a reversal of shrinkage that may or may not be due to nolvadex usage.

    I am not retaining much water at all and am in fact down quite a bit of weight overall. No other noticeable side effects so far.


    I ordered bulk tongkat ali from custom and have already received it. I'll be using 500-1000 mg each day as directed and will probably start it about 10 days after I stop taking nolvadex.

    I also ordered a ****ton of bulk powders from BAC and will stack all of those a bit later on.

  5. February 8, 2006

    It has been 18 days since my last shot and only 8 days since starting the nolvadex. My libido is still down, but I no longer have trouble with blood flow or hardness issues and do not need viagra anymore (I did seem to need it last weekish though). Bodyweight has not changed.

    Acne is still significant but seems to have abated somewhat now that I have a consistent dose of nolvadex.

    Hair shedding is actually reduced already. Nothing like the massive amounts I lost after my last tren cycle (God I love Tren!)

    Still waiting on all the stuff from BAC to arrive. I'll start that within the month and in about that time will also get my bloodwork done to provide feedback on Test+ SD.


  6. Update February 15, 2005

    I am still losing a modest amount of hair, so I think I will quit the Nolvadex now. Could just be the cold dry weather, but I am guessing estrogen has a bit to do with it. My last prop shot was 1-21-05. Since I waited to start it that gave me slightly over 2 weeks on the nolvadex.

    In about 2 weeks time, I am going to start the libido enhancement part of this journal. I want to give some time for my hormone levels to normalize before starting. I am going to opt for a large high dosed stack of herbal stuff and will run it for at least two months. I am specifically not planning on using my NO2, or any yohimbe so whatever bloodflow increase I may get I can attribute to the herbs

  7. I have the following onhand and will stack:

    From BAC:

    Maca 4:1 extract, 100 grams powder
    Tribulus 45%, 100 grams powder
    Horny Goat Weed, 100 grams powder
    Muira Puama 4:1 extact, 50 grams powder
    Avena Sativa 20:1 extact, 50 grams powder
    Rhodiola Rosea: 50 grams powder

    From Custom:

    Eurycoma 100:1 (Long Jack) 50 or 100 grams powder total


    Fenugreek, 500 mg capsules, 130 grams total
    Tribulus 500mg caps, 90 grams total
    Maca, 500 mg caps, 130 grams total

    I am going to stack these at the highest reasonable dose and see what happens. If you have any suggestions on how much to try on any of these, I am all ears. My thoughts are that some of the otc's are underdosed so I am going to try to remedy that using the powders at higher dosing.

  8. Start Date: 2-27-06
    To Be Taken Daily:

    5 grams ===Maca
    4 grams ===Tribulus
    2.5 grams ===Horny Goat Weed
    1.5 grams ===Muira Puama
    1.5 grams ===Avena Sativa
    .6 grams ===Rhodiola Rosea
    1 gram ===Eurycoma 100:1 (Long Jack)
    4 grams ===Fenugreek

    ***These are all taken as powders with the exception of fenugreek. I will split them up into at least 3 doses per day in case we are looking at short active half lives. One dose will always be about an hour before activity.


    I am testing these for libido purposes only , not enhanced blood flow now. I am using moderate doses of L-arginine and that seems to be rather effective so fa in that regard.

    I will note any side effects (e.g. additional acne, nootropic type effects), pretty much anything I can discern clearly.

    Right now I feel as though I am fully recovered from my last cycle and not experiencing any residual problems from pct and nolvadex therapy. Libido is as strong as I expected it to get right now with no other assistance.

  9. Thats a boat load of herbs!

    Heard concerns over Longjack and possible gyno... (dr d maybe)

    Good log.

  10. Thanks 200 for the feedback,

    Gyno is one thing I am not too concerned about though. I have it already and don't seem to easily make it worse. I'll definitely report any of those type of side effects if I get them. I do hope these herbs don't effect my hairline however.

  11. Consider trying Activate.

  12. Nettle does look interesting. However I think perhaps I have thrown enough into this little stack so far.


    Okay. The powders taste pretty bad. I'd rather shoot 5 cc of QV prop straight in my ass. Don't they make this stuff in injectible solutions?

    I have some gel caps but they are 3's. Just orders 000's from mike today. Willing to bet money they are on my doorstep by Friday morning.

    Libido is rocking the house. Definitely have a lot more blood flow better hard-ons overall. I may have to eliminate the AAKG to see what effect the herbs are having. At this point I am convinced AAKG is an awesome blood flow increaser for me overall. Workouts have been quality.

