A Summer Cutter

  1. A Summer Cutter

    Greetings, for the next 6 weeks I will be on a strict cut. As of now I am 5'10'' 221lbs, I will have my BF% in a couple of days along with some progress pics. The goal of this cycle is to destroy my chest fat while maintaining LBM and to be jacked once more. My last cycle I got up to 245lbs, had alot of fat left over. My body weight has flucuated a lot over the last few years and I contribute that to my chest fat. It seems I have large fat deposits in the arm-pit area that stretch across my chest. So hopefully in the next month or so these will be gone. Here is the layout:

    Weeks 1-5 test prop. 130mg. EOD
    Weeks 1-5 1-test 440mg. ED (This will be taken half oral and half dermal)
    Weeks 3-6 Wistrol 50mg. ED

    Now I have clen and I'm thinking about either using it within the cycle or during post cycle. I was also thinking about ordering some Tri-max and I could run it during the cycle instead of the clen. Another idea is running the Tri-max during the cycle and clen for post. What do you guys think? I am running the winny one week past the cycle to help solidify and keep estrogen levels at bay.

    For post cycle I'll be using RXT, Lean extreme, CEE, Tribulus, NAC, milkthistle

    Other supplements I'll be using-Multivitamin, 4grams of Vit. C., NAC, Garlic, >B-complex, Vit. E. I'm thinking about getting a cell volumizer like
    Satur8. Most likely I'll get some Minoxidil 5% for my hair as well.

    This cut will be a challenge for me since I love food and I hate moving. I will be adding some low intensity trainning with a limited amount of higher intensity (hard run etc.) Also, I'm going to try the cardio replacement exercises exnihilo reccomended in an earlier thread.

    The Diet:

    Upon awaking

    whey shake


    6eggs minus 2 or 3 yolks with corn/orange juice/oats


    tuna/pinto or black beans/cottage cheese

    2chicken breasts/broccoli 16oz. 1% milk or fat-free


    4 egg sandwich on whole grain bread/ 2 full eggs 2 egg whites. I'll add a dab of Fat-free mayo

    Muscle milk shake with a little peanutbutter/oats


    whey shake with oats and apple blended into a nice smoothy


    2chicken breasts/broccoli


    2 cups cottage cheese

    The diet will be like thise every day, no excuses, no cheats. if hunger becomes too much of a problem i will get some LeptiGen Basic unless i'm told not to. The biggest problem with me keeping the diet on time is I work late at night and some during the day. So this might be a challenge but I'll make it work.

    The Routine:


    Flatbench or incline 5x5/ db flys 3x12/cable flys 2x10/tri push-downs 3x8/tri kickbacks 3x8


    box-squat 5x5/deadlifts work up to 3x4 of a set weight/leg extensions 3x8/cardio replacement
    dead-lift to an olympic clean to a front-squat to a press for 10min./ abs


    OFF-cardio-low intensity jog a lap walk a lap for one mile. Might do the neglected muscles-->calves, neck, forearms


    arnold presses 4x8/skull crushers 5x5/side raises 4x8/ front raises 2x10/ rear delts 3x10/
    tricep rope 3x12


    pull-ups 3x6/weighted chins 4x10/john smith rows 5x5/seated cable rows 2 sets both arms-
    2 sets one arm each/hammer strength or barbell shrugs 4x12/ db shrugs 3x10 pause at the top/ abs!


    OFF-possible biceps- high intensity cardio-fast run (not a sprint) for 100m. then walk 100m. for 2 miles.



    And It begins--------------------->Now

  2. day one:

    nothing to really report. Did chest and tri's today but took it pretty easy. Workout lasted around 45minutes but keep the pace up. started off with incline db presses-45lbx10; 65x5; 90x5; 110x5. seated incline cable flys 3x10; db flys-2x10; hammer strength press-4x8. Ended it with some tri push downs then some laying down tri presses. tonight will be the 1st inject, i'm ready to get this going.

  3. good luck bro

  4. Best of luck Knox. I just started my cut as well. I guess I'll begin a log just to keep track of my results. Ugh, I hate cutting carbs. Makes me bitchy...LOL.

  5. i hear ya cuffs, though i enjoy being on, i hate cutting. Are you running anything during your cut? I still can't decide on whether i should use the tri-max or clen or both. If you or anybody can pitch in w/ some advice i'd appreciate it. good luck to you as well.

  6. I think clen or Tri-max would be good as you're using test to keep your muscle. I would drop them once you begin your winny, jmo. Mainly for the blood pressure issue. I thought about using some tri-max during my cycle. That stuff scared this **** out of me though. I used it as a stand-alone and it ripped muscle and fat from me quick. My strength went to crap, and it took a few weeks to build back up. It definitly works.

