sd came through, what happened PP?

  1. sd came through, what happened PP (methyl-plex)?

    gotta admit i think im liking superdrol alot better than phera , i was really psyched to hear that people were having great results on phera some even better than sd. i did a 3 week superdrol cycle 10/20/20 and gained 15 lbs and a ton of strength and even through pct i gained another 3 lbs its been a month and a half and havent lost anything but a little bit of strength. now im 9 days into a methyl-plex cycle 2 pills a day and im not getting any weight or strength is methyl plex that much inferior to pheraplex? or do you think im just not a responder? anyone else have similar probs?

  2. in addition i realize it is only day nine but from what i see most people start seeing/feeling something by now, i now superdrol hit me after about 5 days. guess only time can tell

  3. I would bump it to three and try that, and see how it goes. Just my opinion.

  4. Yeah, def try bumping to 3 caps a day.

    Im 14 days into a Phera-Plex cycle at 3 caps a day and getting nice strength and weight gains with no real sides other than a few zits. Added 18 pounds to my bench so far, all other weights going up proportionally. Up 13 pounds in weight so far!

    Bumping to 4 caps for the final week today before my crossover week to Superdrol.

  5. thanks fellas i guess thats what ill do then, screw it ill chew up 6 a day

  6. I found that it took almost two weeks before I got real results from the PP. I also upped it to 30 in the third week. Hang in there.

  7. what's your age, dude? what's your weight? what's your workout like?

    or are you just trying to **** yourself?

    and while I'm at it, the title of the thread refers to Phera-Plex - but that's not what you're maybe you ought to have a look at what you're doing and why, and then focus your communications a bit better; might help things work out better for you in the long run. and trust me on this: the long run counts - you'll spend much more time old than young (assuming you live).

  8. im 23 yrs old i weigh 184 im 5'9 been working out on and off for about 5 years i graduated high school in 2000 weighing in at 129 wopping pounds. my workouts consist of about 12-14 sets each body part 8-12 reps.

    and why exactly would i be trying to **** myself not following you there?

    and hopefully i will survive this vicious Methyl plex cycle, sorry for the confusion in regaurds to pheraplex/methyl plex didnt think the chemical difference would make that much of an extreme difference.

    phera is made up of all 5a isomer methylplex is a mixture of a and b -80%a, 20%b

  9. oh and i have 2 previous aas cycles under my belt in addition to my last superdrol cycle which i had fantastic results with no side effects.

  10. By your first post, it has been a month and a half since your last SD cycle and now u r on another cycle, if this is the case, yea u r ****ing yourself, not nearly enough time off, hence no gains this time....

  11. i did a 3 week cycle of superdrol = 21 days took a month and a half off for pct = 45 days general rule of thumb time on=time off so 21 days in most eyes would have been enough time off (not in my eyes) but it has been 45 days so i figured that was plenty of time off double what is suggested, how is this not enough time off????

  12. Never tried Methyl-plex, as some have been substituting for Phera, cannot really tell tou how it works, but I do know how Phera works and it works well, but do you think 3 methyl plex's plus another methyl would be advantageous? I think not, Phera works, for some 2 weeks kick in 2 weeks and beyond, you just have to be patient and know your body. SO far it seems that mp is not a good fit for you right now, i would finish a 4 weeker on mp and chill for 2-3 months, and see if a sd cycle would be good for you.

  13. yea thats prob what im going to do actually if by the end of this week i dont see anything off 3 pills then im just going to cut it short and shoot 4 grams of test j/k

  14. I didnt get much from PP either. I responded to SD real well though. I was 15 days on PP, statred at 20, then after a week, went up to 30. -nothing really. No strength, weight,..

    I get the impression that for some, it's either one or the other. If you respond to SD, then ya wont for PP )and vise versa).
    But- that is my opinion, and it could have nothing to do with you. The kickin time for PP seems to be after 2 weeks- at the latest. Minimum gains before. I didnt even get that.

    Dont automaticly think this is true for you though, but just just remember it as a possibility.
    Remember though- you'll never grow if you dont feed the machine!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by -bman-
    i did a 3 week cycle of superdrol = 21 days took a month and a half off for pct = 45 days general rule of thumb time on=time off so 21 days in most eyes would have been enough time off (not in my eyes) but it has been 45 days so i figured that was plenty of time off double what is suggested, how is this not enough time off????
    Time on=Time off is a rule of thumb
    Whose rule and whose thumb was this again? This rule you speak of really applies to 10-12 week AAS cycles involving largly IM used drugs with orals used for 3-4 weeks to start the cycle while waiting for the test, deca, eq ect to take hold. The rule does not apply well to oral only cycles involving the newer designer or methylated oral use compounds.

    I would say you need more time off following PCT for your liver and lipid profiles to recover, as well as for your receptors to clear.
    3 weeks oral cycles followed by 3-4 weeks PCT with a 3 week layoff before starting the next go around means an average of 5 cycles a year. Responsible usage is more like 1-3 per year using 2 per year evenly split as a safer alternative. This line of reasoning holds true regardless of your choice of cylce be it short oral only, or longer more traditional IM AAS. Just my opinion, so live and let lift.

  16. i forget who the rule was named after j/k im just being a wise ass , sweet- i agree with u , and i def agree with xtra as i have posted the same opinion somewhere else on here , possibly another board, and then i though about overlap stacking into s sd cycle but from what ive seen the results are about the same as just running one so i think after this week ill see what happens if nothing then ill just lay off for awhile , the thing thats most addicting is to see such massive results that stick and come so fast as with sd for me , so then all the talk about pp maybe me so damn curious i couldnt wait any longer....thanks for all the info everyone, your opinions are appreciated....


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