First Test E cycle 500mgs a week

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  1. First Test E cycle 500mgs a week

    started my first cycle of test E on Monday: 500 mgs a week for 10 weeks. i posted a thread in anabolic forum if anyone wants to see exactly how and when im dosing along with my PCT.

    Anyways like i said i started Monday 250mgs in the thigh. It was a piece of cake. I also have a thread going in another board so this will most likely be the same thing. Prob going to start taking L-dex next week-want to keep this cycle as lean as possible. Might also start taking low doses of Nolva also will wait and see.

    Lifted legs monday
    Machine squat (bad back doc said lay off squats for awhile)
    Leg Press
    Leg Ext
    Leg curl

    Diet was on point for the most part. Last night got all my food at BJ;s hopefully everything will last me at least 2 weeks. spent 100 bucks on chicken, oats, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, veggies, rice, tuna and protein.

    Didnt do too much yesterday my legs were sore from monday;s workout-was going to do some cardio at lunch but something came up. Tonight i will be working chest and tri's

    Right now im doing a 3 day split


    was thinking of changing to a 4 day split?
    something like:


    Prob feel it out this week then maybe switch it up once this sh*t starts kicking in.
    I will try and update this journal ED but it will consist of what i did/ate/felt the day before.

  2. good luck

  3. you could probably go to the four day split and up the volume. good luck.

  4. Legs still feeling sore from mondays workout. i havent worked legs hard like that in a month or so. Had a bad back and chiropractor told me to lay off DLDL, Squats ect. So monday i went balls out and still feeling sore-but i guess thats a good thing.

    Last Night worked chest/tri's had a good workout. Also did 30 min on the bike to try and loosen up the leg muscles.
    Diet was awsome yesterday. I work and 8-5 office job so i have become very good friends with my tupperware containers. My co-workers think im crazy b/c i eat so clean and so often. But this is coming from people who get excited when they get 2 bags of dorito's for the price of 1 b/c the vending machine is broke.

    Still waiting for this stuff to kick in. Tonight is shot #2. I think starting next week i am going to start taking the L-dex. talked to a few people on other boards and they said to wait till week 3. But i might start next week i guess i will have to wait and see also maybe start Nolva at low doses. I was always under the impression that i have some gyno from a PH cycle two years ago-but i might just be paranoid.

    Also i think im going to change up my lifting routine to a 4 day split and up the volume. I have been on the 3 day for a few weeks but i feel like i rush through my workout b/c i have so much-and i want to make sure i get out of there in an hr or so. Also on days i dont hit the gym i feel like a waste. So going to mess around with a new 4 day split and hopefully start that Monday.

    On another note i joined a new gym a month ago-this is your typical meat head/meat market gym. A HUGE step up from my little dinky gym i used to go to. I like it so much better not only is it bigger and better equiptment-their are actually hot biotches running around. I know the gym isnt for checking out chicks but its better than looking at fat soccer moms. Plus they got some kick azz equiptment-they got those hammer strength and i love those machines. aight back to work

  5. it won't kick in for a while now, so remain patient! Good luck, keep posting.

  6. its friday...finally. anyways my legs are still feeling sore from Monday not too bad though but enough from keeping me from cardio. Took another shot last night in the left thigh. Again it went it very easy. Not nearly as nervous or paranoid as the first one...... I ran the oil under the water for alittle and i think that might make it go in smooth. Anyways im using 23g to pin.

    i have read some journals before and some people say that the site after you inject gets sore-granted i only took 2 shots so far but havent been sore at all. I guess thats a good thing.

    Played some poker last night w/ the guy-they started giving me sh*t for not drinking-ohh well fuk em. ill be back soon. Didnt get over till late so im draggin azz. that and the fukin dog kept me up all night. Wound up winning too last night so going to the vitamin store on lunch getting some hawthorne berry, and B6 and maybe anything else i can find.

    Right now on cycle im taking:

    Vitamin C
    Milk Thistle
    Benzonyl Peroxide (at night on face for acne)

    Any other suggestions?

    tonight going to gym and hitting back and bi's. Will try and get some cardio in after that. Maybe before dinner i can sneak it in... going to sushi restaurant w/ the women. I love sushi!!

    Anyways here's a pic of the beast that keeps me up at night. Madison (17 months
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  7. back to work here on a Monday. wish i wasnt though. ohh well. This weekend was pretty decent as far as diet goes. Saturday did about 5 hrs of work around the house outside in the heat helping my old man. Did basic gardening and trimmed trees-stuff like that. So i didnt get a chance to hit the gym for some cardio (got some cardio in w/ the girl though a few times). For dinner we hit up Olive garden-was going to get the never ending pasta but i though there is only so much pasta a person can eat. So i got chicken and mushrooms over wheat pasta (pretty good). went out w/ friends to watch some college football had 2 beers. dont hate me...

