SD cycle???

  1. SD cycle???

    Just finished sd cycle of 3wk now on 2nd week of pct. thinking of doing 3on2off3on2off would this be ok. i've heard some had bad blood work but would it really f**k me up that bad if i did it. has anyone done this type of cycle and made decent gains.

  2. I did it and def would not do it again. Mine as well run the SD for 6 weeks straight its pretty much doing the same damage. Gains slowed in the 2nd 3 weeks. My joints got so bad I had trouble lifting the 3rd week of the 2nd cycle. I just felt like **** basically the whole 2nd cycle. PCT was also more difficult do to the suppression I encountered from the running the 3on2off3on. 1st 3 week cycle bench went up 50lbs. 2nd 3 weeks went up 20lbs and I felt like death the whole time. Definately not worth it overall as the 2nd 3 weeker gains weren't as good, felt bad, had to run a much longer pct to get back to normal,& now have to wait longer before I can use anything again.

  3. should i just finish my 3rd week of pct and wait a couple of months before i start again. maybe even take a week off after pct to let my body recover and hit some good supps for a while. could i take a test booster like vitrix or tribulus to get my strength up some.

  4. Yea if I was in your shoes I would finish the 3rd week of pct then do something like Designer suppliments new non hormonal anabolic stack of Rebound xt and acTivate. Or you could try what i'm taking right now which is Cissus rx, cAMP, and rebound xt. I'm currently cutting with this and it's holding my strength and lbm nicely. There is alot of info on these boards concerning these products. Check out the Designer suppliment section and synergy muscle section.

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