MP mini trial Log

  1. MP mini trial Log

    Hi all,

    I will trying DS Melting point for 20 days. Im going to give a honest review, and provide before and after pics, so people can judge the results. There will be no changes to my diet, supps or work-out, only difference is the addition of MP.

    Im going to take 6 capsules daily. 2X2X2 split.

    Melting point supplement facts:

    120 capsules
    serving size 1 capsule
    Ingredients: LipidAce™ is a proprietary modified fatty acid complex.

    Melting Point™ is a precise, proprietary blend of modified fatty acids, the collective use of which will literally melt fat off your body. Never before have the fat burning, muscle sparing, and health promoting effects of fatty acids been harnessed in a manner such LipidAce™.


    201 lb
    5,6 hight
    BF% im not sure, but i gusse its about 18%. you can tell from my pics.

    body fat :............. 15%
    biceps...................17 inch

    Exercise schedule:

    Friday: Chest/ triceps
    Sat: biceps/ abs/ pull downs
    Sun: back/legs
    Mon: shoulders/lats
    I have been training for 3 years.


    3000 cal average a day ( light cutting)

    220g protein/ day, mostly complex carbs.................40% carb/ 40% protein/ 20% fats

    My diet mainly consist of oat meal, milk, chicken, peanut butter, whole grain bread, and whey protein.

    Supplemnt im using:
    4g fish oil
    Green tea extract
    3grams vitex
    1g ALA
    1g milk thistle.

    Note: i have been all these supps 2 mounths before this trial. MP will be the only addition to my supp stack

    Short Background Information:

    I have been cutting since mid April, after a awful bulking cycle (i went from 15%BF to 22%BF in 4 months). I lost total 16lbs since April, but i hit a plateau, and i havent lost any weight since a month. My goal is to reach 10% BF before December, and i hope MP will get to that point. im cutting realy slowly to preserve my muscle. I do cardio 3-4 times per week for 15-20 min, and im relativly active, Im full time student, and work part time. My only problem im facing right now is that is that im dont get enough sleep, and recovery time.

    : note i will post my pics later today.

  2. Day 1, August 12, 2005

    I took 2 caps on empty stomach when i woke up. 45 min later i had one cup of milk, one cup of oat meal, and 2 tsp of peanut butter, then took the rest of my supps. Nothing to report yet either than fish oil like burps, and maybe small increase in body temp.
    I will do biceps, rows, and cardio today, and i will report back after my work out.

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