16 week lean bulker

  1. 16 week lean bulker

    1-16 Test Enanthate @ 750mg EW
    1-16 Deca or EQ @ 600mg EW
    1-4 D-bol @ 50mg ED
    1-10 Tren Enanthate @ 300-400mg EW
    1-18 HCG @ 250iu (mon/thursday)

    Nolva, clomid, phosphatildylserine, CEE for PCT.

    What do you guys think?

    1) 300 or 400 for the tren e? I was thinking of starting at 400 and coming down a bit if I can't handle the side...however i reacted to tren ace really well.

    2) Should i drop the clomid due to the nasty sides we all know about and maybe add in some rebound XT?

    3) What would you guys think about running Prop for weeks 14 or 15 almost through to PCT(obviously 2 or 3 days prior)?

    4)Also, yay or nay on lestrozole at 1.25mg EOD weeks 5-16?

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  2. Are people even able to notice the effects of EQ while on test/tren?

  3. i wouold not be able to tell you since I have never taken EQ with test and tren before...

    anyone care to critique or even look at my questions?


  4. I did some searching on some other boards and lots of mods/vets cite that as their favorite stack, especially for lean mass gains.

  5. bump for more opinions...


  6. dont use tren if you use deca...and well i would lower the eq dosage while on the tren and it should be tren ace preferrably for the last 6-8 weeks....

    honestly eq/test or test/tren or test/deca is all you should need along with the dbol...save the tren for next time!

  7. sounds good...i was going to throw it all together and lower the dosages, i was not going to runn 600mg EQ while running the tren e, lol.

    It would have been like 300mg EW of tren e and 400mg EW of EQ and 750mg Test EW...with lots of b-6 handy, lol.

    but thanks for the advice...i think i'll give it a shot with just the tren and save the deca for when i want to bulk, i prefer staying lean over summer as i'm about 10% now.

  8. 1. As you've had good experience with tren I'd start out at 400mg/week
    2. No need to use two SERMs for PCT IMO, just stick with Nolva.
    3. Prop would be a good edition, but obviously would involve more frequent pinning.
    4. Personally I'd start out with a lower dose of letro in case of sexual sides/joint pain, 0.5mg EOD works well for me.

    I would drop the deca and just run the tren/test. Good luck.

  9. thanks for the good luck redspy...i probably will stick with just nolva

    as far as the tren I have i know it is overdosed so I'll start at 400 and come down to 300 if needed.

    I would add prop as I actually happen to love ED injects, lol, in fact I have run test enanthate ED with tren ace just cause i love injecting, haha...however, i happen to be one of those unfortunate people who is crippled by any and all prop...ive tried pharmgrade, UG stuff, vet gear, and within the next few weeks I'll be trying a few shots of some homebrew...but so far I cant take a shot of prop without being crippled for days...:-/

    I'll also consider lowering the letro dose...i have had no probs in the past with sexual sides AS LONG AS I RUN TEST lol

    thanks for the luck once again


  10. I agree with redspy. I think you may be able to end going pretty aggressively with the Tren E, given your good response to it with the acetate ester. I am going to try the same. Tren is just a darn good all around compound. With Test dosed as high as you are planning, hopefully there won't be too many more sides at higher doses.

    Has little to do with this cycle, but have you tried Viromone Prop? Of all the brands that is the only one I have heard of that is supposed to be truly painless. This is of course coming from lots of secondhand experience.

  11. yes i have tried viromone...it was the least painful compared to any other prop...but still handicapped my workouts for 2 days and when you have to inject ED or EOD you can't afford that...

    i am going to try homebrew though as I said...and hopefully i'll be able to get it to hold low enough that the BA BB will be of NO factor at all...then i will know if im truly one of those unlucky people who responds horribly to the actual prop ester


  12. during the cycle im sure youre going hard in the gym to get the most out of your cycle and get the most gains. my question is what is it you do during the PCT? you keep going hard in the gym or are you going to lighten up and maybe even take a week off from going to the gym once PCT has started?

  13. during PCT I usually push more volume less weight...but still pushing myself beyond the levels of someone who is say "off"

    Diet is really the most important issue though IMO...along with regular protocol for PCT

    As far as a break...no...i never take a break during PCT...I am however, a firm believer in taking a week off every 6-8 weeks even sometimes when on cycle if I feel my body needs it...after that week i am completely rested and can hit the gym harder then running for 12 or 16 or 20 weeks straight...due to the speed up of recovery while "on" though I usually dont find this necessary so it will sort of depends.



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