First Test E cycle 500mgs a week

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  1. So basically just cut back on the calories? I thought you were supposed to maintain the same caloric intake that you were on cycle through PCT to help keep the gains.

  2. I meant during cycle - for PCT you should eat the same as on cycle. The more I read on PCT from experienced user I keep hearing that PCT gets harder and harder. Perfect diet + Perfect PCT drugs + Perfect Sleep = Muscle loss if youre far beyond your genetic limit.

    in the week I was depressed after my friend killed herself, I didn't work out - could hardly eat - but still shot AAS for fear of losing my gains. The net result was a very small loss in weight but a noticable loss in fat. <-- that's recomp basically
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  3. You're about a week ahead of me in my cycle. Same cycle and I'm up about 25 lbs right now as well.
    Good luck,

  4. what will be PCT for both of you?

  5. well this weekend things kinda hit the fan. My g/f found my stash. i had two pre-loaded needles in my dresser. so she found them and they got flushed down the toilet. so basically this cycle only lasted 8 weeks instead of the 9 weeks that i previously had planned out. (the vials werent filled to last 10 weeks)

    so i guess i am goign to be starting PCT alittle earlier that originally though about.

    Right now im looking at starting i guess 3 weeks since my last shot. My last shot was Nov 3rd so three weeks from then would put me on November 24th.

    going to run Nolva for 4 weeks 40/40/20/20
    Rebound XT 1/2/2/3
    CEE through out
    Tribulus 500-750mgs a day

  6. wow i would be pissed if that happened. its not only expensive but (semi) hard to find. wow...

  7. Wow that really blows...sorry.

    Im glad im single.

    I hope everything is ok.

  8. i start PCT today. Nolva 40/40/20/20, Rebound XT 1/2/2/3, Triblus and CEE and Liq Dex

    My cycle got cut short b/c girl found the stuff-she freaked out and flushed them down the toilet. i was initially pissed but after talkign to her i never should have lied to her in the first place. anyways we talked and she said if i can show her the truth on steriods and stuff like that then she will be cool with my doing them.

    So today i start. I have been keeping the calories up and the workouts the same as when i was on. Im starting to get fat so i cant wait till PCT is over so i can start doing some cardio and cutting on the diet.

    I really dont know what to expect as far as PCT or what i am in store for but hopefully eveything works out for me.

    Also i feel like i have gained some water weight while on cycle. When will i start to lose the water retention?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by curlman25
    Also i feel like i have gained some water weight while on cycle. When will i start to lose the water retention?
    when the esters fully clear... and estrogen is back in normal proportions with your testosterone

    2 things though:

    why the LiquidDex? I know to you want to clear the water - but this may severly hinder your recovery.

    Start the Nolvadex at 80mg for a week. Without HCG, you'll need a high dose of it. break up the dose @ 20,20,20,20 throughout the day.

    sorry to hear you had to cut the cycle short.

    edit: i'll play the devils advocate here and say if that 'bloat' still remains 2 weeks into PCT - then its fat . I, like you, gained quite a bit of weight and thought it was bloat - it was not. We both ran 500mg of test - and honestly that isn't sh_t if you are close/beyond your genetic limit or have prior AAS/PH experience. I based my progress on the scale - and ended up pretty strong but with a 40" waist. The good news is ~10 weeks later my face and waist is back normal (down 4 inches) after cutting/recomp.
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  10. yea i wanted to use L-dex to hinder the water bloat. Might run something like .5 EOD or something along those lines.

  11. killing estrogen during PCT will crush recovery and libido
    Just use the ATD methinks.
    80mg of Nolva!
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