Anabolically Xtreme Cycle - PP/Prostan/1AD/4AD/m14add

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  1. I had 15 hours of work today so I decided to take it off, plus my cold is also put my body a bit behind, hopefully I will be back 100% tommorrow.
    I weighed myself today good news
    Up 17lbs since start of the cycle, 244lbs the bf calculation is tommorrow, considering I fit into my pants fine, I dont think there would be that much of a jump on that department.
    Libido is on the roof. I am totally in form.
    No oilyness, no nothing, never felt better on a prohormone.
    Wish I could go on longer with this product, but I don't want to push it more than this one last week.
    Tommorrow I hit arms and traps as scheduled.

  2. Close to 1/4-1/2 inch on my traps
    Tommorrow is deadlift day again, instead of arms, I want my neck to disappear between my traps

  3. Bizzump whats going on Krzna where you been man?
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  4. B U M P !?

  5. Hey Krzna

    I just came across your log and you didn't mention you were going to start a log over here.

    I find this log to be very interesting and I hope you keep updating the log.

    I have six bottles of 1ad and four bottles of 4ad left over from last year and I'm trying to get some idea's how to create a bulk cycle.

  6. Hey Krzna long time no see. Listen I'm thinking about doing a similar cycle since the experation date on the 1ad is approaching. I don't have any 4ad left from the ban. I also know the sides would be rough but would you still recomment it? here it goes

    Weeks 1-4
    PP 10, 20, 20, 30
    Prost 75, 100, 125, 150

    weeks 1-6
    1ad 300,300,300,600,600,600

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