  7. day 2:

    Just another day waiting patiently for the chemicals to take charge. I did legs today, it was ****ty. I think i'm kinda over trained from previous weeks. So i only did a few sets of box squats and called it quits. I had work in less then an hour anyway so i was limited on time. Box squats are really pissing me off. I will do regular free squats for a while then back to box for a while. Last time i box squated i worked my way up to a 500lb lift. Then i went to free squats and got 585lbs w/out much trouble. But now that i'm back to the box it is going really really slow for me. hopefully it all changes soon.
    I think i'll use the clen and not tri-max since i already have clen and tri-max is kinda expensive, for me anyway. I'm thinking about adding some M5aa for a little while but it's probably not a good idea since the winny is coming up soon and i'll be using clen soon too. I still may do it though. Maybe 80mg for 2wks w/ clen along with the test, and 1-test?

  8. day: 3

    take'n it easy today. I did go out an run, which i haven't done for over a year now. it went alright. I ran 1 lap then walked a lap for 1 mile. Before hand i was at the gym with a girl i'm helping out. I've run out of patients with trying to help her. She bitches and moans anytime i try to get her to lift more then 5lbs. She seriously thinks i'm gonna make her huge and muscular. i'm on the thin line of calling it quits.

    #2 inject is tonight; i think i'll go ahead an inject the whole vial....yummy.

  9. day: 4

    did a little should/tri action today. It went "ok". i didn't go real heavy but kept the movements real slow. I cleaned my kitchen today and anytime inhale clorox i feel like **** the rest of the day. So the workout could've went better. i started off with arnold presses-45x10; 55x8; 65x6; 75x6. then i did a few sets of military presses with the barbell-145x3; 185x3; 225x3. skull crushers-nice and slow-95lbsx10x3. did a few side raises. Then up-right rows-135x10; 155x3; 175x3; 195x3; 95x12. did a few rear delt action and that was it.

    I can tell i've already lost some fat (and muscle). Probably just from the diet and cardio i'm doing. i can't decide if i should go ahead and add a little more carbohydrates to my diet. Today i felt very small and flat. i think i shall.

  10. day 5:

    today was a good day. I just got off work so i'm posting late. But, I added a small amount of pasta earilier in the day and i could tell a big difference in the w/o. I'm really good at over-training so i have to be careful on how far and how long i go. today i started off with some john smith rows. 135x10; 185x5; 275x5x5. Then i hit the weighted chins. I would sit within the squat rack and do a pull with a 45lb plate on my lap. did a few sets of those. Hit the seated rows, then pull-downs. Then i did some shrugs-225x10; 315x10; 405x10; 495x10. Then dumbell shrugs, i let it hang low so it would give a good stretch then pause it at top for 120lbx12x2. i think i'm starting to feel a little extra in me. I feel pretty good. time for bed. I think i'm going to start clen and lipo6 (w/ ephedra) on sunday. that should get things moving. i'm out.

  11. Jacked Status: Pending....good luck!! Man, I got some freakin virus now, woke up this morning with a terrible stomach ache, thought I was really hungry so I started downing bowls of raisin bran, then was sitting there for a few minutes and ran out back and puked my brains out!! Dont think I will be able to eat raisin bran for awhile, luckily I didnt eat eggs, b/c if I woulda puked those up there would have been no way I would ever eat them again lol. Went to good ol doc fritz and he got me some stuff, also really dehydrated, he said around 15% dehydrated...not good. Fun stuff!! But Im gonna keep on truckin...

  12. damn that sucks nate! I know harvest has started, have you or are u going to? well, keep putting down the food while you are cutting wheat, hopefully you got a cooler sitting next to you, you can puke it that if u need to..lol. but seriously i hope you start feeling better soon. keep me updated on how things are rolling.

    This weekend i was bad, i'm horrible at cutting. i ate a hamburger at the bar before work on sat. then sunday i ate a chicken wrap thing at the bar before work again. Then after work i was driving home and i saw burger king. It saw me too and said, "knox, eat me." I said, "ok" so i pulled in and ate the ultimate double whopper meal at 3am lol. i'm such a **** head. anyway, i started clen sunday at 20mcg; today i went up to 40mcg. I might jump it up pretty quick because i want to start winny soon. i can feel the test starting to take charge. I wish i had more test so i could up the dosage. but i'll make do of what i have. today i did a little chest. i really just wanted to see if i need a break from chest, and i've come to a conclusion i do. on flat bench i did; 145x10; 185x5; 225x5; 275x5; 315x3. that is awful. tomorrow i'm going to do olympic squats. I'm done with the box squats since i don't think it is fitting well with this cycle. so i will report on that tomorrow. last wed. i was weighing in at 219. This morning i was 225, but i am leaner overall. i don't mind gainning weight at all, as long as i get rid of a fair amount of fat i'll be happy. Then the feasting will begin.

  13. i ran this morning, i should have went further but i was hungry. thought that was a good enough excuse to stop running. i went in the gym and did some calves, forearms, and neck. Strength was up on all lifts. diet could have been better but it was still ok.

  14. today i did some shoulders and tri's. i started off with regular db military presses; 35x10; 50x6; 70x6; 80x6; 90x6; 100x6. did a few sets of skull crushers, up-right rows, then some tri push-downs. i feel alright, i'm up to 80mcg of clen. I know it isn't much but i'm working my way up. Libido is increasing as well as strength nothing to complain about.


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