RippedForce's T-1 pro cycle

  1. RippedForce's T-1 pro cycle

    Today my T-1 Pro arrived, I was really excited! I immediately ran upstairs and added the DMSO, mixed it up extremely well, and applied a pump to my right inner arm. I wasn't sure if I am susposed to squirt the liquid on my hands first then rub it on, or just directly on the area. Which am I supposed to do? Anyways, Ill be applying 2 squirts a day for 4 weeks, run some ZMA and 6OXO for 4 weeks, then do another 4 week cycle and run some liquid clomid. Ill be eating 3750+ calories of clean food, including 270+ protein, so hopefully Ill get some really solid gains.

    Here are some measurements:
    Weight: 163
    Arms: 15.25
    Waist: 31
    Legs: 21 3/4

    I'll keep you all updated on the progress!

  2. Looks good bro. Keep us up-to-date. How tall are you? I'm guessing by the pic and your weight around 5'8'ish.

    Alot of the guys here use gloves, some a plastic spoon, to apply the gel cause after a while your hands will go raw.

    <-- This pose is becoming popular in avatars.

  3. my hands havent gone raw and im on week 3--so its up to you --if they start getting raw then use gloves, just dont get it in your eyes--ouch!!!!

  4. Originally posted by Draven
    Looks good bro. Keep us up-to-date. How tall are you? I'm guessing by the pic and your weight around 5'8'ish.

    Alot of the guys here use gloves, some a plastic spoon, to apply the gel cause after a while your hands will go raw.

    &lt;-- This pose is becoming popular in avatars.
    Thanks man! I feel like I copied you, but that is one of the best pics I've ever taken so I put that one up. As far as height, you are exact, I am 5'8. Ill keep using the hands until they go raw or whatever... if they do, what kind of gloves are good?And as far as not rubbing the eyes, I think we all learn that the hard way, well at least I did lol. I rubbed them like 5 hours after applyng and it burned them. Ill keep you all up to date though.

  5. Originally posted by RippedForce

    ....what kind of gloves are good?
    Just latex is fine. Try to avoid the ones with powder on them though, might cause a wierd gelling effect with your T-1.

  6. Don't use gloves its a waist of time. you hands won't go raw.. The reason people use gloves is cause they think they will get more on their body that way... I don't think so. As you are rubbing it in it is soaking into your hands... Talk to ya
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  7. Curt, I've heard a few guys say their hands went raw and peeled and ****. Not saying it will happen to everyone.

  8. Day 2: 3/14/03

    Weight: 165.5

    Wow, up 2.5 lbs already! That is right after I took a pee too, Iím already liking this stuff =) Bicep workout went okay. I was about as strong as usual, but a little better than when I was cutting. The tricep workout (a little later), however, was great! I felt very strong and motivated to workout. I felt as though the cycle was starting to kick in, and I may have even done more than usual.

    Day 3: 3/15/03

    Weight: 166

    Up a little bit more, and this was also right after I urinated. Didn't work out today but I'm still feeling motivated about this cycle! Monday will be my chest workout, I will update you all on how that goes.

  9. I'm starting my third week and I haven't had any skin irritation anywhere. I guess some of us have thicker hides.

  10. Day 5

    Weight: 167.5

    Weight up even more! I have not gained any noticable fat, in fact my abs look like they may even be leaner than before. I feel huge already, after only 5 days. I wore a tanktop at the gym today and even got a few complements. I did some chest, but my triceps were very sore so it was hard to tell if I had any increase in strength, but I am almost certain that I feel MUCH stronger already, probably because I got so weak from cutting. Im still pounding down 3750+ cals per day with 270+ protein. Ill really be able to tell how much strength I have tomorrow, during my back workout. I have only one problem, and thats the fact that I wear contacts. This morning I forgot to wash my hands before putting them in, and basically put T-1 pro directly in my eye. Later today I washed my hands thoroughly, and took a shower too, tried to put it in and it STILL burned like hell, my eye has never been that red. I ended up having to get a whole new contact... Guess Ill be more careful. More to come tomorrow... Peace.

  11. RippedForce, whats your training look like? I'm assuming that you are a fellow ecto like myself. I'm going to start my cycle hopefully next week and am curious what, if any, changes you've made for your routine while "on".

  12. Yessir, ecto I am. =) Ive basically added a few more sets per muscle group. The key is the high calories I think too. Im sure being an ecto, you may not have the biggest appetite so avoid caffeine/ephedrine at all costs. Anyways, here is a copy of my routine while "on."

    Ripped Force

  13. Oops, here it is. Good luck with your cycle man.
    Attached Files Attached Files

  14. Day 6

    Weight: 169.5

    Weight gains incredible. I think a lot of it has to do with muscle memory because I had just finished cutting, because I am gaining a phenominal amount of weight. My arms are up about half an inch already, and everything else has gotten bigger as well, except for the waist. Im sure the gains will slow down when my body is finished rebounding, but Im sure enjoying them =) Today was back day at the gym. I was a little tired at the start, my chest and triceps were extremely sore, but I still managed to crank out a solid workout.

  15. Thats awsome. keep up the good wook. Some people rect immediatly to 1-test but with many it comes in week 2.. Talk to ya
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  16. i had muscle memory kicking me up too RF, but I know the 1-test had something to do with it... IIRC i gained like 10-15lbs within 2 weeks

  17. Day 11

    Still doing the cycle, just an update.

    Weight this morning was 168.5. My eating an sleeping patterns have been very phvcked up because of finals week, so it has been difficult for me to eat correctly. My workouts, however, are going great! I have this strong motivation to keep doing more and more sets even after I am done! Pumps are amazing as well, and at times during the day I seem to be noticably more vascular. I am not having any real negative reactions (other than what seems like some slight shrinkage), so I have decided to bump the dosage up to 3 squirts a day.

  18. Day 14: 3/24/03

    Weight: 170

    Absolutely amazing workout! Since my knees were hurting a couple days ago, I still had legs to make up and I felt stronger than in a long time on legs! I was even really motivated to do squats! Then came the chest workout. The week before I had done 245 * 4 on bench, but did it 8 times today!

  19. For applying the T-1, I use a large plastic cap from another lotion bottle to rub the stuff in. This way I don't have to worry about accidentally getting the stuff in my eyes, wasting any T-1 or messing around with a latex glove.

  20. Day 19: 3/29/03

    Weight: 173.5

    Weight is up even more now, and I am staying the same bodyfat at the same time! I did legs again today because I missed a day from my knees hurting, and did more than I ever have on squats. On biceps I am becomingf noticably stronger than my workout partner, who was basically the same strength on curls. Ill try to keep you all updated on more of a day to day basis, got kind of busy during spring break =)


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