Best thing to bridge with?

  1. Best thing to bridge with?

    Is there something that will help to bridge 2 cycles together.. basically say time off for 2 months off any of the good stuff ..

    I was thinking about the Designer Supps stack of ActivaTe and Rebound XT as a bridge.. or is this not a good idea? I've tried searching but no answers.. tried the keyword "bridge" I'm sure there is a better way of finding information..

  2. i think activate with rebound would make an excellent bridge.

    what part of VA you in brudda?

  3. Richmond.. you?

  4. same brudda, lol.

    what gym?

  5. i go to American Family West End most of the time and Southside every once in a while

  6. i lift at wolfgangs. there's an american family around here somewhere, that must be the southside one.

  7. sorry missed your message on AIM.. got you on my buddy list I'll hit u up if I see you on there.. my name is always online so a lot of the time I'm not there..

  8. however it looks like you aren't ever on hah

  9. best thing to bridge with... IGF or GH for sure.

  10. true true.. but those cost a fortune.. i'd be broke and unable to eat

  11. Good to have some Richmonders here. I go to AFF on the northside.

  12. Ahh, I wasn't even aware of one over there.. I guess we are all the richmonder's eh?

  13. sweet, another one.

  14. I can't elborate too much because I've never tried it but look into a var bridge at a low to moderate dose.

    edit: nevermind, you're probably not considering something like that.
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by propho
    Ahh, I wasn't even aware of one over there.. I guess we are all the richmonder's eh?
    Yeah, its on Brook Road.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    sweet, another one.
    Yup. The more, the Merrier. Ho, Ho, Hoe,...ah I mean Ho.

  17. var makes me way too angry over 25mgs a day... but its good **** once it kicks in, as long at your in fairly good shape


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