    Sunday was tough to stick to my diet actually. Since i wasnt at home i had to run to the store and get some tuna and a protein bar. Drank about 2 gallons of water though-while watching the games. Also ate some wings. Figured im going to give myself one cheat meal a week. so yesterday it was.

    This morning i deceided to take my shot after i got out of the shower rather than at night when i was usually taking them. Pinned in the arm today. Again i heated the oil so it went in rather smooth and havent had any pain so far!!

    Also started taking .5 mg of L-dex. and will continue .5 EOD to combat the bloat. Taste was horrible but ill live. Have a feeling that gyno will be a problem for me on this cycle. As i said before i "think" i have some left over from a 1-ad/4ad cycle in the past. So i might start taking 10mg ED starting tonight.

    Going to hit up some cardio today at lunch then the gym tonight for legs. THis week i am switching to a 4 day split like i was saying last week. Also ill start using the tanning bed at the gym-to combat the acne. Know the girl at the front desk so she can hook it up in that department.

    Still waiting for my digital camera (sister borrowed it and dropped it thursday night) so i have the extended warranty so she's gotta get a new one. Hopefully i can get some pics. maybe ill see if my camera phone can handle some pics and post them as soon as possible.

    Also over the weekend i picked up some B6, Multi-vitamin. milk thistle and Hawthorn Berry. i have been taking them every morning as well and will continue throughout the cycle.

    Other than that im looking forward to this weeks lifts. After this week ill try and post my lifts and what im at so far before this shat kicks in.

  8. Lets see its day 9. Havent weighed myself-going to check that tommorow. Diet has been awsome as far as eating clean and getting my protein intake in. im def eating more than before i was on cycle but its cleaner and packed with protein.

    Worked Legs last night. I am only 9 days in but this workout felt great. I acutally started recording my lifts on a notebook so i can see my developement. I will post them later today. I doubt this stuff is kicking in yet but i feel great as far as lifting goes. Maybe its just mind over matter type of thing but still feels good to kick some azz in the gym.

    As i said yesterday i am starting 10mgs of Nolva ED at night-so i started that last night as well. Also did some tanning at the gym to help with the acne. I did see some start to develop this morning on my chest area when i got out of the shower.

    Looking forward to another shot on Thursday and hitting the gym again tonight.

    On a personal note i got a job promotion yesterday. havent lined out any of the details b/c it was an unofficial offer from the manager. so today im officially going for it and i think everything should work its way out in my favor. Pretty excited about that. More money-more responsibilites.

  9. Day 10..weight 230. Up about 4 lbs or so.

    Did 20 min of cardio during lunch today. Did chest and tri;s in the gym. Felt strength up from last week in reguards to how much i was lifting. Also ran 3/4 mile after gym with the dog.

    Left my book with my stats at home again. Meant to post what im doing so i can view back in a few weeks and see my progress.

    Opened up a account on Fitness Hub and im starting to worry about how many calories i am consuming. Like i said im about 225-230 range.

    Ill post what i ate yesterday:

    Meal 1: 1/2 cup oats-2 pieces of wheat toast with protein icing (protein powder and water with splenda)-shake with banana and peanut butter.

    Meal 2: cup of rice with can of tuna in mustard and relish mixed

    Meal 3: cup of vegtables with chicken breast

    Meal 4: cup of rice with chicken breast

    Meal 5: shake in water

    Meal 6: 2 eggs and 1/2 bagel with protein icing

    Meal 7: chicken fahitas with peppers/zuccini/squash and a
    sweet potato

    This is basically what i eat everyday give or take breakfast is different along with meal 7 (which is usually salad/chicken/beef ect).

    If anyone is reading this let me know what they think of my food plan. more/alot more?
    Acne on chest is starting to appear too popped a couple huge suckers this morning.

  10. Day 11 weight 230

    Took another shot today. Im actually starting to look forward to shot days. I read about people saying the same thing but its weird i actually do. So far i have taken 4 shots. two in the legs/2 in the arms. Thats prob the way i will cycle it throughout the remained of my cycle. Felt a slight pain after injecting into the left arm today but went away after rubbing it for awhile. I hope i cleaned everything up from this morning. dont need anyone finding any of my sh*t laying around. ohh fuk i really hope i did.

    Yesterday was rest day. My body is starting to feel fatique come 2:30-3:00 in the afternoon. I have been getting about 7-8hrs a sleep a night but have been upping my cardio and lifting regiment. Also i might not be getting enough carbs.

