sub 10% cut

  1. sub 10% cut

    Hey, planning on starting a summer cut in the next week or so with the aim of getting body fat below 10%. Body fat is around 13-15% at the moment so shouldnt be too hard but wouldnt mind adding some lbm too if possible.

    plan on running a 6 week cycle with T3 as follows:

    week 1: superdrol 30mg, 1,4 diol 800mg, 4ad 200mg (trans),3-alpha 150mg (trans)

    weeks 2,3,: superdrol 20mg, 1,4 diol 800mg, 4ad 200mg (trans),3-alpha 150mg (trans)

    week 4: superdrol 20mg, 1,4 diol 800mg, 4ad 200mg (trans),3-alpha 150mg (trans), 1test 200mg (trans)

    weeks 5,6 :1,4 diol 800mg, 4ad 200mg (trans), 1test 200mg (trans), MDHT 75mg

    For PCT I will run Nolva Lean xtreme and hopefully Oratropin.

    What do you think, does any thing seem a miss with this?

    Any suggestions appreciated

  2. i loved 3alpha orally.....looks like a good cutter.....however sd killed me after 3 weeks....

  3. Ran a sd and mdht cycle several months ago. Got some slight lethargy at times but was pretty much side free.

  4. Day 1

    Finally started the cycle today.

    Will hopefully post up some starting pics and will try and keep a log of the cycle just to keep myself more disciplined.

    Will be running a 40/40/20 style diet with maybe reducing carbs towards the end of the cycle if i feel its neccesary.

    starting weight: 174 lbs. Guessing im about 13% bf.

  5. What dose of T3 are you running?

  6. I wouldn't be running 4AD and SD for a cut because of water retention and the fact that they are more for mass building. You could get a running start with the SD but would be better off using M4OHN or Prostanozol.

    Something like this

    week 1-2 SD 20MG/1,4ADD 800-1G/M4OHN 24mg
    week 3-6 M4OHN 48mg/1,4ADD 800-1G/Prost 75mg or MDHT 75mg

    or you could run the Prost 2 weeks and the MDHT 2 weeks at weeks 3-6.....but I have no idea how long it takes for Prost to get kickin so I'm not sure if that would be wise at this point in time.

  7. Ive allready started the cycle so im going to stick with it and see how it goes for the time being.

    I wanted the sd to kick start the cycle but also I thought that the sd and 3alpha would keep me pretty dry whilst using a low dose of 4ad.
    They do say test should be the base of any cycle right, and as i understand small amounts of estrogen are good for fat loss. Plus the major factor which dictates whether its a cut or bulk is diet not drugs

    Wish i could run some MOHN but dont have any or have access to it with the ban anymore.

    Was considering adding in some prostanozol instead of the MDHT for the last few weeks but was gonna wait for some feedback first to see how it works out for others.

    I will be quickly tapering up the T3 dose to 100-125mcg then slowly tapering it back down.

  8. Day3

    Did Back and Bis not much to report but did get better than normal pumps.


    Weight: 175

    Did shoulders, again better than normal pumps.
    Think im starting to hold a little water but it is minimal.

    T3 is up to 75mcg, will be going up to 100mcg for day 5.

  9. Day6

    Weight: 174

    Leg day, short but intense work out followed by some cardio.

    Now up to 125mcg with the T3 dosage.

  10. Day 8

    Weight still between 174 and 175 allthough do appear a little leaner.

    Had a good chest and tri's session with great pumps.

    So far every thing seems to be going good, dont have any sides from the T3, is this pretty normal?

    Going to increase cardio this week to get things shifting a bit quicker.

  11. Day 10

    weight: 176

    Wasnt expecting to go up in weight but could just be normal fluctation with water etc.

    Shoulder session followed by cardio, strength still seems pretty good.

  12. Day 15

    Over indulged at the weekend at a friends party and weight has gone up to 179 allthough I believe not much of the weight has been stored as bodyfat. Strength is going up but am deffinately holding some water.

    Day 17

    Not sure of weight today as my gym is having some work done and has moved the scales. Had an arm session followed by some rugby fitness training,now very sore.

    Was thinking of adding in some Oh-Test ive got lying around to combat the bloat from the 4AD, does this sound reasonable?

  13. Day 24

    Just over half way through. Weight Still around 179-180 not bad as wasnt very strict at the weekend but back on track now, holding water weight though so difficult to see fat loss. Do feel leaner though. Ran out of the 1,4 diol so finished with that. Didnt really notice much from it, definitely noticed it when I ran the dione allthough that was run as a solo cycle.