  13. March 6, 2006


    Last Wednesday morning I came down with a very nasty little stomach flu. Consequently I didn't get to take any of my powders. Will restart Tuesday once I know I am over this.

    I got my bloodwork back from my doctor, but it is yet another disappointment. He didn't order the tests I thought he would (miscommunication), no lipids and no hepatic values of any kind. What little he did test for came back normal including my thyroid tsh. I am definitely doing directlabs from here on out.

  14. I never finished this journal for a few reasons. Primarily my libido is so incredibly high as it is, I have little need for all the bulk powders I do have. I also realized that AAKG is much more valuable to me for what I am using it for.

    I did follow up with directlabs bloodwork. This is about 2.5 months after my last shot. It looks very good to me considering I was using SD and Test prop.

    Below is what I posted at bodyrecomposition.com

    I used Directlabs and paid 89.00 for a comprehensive wellness plan. I did the blood draw on 4-13-06 and got my results emailed to me on 4-14-06. Talk about efficient!


    Glucose Serum 91 (65-99)
    Uric Acid Serum 3.3 (2.4-8.2)
    BUN 27 (5-26)
    Creatinine Serum 1 (.5-1.5)
    BUN/Creatinine Serum 27 (8-27)
    Na+ 138 (135-148)
    K+ 4.2 (3.5-5.5)
    Cl+ 103 (96-109)
    CO2, Total 26 (20-32)
    Calcium 9.4 (8.5-10.6)
    Phosphorus 4.1 (2.5-4.5)
    Protein, Total 7 (6-8.5)
    Albumin 4.1 (2.5-4.5)
    Globulin, Total 2.9 (1.5-4.5)
    A/G Ratio 1.4 (1.1-2.5)
    Bilirubin, Total .5 (.1-1.2)
    Alkaline Phosphatase Serum 88 (25-150)


    LDH 150 (100-250)
    AST 26 (0-40)
    ALT 23 (0-55)
    GGT 11 (0-65)

    Iron, Serum 116 (40-155)


    Cholesterol, Total 165 (100-199)
    Triglycerides 60 (0-149)
    HDL 53 (40-59)
    LDL Calc 100 (0-99)


    TSH 3.490 (.350-5.5)
    Thyroxine 6.9 (4.5-12)
    T3 Uptake 34 (24-39)
    Free Thyroxine Index 2.3 (1.2-4.9)

    CBC, Platelet Ct and Diff
    White Blood Cell Count 6.6 (4-10.5)
    RBC Count 5.16 (4.1-5.60)
    Hemoglobin 15.1 (12.5-17)
    Hematocrit 44.5 (36-50)
    MCV 86 (80-98)
    MCH 29.3 (27-34)
    MCHC 33.9 (32-36)
    RDW 14.7 (11.7-15)
    Platelets 235 (140-415)
    Neutrophils 48 (40-74)
    Lymphs 43 (14-46)
    Monocytes 7 (4-13)
    Eos 2 (0-7)
    Baso 0 (0-3)
    Neutrophils (Aboslute)3.2 (1.8-7.8)
    Lymphs (Aboslute) 2.8 (.7-4.5)
    Monocytes (Aboslute) .5 (.1-1)
    Eos (Aboslute) 1 (0-.4)
    Baso (Absolute) 0 (0-.2)

    Complete Urinalysis

    Specific Gravity 1.034 (1.005-1.03)
    pH 6 (5-7.5)
    Urine-Color Yellow
    Appearance Clear
    WBC Esterase
    Protein Negative
    Glucose Negative
    Ketones Negative
    Occult Blood Negative
    Bilirubin Negative
    Urobilinogin, Semi-Qn .2 (0-1.9)
    Nitrite, Urine Negative

    My Comments

    My comments are in bold, reference ranges follow in parentheses.
    LDL 100 was high by 1 point
    BUN 27 high by one also

    I had my pcp's nurse take my blood pressure and got consecutive readings of 104/70 and 116/70 using their monitor and then mine. Either the toprol works really well or I just don't have high blood pressure.

    Only thing I took in the way of food, water or meds was 100 mg Toprol XL the day of the blood draw. I fasted for 8-10 hrs and trained the day prior.

    I am especially happy about the cholesterol and liver values given that I have done quite a few oral cycles over the last couple of years.


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