hey guys, I am new to the board, but wanted to get your opinions on my cycle, as well as post some info and product reviews. First my cycle is a 3-4 wks M1T cycle, for PCT I have nolva on the way, Milk Thistle, Aromadex, Forza-T, and . At this point I will tell everyone what the is in the last 2 products I mentioned.
Aromadex = 60X0 and Primobolan
Forza-T = 60X0, Tribulus, and ZMA

I looked up the ingredients in Aromadex and was surprised to see what it actually was. Forza-T doesnt sugarcoat what it is. I like Forza-T and I think it will be the next big OTC supplement. Ok, back to my story.
Im near the end of my M1T, basically because im near the end of the bottle lol. I started taking the Aromadex and Forza-T because I began seeing signs of gyno and wanted to end that real quick while I finish the next 8 days of M1T. My Nolvadex will arrive in a couple days. Does this sound ok, and is there anything else you would recommend? Please don't yell at me on here, as what happens in most forums when a new guy seeks info, but in the words of Joe Cortez, be fair but firm.