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    So its for PCT. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Ive heard Nolva called an anti-estrogen, an estrogen, it upregulates estrogen receptors, etc... Ive heard so much about this compound I dont know what to believe as far as the mechanism by which it works. Can someone set me straight?

  2. It is an anti e that binds the free estrogen in the body... so it lowers you overall estrogen level
    check this link out.. it goes for breast cancer treatments but it does the same thing in a male body that does not have breast cancer

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    Thanks Mattew. Someone on a reputable site called it an estrogen, which confused me because Ive always thought of it as an ERA. This is what happens when you believe what you read.
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    I should add as a relevant comparison that Clomid® and Nolvadex® are estrogens

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