SD & Prost Cycle

  1. SD & Prost Cycle

    Thinking of running a cycle SD & Prost.

    Had originally thought of starting with SD to add bulk then switching to Prost to harden up a little, however after some comments by Bow (and SD's effect on lipids) i am unsure of how to stack it.

    Starting with SD then switching to prost would mean i wouldnt be able to recover from the low lipid levels caused by the SD until after the cycle.

    Considering this would the following options be better?

    1-4 Prost
    3-6 SD


    1-6 Prost
    4-6 SD

    All ancillary supps and pct would be included.



  2. Hey, im doing a similar cycle. Im going to be going like this:

    1-4 Prostanzol
    1-3 Superdrol

    I chose this cycle because i hear a lot about people still gaining a lot in the week after they stop taking superdrol, so i figure ill let it do its thing for that bonus week while also getting the effects of prostanzol in me for that week. Then ill just jump into PCT and be on my way.

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