    Have ordered some prostanozol so will prob throw that in for the last couple of weeks.
    Have also got some oratropin to run for PCT but might start it a week early as from the logs ive read it seems to take a couple of weeks to kick in.

    Any thoughts? / Is there anybody actually following this?

  14. I just read it. It looks like an interesting choice, I wouldn't have come up with that. I would just follow it as planned. Some of the bloat might be from the 1,4 I don't think 200mg of 4ad would do all that much.
    I'ts funny that you gained weight I thought that t3 was supposed to make you lose weight like mad?

  15. Yeah thats what I was expecting too allthough it could just be the water. I realised that I was double dosing on the 4-Ad as I had a miss calculation with doseump ratios. Anyway have reduced the 4-Ad dose and added in some 4-OHT and bloat is deffinitely down.

    Day 26

    Weight: 179 but looking leaner

  16. Day 29

    Weight: 178 and still holding some water.

    Stopping superdrol tomorrow hopefully that will help with the bloat a bit.

    going to run prostanazol for the last 2 weeks whilst carrying on with a low dose of 4AD and 4OHT .

  17. Day 31

    Weight: 178

    Stopped the SD and started the prostanazol also finished the T3. Looking bigger than when i started the cycle but also leaner. It wasnt the plan but I seem to have had more of a body recomp than a strict cutting cycle so far but nevermind. Vascularity was very pronounced when working out today, more than usual, not sure if this was from the prost kicking in a bit or what but liking it all the same. Still waiting for my oratropin to arrive (Ordered it a month ago), hope i get it before the end of the week so i can start it for the last week on cycle.

  18. Day 39


    Still gradually gaining mass but also looking leaner. (Had a few more cals at the weekend than i intended)
    Ran out of 4-ad a few days ago but have carried on running the 4oht allthough am almost out of that aswell but will carry on with the prostanazol until tues/weds nxt wek. After about a week on the prostanazol have started getting pumps in my legs/calfs when doing cardio and the odd painfull lower back pump. Dont seem to get these when running sd or 3alpha/MDHT even with 4ad/1,4ad but did get them when i ran 4ad and 1,4ad solo...strange!
    Also started oratropin 2 days ago but not really much to report on that yet.

    Overall looking a lot harder and more cut this week, could really see stirations in chest and delts when doing cable flys today, almost scary! Have really noticed this in the last week so would say it is due to the prost but maybe it had some synergistic effect with the 3alpha.

  19. So what is your diet?

  20. As I said at the begining of the thread, its a 40/40/20 style diet.

    I dont really count exact calories just adjust it as as i feel is needed. I have tried to aim for about an average of 40g of protein, 40g of carbs and about 8-9g of fat at each meal.

    Have also reduced carbs a little in the last week or so.

  21. Day 44

    Weight: 180

    Been on oratropin for about a week, think im starting to see some subtle results but difficult to tell whats what. Still on the prostanazol which il finish at the end of the week, then il start PCT.

    Deffinately loking harder and more vascular. Pumps were very prominent today. Still about as lean as last week after a couple of slack days at the weekend.

  22. Day 50

    Started PCT yesterday. will be running Nolva with Lean xtreme, Melting Point and CEE throughout.

    Weight: 177

    Have been on the oratropin for about 2 weeks now and have noticed increased pumps an increase in vascularity and havent accumalated body fat despite a few very slack days allthough it is quite difficult to judge whilst running hormones at the same time and results are still quite subtle. Will see how it goes through PCT. Have noticed in the last few days some lethargy and an increase in appetite.
    Will also try a few days of double dosing to see if this has a more noticeable effect.

    So far im reasonable happy with my results so far, have dropped a considerable amount of body fat and gained some lbm. Not quite sub 10% yet but have a had a few too many "cheat" days so can only blame myself. Anyway hoping I might be able to lose a bit more in PCT with the help of the oratropin.

  23. So you gained some weight on a cutter? It must have been the superdrol. lol

  24. Day 58, 9 days into PCT.

    Weight: 179

    Have had several days where diet has been terrible and havent even managed to get to the gym as the deadline for my masters thesis is approaching. All priorities have switched to getting the damn thing finished. Am sure the oratropin and melting point is helping to reduce the amount of fat im putting on. The extra calories wont be harming the extra strength ive gained though. Had a quick workout this morning and strength is still up. Hoping to get diet back in check from here on out.

  25. Day 61 12days into PCT

    weight: 177

    Back on track now, strength has plateaued but no loss.
    Nothing much more to report at the moment


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