    Today did 35 min of bike during lunch and hitting up back and bi's tonight. Also going to try and go heavier on my lifts. so far i have been doing 8-10 reps. want to try and shoot for 5-6 instead. Will post next week my lifts at that range.

    Cheated a bit today at lunch we had food day at work (not a big fan but gotta stay on top of office politics) had 5 wings and turkey sandwhich. gotta hit up BJ's this weekend and get some more chicken. Plowed through 10 lbs in like week and half. ohhh fukkkkkkk!!!!!!!

  11. Here are some pics start of 3rd week was today.
    Attached Images Attached Images    

  12. Day 16: Weight?

    I posted some pics last night. i wish i could have posted them earlier or at least took some before i started but ohh well. This past weekend was rough on the diet. i had a family bbq on saturday and had a few drinks. First time i had a drink in a month so i didnt feel too bad. I was a big drinker before this started so not drinking for a month was tough

    Lifts seemed to have gone up slightly but nothing too big. Did legs yesterday wanted to get some cardio in but was pressed for time. I definatly can see some acne appearing on my back and chest. I wash my face 3xs a day with cleaner so hopefully thats keeping it off.

    Other than that i really dont have too much to report. just waiting for this stuff to kick in. Might have a feeling that i might only get 8-9 weeks out of this cycle. ill have to wait and see. One question i do have is about the pins and filling them. its going to be hard to explain this but:

    i have been inj 1ml/1cc when i fill my pin do i fill it to where the black part (top of the) of the push part hits 1ml or do i fill it to where the juice hits 1ml? i know this might be hard to picture but i think i might be injecting 1.3 ml instead of just 1ml if that makes any sense??

  13. Day 18 weight @232

    Lets see i really dont have anything to say differently than i have said in my previous posts. I guess this journal isnt very interesting. but i am going to post my lifts starting next week-that will be 4 weeks into my cycle so i should start to notice something.

    Did another shot today in my thigh-kinda hurt alittle going in-im not going to lie. I feel like i should be eating more and im going to try and do that. i know im getting plenty of protein but i feel like i should up the calories. If anyone is reading this i posted what i ate a few posts ago (relatively-every day) take a look at it and let me know what you guys think.

    No side effects except mild acne on arms/chest area. the g/f said i was acting differently but i dont think its the juice-she;s driving me f*cking crazy lately-getting into my gym time. anyways....had my interview today for a new job went pretty well so hopefully i get a big azz raise

    other than that im outta here

  14. It depends on your goals obviously, but don't make the same mistake I did and use the scale as the measuring stick. The strength will come - but if you eat super lean and limit carbs in the last 2 meals you will see good recomp and still get good size increases.

    I regret what I did and I am pretty fat right now.

    Here's my log!
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by CEDeoudes59
    It depends on your goals obviously, but don't make the same mistake I did and use the scale as the measuring stick. The strength will come - but if you eat super lean and limit carbs in the last 2 meals you will see good recomp and still get good size increases.

    I regret what I did and I am pretty fat right now.

    Here's my log!
    yea i followed your log pretty closely actually before i started my cycle. I'm not necessarily using the scale as a measuring stick. i am basically using the mirror and other people's comments as a measuring stick and my lifts. The mirror is definately doing good to me. I can see my muscles better in chest and traps and back. A few people have made some comments to me this past weekend about looking all jacked and what not. And my lifts have definatly gone up since i started. I will post this weeks lifts being that its the start of the the 4th week.

  16. Day 22

    Weekend went good. Lifted on back and bi;s on friday with guy who works at the gym. i usually work out alone b/c i feel i can get a better workout alone and dont have to worry about anything but myself and workout. well my buddy wanted to lift with me and i doubt i will be doing that again. He was too much of a social butterfly and was no where on the same level as me as lifts. and he has done like 3 cycles. (definatly not the right way)

    when i first got thinking of juice i talked to him and got a connection through him-but after reading on varous boards over the internet i realized that this dude had no idea what he was talking about-and it shows. but hey to each his own i guess. not to mention that his $$ were outrageous.

    Since i lifted with him i couldnt do my normal workout but did my best to stick close to it. Friday went to the supermarket to get some sushi (my favorite) and my buddy works in the meat department and hooked me up with 10lbs of pre-cooked chicken breasts

    Wanted to go to the gym saturday morning before went to my girls but didnt get to bed till late friday-and overslept. And took off Sunday for football-had a good day went 6-8 on bets. about time i won football season has been rough this year.

    Took another shot in the right arm-i noticed a zit or scar on my right arm too i guess from my last injection. i picked at it this morning. im guessing its nothing but little scar but it got me thinking.

    Like i have been saying i have been running liq nolva 10mgs a day and .5 liq dex EOD. i have been reading on some other sites about the product i bought and its potency. Got it from ibe-i was told 20mg/ml= true 20mgs and i also heard it was a 3:2 ratio. Just want to get a straight answer before my PCT starts.

  17. Day 22

    Cardio: 2 mile run during lunch

    Lifts: Leg Day

    Leg Ext: 240x10, 240x10, 240x10, 240x10

    Leg Press: 450x9, 540x8, 540x7, 540x6

    Squat Machine: 180x10, 190x10, 230x9, 230x8

    <have a bad back so doc told me to lay off reg squats>

    Leg Curl: 170x10, 180x9, 180x8

    Shoulder press: 60x 10, 65x10, 70x 10


    Since i missed shoulders last week i did a light set. My legs were killing me so thats why i only did 1 exercise. I usually do SLDL too but i upped the intensity of my workout last night to 4 sets instead of 3 and could barely walk when i finished. Also doing them the correct way like going all the way down on leg press and squat machine.

    Diet is going well. Trying to get as much protein in as possible and i think im doing good on that. Acne is definetly starting to appear more frequently

  18. Day 31 weight 242

    Haven’t posted too much. Tried to up the calorie intake as much as possible. Been eating tons of protein too. I also upped the intensity in the gym as well doing more sets with less rest in between. I can def say that this stuff has finally kicked in. I have gained about 10-13lbs I would say. And im going to get some pics up maybe tonight. Last set of pics were about 3 weeks ago. Also taking 10mgs of Nolva EOD as well as Liq dex

    Lifted chest last night in the gym

    Cardio 30 min walk

    Dumbbell Bench 95x10 95x9 100x8 100x7

    Dips 45lbx10 45x8 45x7

    Hammer Strength Incline Press 180x10 230x8 230x8 230x7

    Hammer Strength Decline Press 180x10 230x8 240x6

    Incline skulls 70x10 80x10 80x10 80x9

    Flys 70x10 80x10 80x10

    Tri pulls 70x10 80x10 80x10

    Talked to a friend who has some Clenbuterol pills cheap. Was thinking about maybe scooping some up for PCT. I have read a few threads about it and seems like something that could be beneficial. What do you guys think?

    For PCT I have nolva


    Milk Thistle

    Rebound XT

  19. anyone?

  20. sure why not?
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  21. Day 38

    updates. lets see been eating like a mother lately. I am afraid of getting too fat but i guess im goign to have to cut up like hell once this is over. might be kinda hard-i always have trouble cutting. anyways i slowed down with the cardio since i dont want to burn calories and just keep eating.

    I went up to my old college this past weekend for Homecoming-everyone was like "holy sh*t" wtf have you been eating? nobody could believe my size. But im sure half them knew my dirty little secret. ill try and get some pics up soon. I have a digital but too lazy to put them on the computer and go through all that BS.

    Have been taking Nolva EOD 20mgs along with Liq dex 10mgs. havent seen signs of gyno-at least i dont think. But thats what scares me i feel my chest is getting bigger-fatter-but maybe thats just the muscle. Havent had any itchy or sore nips so i guess im good to go. Everyone just says watch out for the sore/itchy nips.

    im still debating what to do with the clen as far as using it during my PCT. im thinking maybe during the last 2 weeks then. guess ill have to wait and see. Im going to try and eat as much as i have done on cycle but i dont want to get fat. I already got some extra luggage and dont need any more.
    might order some Clen along with some Cialis. I have a feeling ill need the cialis during PCT. On my 1-ad cycle awhile back i shut down pretty bad so im sure this time it will be worse.

    One extra thing-my libido def has gone up but nothing too drastic__________________

  22. Day 51

    I havent updated in awhile dont really have too much to say really. I weighed myslef today and i was 247. I think i starting weight was about 227. So i got about 20 lbs so far. Been eating alot more in the past few weeks. Felt like the beginning of my cycle that i wasnt gettting enough calories. I also stopped on the cardio too. I was afraid of getting to fat on cyle but realized that i should just eat like crazy then just cut up after PCT. I guess thats all i dont have anything else to write

  23. 247, holy **** - good stuff man... i would use the rest of the cycle to go for body recomp. I say this because I with I had, I stuffed my face until I was 242 - but if you like how it's looking than go for 250
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  24. No im pretty satisfied with my results so far. what do suggest as far as body recomp?

  25. Simply cutting calories back to maintanance, you should continue to get stronger and replace fat with muscle. (recomposition)
    the only thing that won't change is the ### on the scale. It should stay stable. In theory..
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